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  • Founded 2010
  • Owner WAWAZA
  • HQ Miyazaki, Japan
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  • Traditional Japanese Natural Wash Cloth

    Traditional Japanese cotton wash cloth. 100% organic cotton, chemical and pesticide free. The yarn is woven into a distinctly uneven pattern, resulting in a remarkable cleansing power while using less or no soap. Woven by a Japanese method of uneven weaving calledGara -bosekipioneered in Nagano region during the reign of Emperor Meiji. This remarkable wash cloth is used extensively in Japan and supported by environmental groups advocating non-use of chemical soaps and detergents. Dimensions: Small: 32 x 35


  • Organic Hechima Loofah Body Scrubber

    100% organic, pesticide free Japanese Hechima loofah (luffa) body scrubber. Natural fibers give the skin a softer, smoother glow while gently massaging away dead skin cells. Harvested and processed in Toyama region of Japan, known for its rich soil and fields fed by pristine waters originating from Mount Tateyama. Unlike other coarse loofah sponges on the market, this hechima Loofah has distinctly finer yet stronger fiber weave. 15 cm (6 in) long. Product of Japan.


  • Azuki Bean Natural Japanese Facial Scrub

    Centuries-old Japanese skin care exfoliant. Gently scrubs, deep cleans pores & moisturizes skin, leaving a soft, radiant glow, the Japanese way! The best facial scrub from Japan for men and women. Azuki (red bean) powder is traditional skin care exfoliant used by the Japanese for over 1000 years. Contains 60 grams (2.1 oz) for about 120 applications. No additives. 100% Organic. Product of Japan. How to Use: Place a small amount of Azuki powder (about 0.5 grams) into the palm of your hand. Add warm water and


  • Organic Japanese Cedar Incense, 85 pcs.

    100% natural Japanese cedar (sugi) incense. Experience the fresh scent and tranquility of a Japanese cedar forest at home. Made from dried cedar pines, ground by traditional methods using a water mill. Bound by natural plant-based binders made form Japanese thunbergia tree (tabu-no-ki). Contains 85 pieces. Japanese cedar, along with species of pine and oak trees, contains a natural antimicrobial substance known asphytoncide , widely used in Japanese and Chinese medicines and in aromatherapy to improve


  • Japanese Cypress Incense Burner

    100% natural Japanese Cypress (Hinoki) incense with burner. Experience the fresh scent and tranquility of a Japanese cypress forest in your home. Japanese Cypress, along with species of cedar pine and oak trees, contains a natural antimicrobial substance known asphytoncide, widely used in Japanese and Chinese medicines and in aromatherapy to improve health and general relaxation. Japanese commonly engage inforest bathing to breathe in phytoncides emitted by plant and trees, in order to improve their health.


  • Eclectic Elegance Japanese Warousoku Candle Set

    Set of five elegantly shaped Japanese candles. Bound to bring serenity and wonder to almost any setting. Beautifully packaged, making it also suitable as a unique, thoughtful gift.Made from all natural Japanese plant wax and rice bran. The wick is made of rolled rice paper (washi) wrapped with fine husks ofigusagrass, the same material used in making tatami mats. The elegant flame burns with a soft glow, constantly changing shape and shimmering .Approximate burn time is 90 minutes each. Candle size is 12 x


  • Japanese Artemisia Beautifying Facial and Body Soap

    All natural Japanese Yomogi (Artemisia Princeps) soap for beautifying skin the Japanese way! Clears skin blemishes, conditions skin, reduces darkened pores, age-spots, acne marks and sun damage. Rich, creamy lather. Remarkably mild, suited for everyday all around use. Yomogi, the Japanese Wonder Herb: The Yomogi plant has been an essential thread in the fabric of traditional Japanese life for centuries. One cannot overstate the respect and affinity Japanese people have for Yomogi and its near endless list


  • Silk and Mulberry Moisturizing Facial Soap

    For moisturizing and getting rid of skin blemishes, the Japanese way! Silk extract is a superb natural moisturizer. Mulberry extract (Japanese "Sohakuhi") lightens skin and helps prevent formation and subsequent darkening of freckles on the skin. Sohakuhi contains Phenylflavonoids, which inhibit the activation of Tyrosinase (the enzyme which catalyzes melanin production in skin). Rich in skin-rejuvenating Hyaluronic Acid, which in recent years has found its way into many skin care products, particularly


  • Turmeric and Biwa Antiseptic Healing Soap

    For beautifying skin as well as healing conditions such as acne, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Turmeric contains powerful natural antiseptic agents. Unlike chemical antibacterial soaps which leave the skin defenseless, it disinfects without causing chemical irritation. It is widely used in Japan for healing skin irritations, rashes, itchiness and acne, as well as for treating minor cuts, burns and bruises. Loquat (Japanese "Biwa") is renowned for its skin healing and beautifying properties and is widely


    Healing, Skin, Dry Skin
  • Biwa-cha (Loquat tea) Herbal Tea

    Improves respiratory health, relieves coughs and sore throats, bronchitis, reduces sugar cravings and regulates insulin production. Biwa-cha (Loquat tea) has been consumed by the Japanese for at least 1500 years as an everyday healthy beverage - hot, cold or as iced tea. Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) has been used as a medicinal plant for a long time, and its leaves are known to have many physiological actions such as anti-inflammatory, antitussive (cough suppressant,) expectorant, appetite suppressant and


    Herbal, Health