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  • Sky & Telescope 2012 Compilation CD

    > Sky & Telescope 2012 Compilation CD Add the entire 2012 collection to your library on ONE space-saving CD-ROM! You'll get every issue of Sky & Telescope Magazine from 2012 along with these great features: Requires Free Adobe Reader and CD-ROM drive. Sky & Telescope 2012 Compilation CD Product Review:


  • TAL-100R

    > TAL-100R 's April 2003 Test Report! Find out about the TAL-100R, a Siberan achromatic refractor once again available in North America . TAL -100R Product Review : TAL -100R DPSKYTR0304 Excellent optical quality Rugged metal construction High -quality 6x30 finder Poor mount stability that compromises high-magnification viewing 1 ΒΌ-inch focuser has limited travel and accepts only special accessories


  • Celestron NexStar 4 GT

    > Celestron NexStar 4 GT 's June 2001 Test Report! Find out about Celestron's "Go To" Maksutov. Celestron NexStar 4 GT Product Review: Celestron NexStar 4 GT DPSKYTR0106B Has its essential controls all within easy reach Hand control stored neatly in the mount's fork Excellent pointing accuracy when the scope is carefully aligned Illumination for controls is non -adjustable Experienced observers may wish for better optics


  • SolarMax & MaxScope

    > SolarMax & MaxScope 's August 2002 Test Report! Thanks to Coronado's SolarMax & MaxScope, more backyard skygazers will be seeing the Sun in a whole new light. SolarMax & MaxScope Product Review: SolarMax & MaxScope DPSKYTR0208 Striking , dynamic views of the Sun Convenience and ease of use Ability to tune for blueshifted features MaxScope's extreme portability MaxScope is difficult to aim when used alone Occasional confusion with ghost image


  • Nebula NGC 2170 16x20

    > Nebula NGC 2170 16x20 By Russel Croman Nebula NGC 2170 16x20 Product Review: Nebula NGC 2170 16x20 P0153


  • Sky & Telescope 1 Year Subscription - US

    > Sky & Telescope 1 Year Subscription - US has been the essential magazine of astronomy for 70 years. Each exciting issue features: Receive a full year (12 issues ) . Subscription orders outside of the U.S. , please Prefer only and bigger savings? Click Sky & Telescope 1 Year Subscription - US Product Review:


  • MacAstronomica 2.0.5

    > MacAstronomica 2.0.5 's February 2005 Test Report! Find out about the MacAstronomica 2.0.5, perhaps best regarded as a digital planisphere . MacAstronomica 2.0.5 Product Review : MacAstronomica 2 .0 .5 DPSKYTR0502B Pleasingly uncluttered visual display Observing settings can be saved to a file, and maps can be exported as PDF documents Simple user interface with adequate basic functionality Lacks magnitude data Night-Vision mode affects only the map window, not the entire screen Orrery doesn't


  • Spec Rect Coord Paper

    > Spec Rect Coord Paper Spec Rect Coord Paper Product Review: Spec Rect Coord Paper S0501


  • Software Bisque's Paramount ME

    > Software Bisque's Paramount ME 's May 2003 Test Report! Software Bisque's Paramount ME offers one-stop shopping for a robotic mount that can be controlled from across the room or across the continent. Software Bisque's Paramount ME Product Review: Software Bisque's Paramount ME DPSKYTR0305 Superb mechanical design and construction Unprecedented tracking accuracy Manual still a work in progress


  • Caldwell Objects Poster

    > Caldwell Objects Poster For astronomers looking to go beyond the traditional Messier catalog, there are the Caldwell Objects. Selected by Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore, these deep-sky delights represent many of the beautiful sights in the northern and southern skies that Charles Messier missed. This poster spotlights the most captivating galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters, and includs a table that details the positions, sizes, and brightnesses of all 109 treasures. Images and information are from


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