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  • Aloe Vera Gel (liquid)

    Aloe Vera Gel (liquid) This liquid can be used as a liquid carrier for aromatic ingredients in skin care applications, and it has its own beneficial soothing effects on the skin. If you are looking for a thicker product try our Aloe Vera Gelle (61056) Aloe barbadensis juice . Use Aloe Vera Gel as a liquid carrier for aromatic ingredients in skin care applications Refrigerate after opening. The Cosmetics Ingredient Review in 2007 completed and approved for safety. However, it stated that additional



    LAVENDER PNW BLEND ESSENTIAL OIL 15 ml $25.00 Lavendula angustifolia USA :WA :Clallam This delightful blend of Pacific Northwest varieties is a one-of a kind product. Odor quality is like many other good lavenders, with a slight fruity-sweet aspect somewhat the high-altitude lavenders. Very smooth, full-bodied herbaceous character with a slight green note. Drydown is faint, sweet, herbaceous -woody . angustifolia



    PATCHOULI ESSENTIAL OIL Pogostemon cablin Indonesia 1 .49900 to 1.51500 @ 20.00 °C. 0.95000 to 0.97500 @ 25.00 °C. brownish orange reddish clear oily liquid Sesquiterpene , Alcohol


  • Shea Butter

    Shea Butter 2 oz $4.25 4 oz $8.25 8 oz $16.00 Vitellaria paradoxa Nut Togo is an Ideal treatment for dry or aging skin. Helps moisturize and retain elasticity of the skin. Helps protect skin from sun and wind. Used by itself or as an additive to skin products. Shea Butter a semi-solid, waxy material Glycerides (90%) including Palmitic (4-5%), stearic (27-42%), oleic (45-57%), and linoleic (6-9%) acids . Unsaponifiables (8-10%) Mostly Triterpene cinnamates (4-9%) 30-35 °C. Shea Butter Vitellaria paradoxa


  • Amaranth Seed CO2

    Amaranth Seed CO2 0.5 oz $14.25 1 oz $27.50 2 oz $52 .50 Extract Germany Amaranthus caudatus INCI-Name (CTFA): Amaranthus Caudatus (Amaranth) Seed Extract Also known as: Amaranth seed CO2 Amaranthus caudatus Certified EUC Organic Produced by supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxide with no solvent residue, no inorganic salts, no heavy metals and no reproducible microorganisms . Description : A yellow, slightly viscous fatty oil, with .05% organic Rosemary Antioxidant Extract



    HYSSOP ESSENTIAL OIL 5 ml $22.00 Hyssopus officinalis ct 1.8 cineole Spain Hyssop essential oil has a soft, cineolic, lavandaceous odor character. Dryout is creamy, powdery, woody and slightly herbaceous. 1.48600 to 1.49000 @ 20.00 °C. 0.89900 to 0.94000 @ 25.00 °C. As with other aromatherapy information available in print, most of what is available is based on herbal use. In vitro, Hyssop shows antibacterial effects against 5/5 different species of bacteria (Friedman et al , 2002). Said to be an


  • Beeswax Prills Yellow Natural

    Beeswax Prills Yellow Natural 6 oz $8.50 9 oz $12.35 Bees Wax Prills are small pellets of bees wax, ideal as an ingredient in cosmetic products or candles. These are refined to remove the yellow coloring ingredients and some of the characteristic odor . 8012 -89 -3 Bees wax is a natural product produced by bees and used by them to build honeycombs that are used for the storage of honey and as part of the bee's reproductive process. No bees are harmed in its collection. Usually the wax is separated from



    VALERIAN ROOT ESSENTIAL OIL 3 ml $18.00 Sample $2.12 Valeriana wallichii Root BITTER Refractive Index: 1.48600 to 1.50250 @ 20.00 °C. Specific Gravity: 0.94200 to 0.98400 @ 25.00 °C . Appearance : olive green clear liquid BioChemical Class: Ester, Sesquiterpene CAS No: 8008-88-6


  • Rosa Lavare™ Natural Parfum Spray, 7.5 ml in brushed silver atomizer

    Rosa Lavare™ Natural Parfum Spray, 7.5 ml in brushed silver atomizer 7.5 ml $85.00 Sample $6.00 The ultimate floral elegance, dominated by Rose, the Queen of Flowers. Lovingly crafted using the finest Bulgarian Rose otto and May Absolute, Lavender, exotic rare aged Mysore Sandalwood, Reunion Geranium Bourbon, and other floral and Citrus notes, this floral is unsurpassed. Anacreon of Greece sang that healing rose balm calms the heart that beats in agony. Rose has long played an emotional song of comfort and