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  • Founded 2009
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  • Cherry Charge USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Cherry Charge USA eLiquid SKU: U304 We are proud to unveil one of our most anticipated Premium USA Made eLiquid flavors, Cherry Charge! Vaping this new flavor is like tasting the most delicious and juicy cherries! You will love how smooth this flavor is as you are blowing out massive clouds of vapor!


  • Blueberry Blitz USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Blueberry Blitz USA eLiquid SKU: U303 The new Premium USA Made Blueberry Blitz is a winner for blueberry fans everywhere! This is by far the smoothest and tastiest blueberry vape you will ever try! In addition to the large vapor clouds, this eLiquid will is bursting with flavor! Try some today! Love this juice! I should have bought more. I swear I lost weight because I was vaping this instead of eating candy. A great blueberry flavor. Very true and natural. (Posted on 10/30/13) Good flavor.


  • Unflavored VG eLiquid

    Unflavored VG eLiquid SKU: L704 This unflavored liquid can be used as a base to create your own mixes and flavors. Create and share your best recipes on our . Need something to mix in? Pick up some of our . Made with vegetable glycerin. empty 3ml bottles


  • Apple Splash USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Apple Splash USA eLiquid SKU: U300 This new Premium USA Made Apple eLiquid is hands down one of our best flavors to date! The taste of green apples is very smooth and delicious. Even the Revolver Team is having trouble putting this flavor down!


  • Cherry eLiquid

    Shopping cart Cherry eLiquid SKU: L304 This classic Revolver eliquid is a refreshing burst of cherry that isn't overpowering like a lot of other fruit-flavored eliquids. It's great for vaping alone or mixing with other flavors like Revolver's Chocolate, Coffee, or Cola Red. It's so good, in fact, that people will be begging you to vape it. Pretty please...with a cherry in my cart? Made with propylene glycol. WARNING: Nicotine is toxic if ingested. Keep your electronic cigarette and cartridges OUT OF REACH


  • G2 Apple Cartomizers

    Shopping cart G2 Apple Cartomizers SKU: G607 Apple lovers will recognize this taste immediately and appreciate the accuracy of this wonderful flavor! A cartomizer is a disposable, single piece, atomizer/cartridge combo. This allows you to just change cartomizers when they are empty, rather than having to clean and maintain atomizers. I had to ration myself on these carts to make them last my entire vacation. Fresh and crisp flavor. (Posted on 10/30/13) like a jolly rancher or maybe more like apple


  • Winning Blend eLiquid

    Shopping cart Winning Blend eLiquid SKU: L120 Revolver's Winning Blend is similar in taste to the popular Winston cigarettes that many vapers have long since converted from. It's copious amounts of vapor, smooth taste, and excellent throat hit will leave you screaming "Winning!" after every vape! Made with propylene glycol. Strong flavor Review by Katie Its good! This one stays in the carto for ever. The passion fruit on the exhale is incredible and will be there for any flavors to follow. (Posted on


  • Blackened Blend eLiquid

    Shopping cart Blackened Blend eLiquid SKU: L100 Don't worry, cigar aficionados. Revolver hasn't forgotten about you! Revolver introduces their Blackened Blend eliquid, the evolution of cigar smoking. Blackened Blend recreates the popular and distinctive taste of Black & Mild cigars with its smooth flavor, incredible throat hit, and warm cigar-like vapor. For an extra kick, try this liquid in one of Revolver's larger vaping models! Made with propylene glycol. Black and mild not quite Review by William


  • Latte USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Latte USA eLiquid SKU: U605 We’re all about finding that perfect vape to have in the morning, and our perfectly blended Latte eLiquid is just that! Pick up a bottle and experience a flavor that everyone has come to know and love!


  • G2 Cappuccino Cartomizers

    Shopping cart G2 Cappuccino Cartomizers SKU: G616 G2 Cappuccino Cartomizers