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  • Sumo Lounge Founder Takes on New Challenges

    Sumo Supplies CES 2013 Show January 8, 2013 Sumo was recently contacted as the leading provider and bean bag brand to supply seating to the 2013 CES Show in Las Vegas. Mommy Enterprises January 3, 2013


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    6:00 PM on 08 .29 .2014 Reddit 0 Share 2 Tweet 11 0 Share 13 Sumo products always tend to run on the pricey side, but they're perfect for people who have lots of room in their house, as they tend to hold up over time. No really, the bean bags are huge , and some people even have trouble moving them one room away. That's why I wanted to check out the Omni Reloaded -- a flexible chair that could easily be transported from one gaming session to the next. I found that it's worthwhile, but still kind


  • Pure Nintendo

    The box is sizable but thankfully the weight isn’t. Although the giant shipping box towered above me, the Reloaded itself is surprisingly light weight. This is the opposite of the Sultan (the only other Sumo product I presently own) whose moderate sized box hides fifty pounds of condensed material. Unlike the former, the Reloaded comes ready to use as soon as it’s unpacked, and is also designed with easy transport in mind. I’d never travel with my bean bag due to its sheer size, but have already done so


  • Cool Smart Phone

    Sitting on my backside is something I do a lot in this job. Although I am doing a great deal more writing on my phone whilst walking around, it’s still a lot of laptop-action that drives a large portion of my writing. So, I need a comfortable place to sit, and those people from have come to the rescue once again, and this time it’s the . It’s made of out suede. Microsuede to be precise. This one is also a bit different to other bean bags you may have seen or used. It’s actually got a back and, after a bit


  • Sumo Lounge Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Off Sitewide

    BargainMoose Sumo Lounge Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Off Sitewide on August 6, 2014 at 9:30 AM Eva Webster With a new exclusive for you to enjoy, we’ve got 15% off anything in store at Sumo Lounge. Coupon Code : MOOSE Discount : 15 % off Expiry: 11th August 2014 I think this is the perfect time to get you an exclusive for Sumo Lounge as many of you might be looking for ways to furnish a small apartment or dorm room on your way to post-secondary school. These chairs are so perfect for that as they

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  • Bloody Disgusting

    The Ultimate Gamer Lounge: Meet the Sumo Gigantor Welcome to our brand spanking new series, something I affectionately refer to as The Ultimate Gamer Lounge. Stay a while, relax, take off your shoes and loosen your tie, should you wear one, so you can make sure you’re prepared to really engulf yourself in this new feature. Now, it’s common knowledge that everyone wants a place that’s exclusive to gaming, your own personal home within a home where the furniture is inviting, the technology superior, the food


  • Nerd Bastards

    Nerd Bastards The Nerdbastards Christmas List- The Stuff You Want, The Things You Need and Everything You Can’t Have Sumo Urban Lounge Gear: Once you go Sumo you never go back. I’m serious. I cannot stress enough how magnificent this Sumo Omni is. And here’s the thing. It comes in a bazillion colors (ok, well maybe 10) and costs less then those damn gamer boom chairs nobody uses. And it’s more comfortable. And you can position the chair in multiple positions so you can lay, lounge, sit, sulk, hang, chill,


  • August 19, 2014 at 9:09 am

    Sumo Lounge is widely known for their high quality (and generally very large) bean bag chairs. We’ve here at Technology Tell, and why? Because our seek casual use, and what’s more casual than a bean bag chair? reviewed a few of them Apple iPads Playstation Vitas The Omni Reloaded, however, is not a bean bag chair, and that may make it Sumo’s most functional product yet. The Omni Reloaded is a foldable chair that can be adjusted to multiple positions for multiple uses. With the ability to bend at your knees,


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    SumoLounge, the international market leader in the beanbag industry celebrates there 10th year in business! The brand offers the hottest bean bag chairs on offer in the US and over the next week will be releasing competitions and giveaways as well as new promotional materials to celebrate 10 years of successful business . Everyone 's Talking Sumo... January 23, 2014 All our friends and partners are talking about the Sumo Lounge Anniversary! Thanks for all the support! January 14, 2014


  • Installing The Bag

    The Sumo Emperor beanbag chair is certainly aptly named. This is a big beanbag chair from SumoLounge. How big? Really big. Like, massive. It’s just a beanbag chair, so this isn’t going to be the longest review ever. Did I mention it was big? Oh, and it comes in Red, or red. Yep, it’s a big red beanbag chair . Unboxing Yes , this gigantic beanbag chair arrives in a box. I came home from work to find this big box on the front porch. I don’t envy the FedEx guy (these ship from SumoLounge via FedEx, for free)