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  • Founded 2010
  • Owner WAWAZA
  • HQ Miyazaki, Japan
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  • Bijin Pure Rice Bran Facial and Body Oil 100ml

    Cold-pressed, unrefined facial and skin moisturizer. Packed with anti-aging Gamma Oryzanol antioxidants and Tocotrienol, the "Super Vitamin E." Superb Moisturizer and Wrinkle Diminisher Great for Sensitive Skin and Around Eyes Ideal for Removing Makeup Packed with 'Super Vitamin E' Tocotrienol Rich Source of Anti-aging Gamma Oryzanol Non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) For all skin types. Sleek frosted glass bottle with no-mess pump dispenser. Also available in refill and 30 ml size. All natural.


    Skin, Moisturizing, Pure
  • Roasted Petite Black Soybean Tea

    For weight loss, boosting body's auto-immune system and lowering risk of cancer. Roasted whole beans of rare, "petite" variety black soybeans (kuromame), bursting with flavor and goodness. Significantly higher polyphenol antioxidant content compared to other soybeans. High in Thiamine (vitamin B1), Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin K. Rich source of calcium, iron and magnesium. Contains high levels of anthocyanin, a powerful anti-aging antioxidant (also present in red wine, pomegranates and


  • Yomogi Cha, Artemisia Princeps Herbal Tea

    Principal Uses Beautifying skin and reducing blemishes, age-spots and sun damage Alleviating bacteria-induced skin conditions Improving skin's blood circulation Relieving inflammatory joint discomfort and sciatic pain Made from premium wild harvested leaves of Japanese Yomogi (Artemisia Princeps). Yomogi is the Japanese "wonder herb" member of the chrysanthemum family. The first mention of Yomogi as an herbal treatment is in the ancient medical book "Meiibetsuroku" published in 500 AD. It describes


    Herbal, Skin
  • Heartleaf Dokudami Japanese Detox Tea

    Principal Uses Anti-bacterial, mild laxative and diuretic. Contains powerful natural anti-microbial agents. Rids body of harmful toxins. Helps relieve constipation. Dokudami (Houttuynia Cordata, also known as Heartleaf) is without a doubt one of the most highly regarded Japanese traditional herbal remedies. Dokudami Cha (tea), made from its leaves, is consumed as general detox for ridding the body from ailments and harmful bacteria. "Dokudami" in Japanese means "poison-block". It is also known as "juuyaku "


  • Japanese Pink Lily and?Squalene Hydrating Facial Soap

    Recommended For: All skin types Hydrates skin, forms a barrier against moisture loss and improves skin's appearance and texture. This exotic soap combines the soothing effects of the Pink Porcelain Lily from the tropical Okinawan islands with the moisturizing, hydrating and repairing effects of Plant-based Squalene and raw brown sugar. Plant-based Squalene is an organic compound which Acts as a barrier to protect skin Prevents moisture loss Increase the water retention capacity of skin Excessive dry


    Skin, Barrier
  • Lady Butterfly Japanese Aburatorigami Facial Blotting Paper

    Traditional Japanese facial blotting paper for over a thousand years. For a shine-free, fresh looking complexion all day long. Remove excess oil and perspiration Does not smear makeup and does not dry skin Eliminate need for oil control products Smooth foundation before applying final makeup Remove excess moisturizer which exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles For oily, normal, dry and sensitive skin types. Made with the finest grade of Abaca Hemp paper by traditional craftsmen of Kanazawa. Contents: 50


  • Fan shaped Japanese Makeup Brush

    A Japanese fan brush is one of the most practical and multi-purpose makeup essentials around. Gentle and precise for that soft and subtle Japanese-style look. Mistake Corrector: Designed to fan away makeup. If your powdered makeup leaves small flecks behind, a light swipe of the fan brush will easily wipe away the excess. Blusher/Bronzer: If you want just a touch of blush or bronzer on your cheeks, or if you tend to over-apply when it comes to makeup, fan brush will help you create a softer look. You can


    Soft, Fan
  • Japanese Seaweed Ume Kombucha Tea with Umeboshi Plums

    "Ume Kombu Cha" is fine-powdered Kombu seaweed roots fortified with Japanese pickled plums (Umeboshi) and sea salt. Kombu, Essence of Flavor and Wellness Because of its very high umami (Glutamate) content, Kombu is a favorite of chefs worldwide. Also high in iodine, calcium, iron and dietary fibers. Known to promote weight loss, lowering cholesterol and boosting body's immune system. Numerous scientific studies have linked regular intake of seaweed to maintaining hair health and promoting growth.


  • Roasted Whole Grain Adlay Millet HatomugiCha Tea

    Principal Uses Lightening complexion and beautifying skin Getting rid of freckles, spots and warts Boosting lymphatic circulation Routinely recommended by dermatologists in Japan Whole grain Japanese Hatomugi (Adlay Millet) also known as "Job's Tears", "Pearl Barley " and "Coix lacryma-jobi". Used by the Japanese since ancient times for curing problem skin, lightening complexion and maintaining a healthy, glowing look. Rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. Significant source of Thiamine (vitamin B1),


    Skin, Circulation
  • Traditional Japanese Wash Cloth

    Cleanse and pamper yourself in spa like Japanese women have done for centuries. Unbleached and undyed pure cotton wash cloth, used extensively in Japan and supported by environmental groups advocating non-use of chemical soaps and detergents. Same exact design since 1875. Woven by Japanese uneven weave Gara-boseki technique, pioneered in Nagano region of central Japan during the reign of Emperor Meiji. The soft, undulating texture gently engages with skin, making close contact with skin's tiny folds and