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  • Seals Kayak paddle bag

    :: Seals Kayak paddle bag Paddle Accessories Seals Kayak paddle bag This is a very nice padded paddle bag. Helps protect your paddle when traveling, flying, driving etc. Also can be used as extra protection for your paddle inside your travel bag. Seals is a family owned and operated business and everything is made in the USA :) Whitewater Kayaking Gear, Kayak Gear, Whitewater Paddles, Whitewater helmets, Whitewater Spray Skirts, Drysuits, Drytops, Drypants, Kayaks, Kayaking Accessories, Paddling Gear,


    Accessory, Seal
  • AQUAERA G1 PVC Free dry bag by Seattle Sports 20 Liter

    Sun Aug 17, 2014 :: AQUAERA G1 PVC Free dry bag by Seattle Sports 20 Liter Product 1/16 AQUAERA G1 PVC Free dry bag by Seattle Sports 20 Liter AquaEra G1s are built with PVC-Free material that's over 100 times more abrasion -resistant than vinyl. Product Details Our PVC-Free AquaEra™ dry bags are built with a super-tough material that looks like vinyl, but is over 100 times more abrasion-resistant, offering an impressive résumé of other eco-friendly and performance features : Chorine -Free , Azo-Free


  • Seals Pro Rand Kayak Spray Skirt by Seals

    Tunnel Sizing for Whitewater Sprayskirts XXXL Midriff 24 " -26 " (61cm - 66cm ) 27 " -29 " (68 .6cm - 73 .7cm ) 30 " -32 " (76 .2cm - 81 .3cm ) 33 " -35 " (83 .8cm - 88 .9cm ) 36 " -39 " (91 .4cm - 99 .1cm ) 40 " -43 " (101 .6cm - 109 .2cm ) 44 " -50 " (111 .8cm - 127cm ) GREY = STOCK SIZE MADE IN THE USA:) Here's what we currently have in stock: Pro rand 1 .4 1 -XSmall 1 -XL 1 -XXL Model : Shocker Pro Rand Whitewater kayak skirt Kayak Skirt 1.4 Deck Large Tunnel 1.4 Deck


  • SEALS Shocker Sprayskirt by Seals

    Fri Aug 22, 2014 :: SEALS Shocker Sprayskirt by Seals SEALS Shocker Sprayskirt by Seals MSRP 135.00 NOW $99.95 SEALS Shocker Spray Skirt A high performance neoprene spray skirt designed for whitewater kayaking. The Seals® Shocker is recommended for extreme paddling conditions. Please take the time to read this A blown skirt can get you embarrassed or worse killed . We even offer some cheaper brands here on site for the budget minded boater. Those other skirts can get the job done TO A POINT. You must decide


  • Madcap Helmets Fullface Helmet

    Madcap Helmets Fullface HelmetThese helmets are the first to come off the production line from Madcap.These helmets will give you bragging rights as having the first of these new helmets, and you will help spur a homegrown company so money can be infused into it.Madcaps is a paddler's company, not made in China or a big corporation.Once we receive the full production run helmets, we will be going up on pricing,by at least 40% more. This a introduction price only and once these helmets are gone , they


    Full Face
  • WRSI Helmets Current Helmet (Vent)

    WRSI Current Watersports Helmet - With vents      The WRSI Current helmet is the safest non-motorized watersports helmet made today. Features include a multiple- impact design, comfort ergodynamics, a rigid and durable shell, a superior patented retention system. WRSI helmets fit head circumferences from 20.3"-23.5". Helmets with vents are vented on top to drain water.   WRSI's Current & #160 ; & #160 ;kayak helmet is a multi impact helmet designed to be compatible with a wide range


  • Warmers Barnacle Paddling Glove

    :: Warmers Barnacle Paddling Glove Product 12/12 Warmers Barnacle Paddling Glove Warmers Barnacle Paddling Glove Warmers Barnacle Full Finger makes a great all-around paddling or rowing glove. It features 2mm perforated neoprene with spandex 4-way stretch fabric and a adjustable Velcro tab closure. The palm and fingers are made from reinforced synthetic suede and feature silicone tactiles for excellent grip. * These are available in Black/Yellow also. Our current Inventory : Blue Yellow Small -1 ea XS -1


  • Helmet Bags -Fleece with soft cotton liner

    :: Helmet Bags -Fleece with soft cotton liner Fullface Helmet (Click Here) Helmet Bags -Fleece with soft cotton liner Helmet Bag? Why in the world do I need to spend money on a helmet bag? Well you spend a lot of money to protect your head with a quality helmet, so why not protect the helmet while going to the river? Nothing worse then seeing a cracked gel-coat on your helmet and knowing a rock didn't do it. And with any cracked helmet , would you trust it? Also the only helmet line-up we sell here that


    Cotton, Liner, Soft
  • The Hydroliner- Medium Model

    The Hydroliner- Medium Model The Hydroliner's clear design makes it easy to find your gear, while the simple Velcro® three-roll closure makes access quick and convenient. Sized to fit into most sizes of sewn duffel bags, it offers inexpensive protection for camping, boating, skiing, fishing, traveling, or anytime you want weatherproof protection that only a radio frequency-welded seam liner can offer. I use these also, and instead of using garbage bags inside another drybag, I use these liners, when I can't