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  • Founded 2009
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  • HQ Toledo, OH
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  • Strawberries n' Cream USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Strawberries n' Cream USA eLiquid SKU: U305 Strength Experience Strawberries n’ Cream, one of Revolvers top flavors in our Premium USA eLiquid line! This flavor has been perfectly handcrafted to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth! The smooth blend of fresh, ripe strawberries and smooth creamy finish makes this flavor one of a kind!


  • Cranberry Peach USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Cranberry Peach USA eLiquid SKU: U604 Cranberry Peach is one of our top sellers, and The handcrafted mix of Cranberries and Peaches makes this eLiquid a flavor you won’t be able to get enough of! If you’re look for something refreshing or looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, the Cranberry Peach is sure to please!


  • Root Beer Barrel USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Root Beer Barrel USA eLiquid SKU: U601 Root Beer Barrel has been perfectly mixed to match the candy that America has come to know and love for years! Root Beer Barrel is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!


  • Orange Creamsicle USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Orange Creamsicle USA eLiquid SKU: U401 For those of you who love the sweet and creamy taste of an orange creamsicle, you are in for a treat! The all new Premium USA Made Orange Creamsicle eLiquid hits the spot every time! Sure to be a hit in the summer sun or as an after dinner delight.. Try some today! Latest Mix Revision: 7/1/2012 - Improved Flavor Mix. More like Creamsicle Orange all in all the flavor is not bad its just a tad creamy. Has a nice smooth vape. Does not qualify as my everyday


  • Menthol eLiquid

    Shopping cart Menthol eLiquid SKU: L200 Revolver's Menthol eliquid is really a Jack-of-all-trades. Not only is it known for it's strong menthol flavor and excellent throat hit, but it also makes an excellent mixing liquid! Try it with Revolver's Vanilla or Chocolate eliquid for a totally new taste experience, or mix it with your favorite tobacco blend to create it's analog menthol counterpart. Whether it's the headliner or just the supporting act for another eliquid, Revolver's Menthol is a must-have in any


  • Red Dragon Clove™ eLiquid

    Shopping cart Red Dragon Clove™ eLiquid SKU: L113 Clove fans rejoice! This flavor is for everyone who just can't find a clove eLiquid taste that will satisfy as good as their favorite clove cigarettes. This is what you have been missing! This wonderful clove taste comes with a spicy kick. Clove fans, your search ends here! Made with propylene glycol. Not bad Review by Marc Price Value Quality Very similar to a real clove cig taste (Posted on 1/28/14) Customer Review: Very similar to a real clove cig


  • Vanilla Lush USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Vanilla Lush USA eLiquid SKU: U400 For those of you in search of the best Vanilla taste around, look no further! This new Premium USA Made Vanilla eLiquid is like nothing you have ever tried before! You will enjoy the smooth taste of vanilla as you vape your way down to the last drop. For the fans of the original Revolver Vanilla eLiquid, this is no contest! Great mixer I have used this with the Coffee and Cappuccino liquids. By itself, it's a bit strong but works incredibly well as a mixer.


  • Cinnister USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Cinnister USA eLiquid SKU: U700 Cinnister is a perfect, savory, relaxing vape! We’ve handcrafted a Cinnamon Roll flavor with sweet, caramel frosting. Definitely worth picking up a bottle!


  • Mentport eLiquid

    Shopping cart Mentport eLiquid SKU: L201 Experienced vapers will tell you that it's hard to describe what makes Revolver's Mentport eliquid stand out above the rest. Is it the strong Newport-like throat hit or the icy-cool aftertaste? Maybe it's rich tobacco-menthol infusion that vapes well in any model. Either way, once you start vaping it you won't be able to stop. Made with propylene glycol. Not bad alternative to new ports Have probably only smoked 6 cigs since buying the talon and this flavor. (Posted


  • Lemonberry Blue USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Lemonberry Blue USA eLiquid SKU: U306 Strength Lemonberry Blue USA eLiquid