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  • Founded 2009
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  • VA Blend eLiquid

    Shopping cart VA Blend eLiquid SKU: L119 For the lighter side of vaping, Revolver offers the VA Blend. This eliquid is known for it's soft, smoky flavor and slightly nutty undertones. Not every vaper craves monstrous throat hit. Vape the way you want, with Revolver's VA Blend. Made with propylene glycol . love ! Review by megan this one's my favorite!! it has just the right balance of flavor and vap (Posted on 11/9/12) nice tobacco flavor (Posted on 8/25/12) VA blend eliquid Review by Janet I liked the


  • Winning Blend eLiquid

    Shopping cart Winning Blend eLiquid SKU: L120 Revolver's Winning Blend is similar in taste to the popular Winston cigarettes that many vapers have long since converted from. It's copious amounts of vapor, smooth taste, and excellent throat hit will leave you screaming "Winning!" after every vape! Made with propylene glycol. Strong flavor Review by Katie Its good! This one stays in the carto for ever. The passion fruit on the exhale is incredible and will be there for any flavors to follow. (Posted on


  • Tobacco USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Tobacco USA eLiquid SKU: U101 After months of careful mixing and testing, we have created an amazing Tobacco vape! This classic Tobacco is the staple Premium USA Made eLiquid flavor for all of the Tobacco Red fans. The smooth smokey taste will fill the gap between smoking a cigarette and vaping an ecig. This is THE ULTIMATE flavor for fans of the popular "Red" cigarette brand! Great flavor and a very slight sweet after taste. (Posted on 4/9/13) The Best! Review by Kyle I went ahead and sprung


  • Strawberry-Kiwi eLiquid

    Shopping cart Strawberry -Kiwi eLiquid SKU: L320 The best of the east and west comes together with Revolver's Strawberry-Kiwi eliquid. This eliquid boasts a powerful strawberry punch with a generous smattering of kiwi flavor. A refreshing addition to any vaper's arsenal! Made with propylene glycol. NICE!! I really like this flavor. And, the vapor is great. (Posted on 11/11/13) Review by Ruth At first it was a little harsh but after a bit u enjoy it. It's not too sweet it is just as they say. U need to like


  • Raspeberry eLiquid

    Shopping cart Raspeberry eLiquid SKU: L317 Revolver's Raspberry eliquid is truly a unique vaping experience. The flavor starts off light and airy, but the more you vape the more the flavor begins to grow and the room fills up with raspberry sweetness. Try this eliquid alongside Revolver's Blueberry (or Blueberry muffin for a toasty experience) and taste a berry explosion! Made with propylene glycol.


  • Pineapple eLiquid

    Shopping cart Pineapple eLiquid SKU: L314 Revolver's Pineapple eliquid captures the true essence of your favorite juicy tropical fruit with a strong throat hit, tons of fruity flavor, and sweet smelling vapor. Great on its own, or mixed with other Revolver fruit eliquids to make your own fruit cocktail! Taste summer all year long with this offering from Revolver's fruit flavor line. Made with propylene glycol. Review by Aaron Hands down revolvers best flavor in my opinion! (Posted on 1/10/14) Review by


  • Mentport eLiquid

    Shopping cart Mentport eLiquid SKU: L201 Experienced vapers will tell you that it's hard to describe what makes Revolver's Mentport eliquid stand out above the rest. Is it the strong Newport-like throat hit or the icy-cool aftertaste? Maybe it's rich tobacco-menthol infusion that vapes well in any model. Either way, once you start vaping it you won't be able to stop. Made with propylene glycol. Not bad alternative to new ports Have probably only smoked 6 cigs since buying the talon and this flavor. (Posted


  • Energy Bull eLiquid

    Shopping cart Energy Bull eLiquid SKU: L506 Energy Bull by Revolver is your favorite energy drink in a new vapeable form! Enjoy a crisp, sweet flavor with enough tingle to make you feel like you're drinking a carbonated beverage. It's not guaranteed to give you any extra energy, but you won't be able to stop vaping it anyway! Made with propylene glycol. Good Eliquid. I love this eliquid. It tastes like vaping a redbull. If you love redbull you cannot go wrong with this flavor, (Posted on 12/23/13) Customer


  • Arctic Punch™ eLiquid

    Shopping cart Arctic Punch™ eLiquid SKU: L600 Arctic Punch by Revolver totally lives up to it's name. It's an frozen punch of frozen fruity flavor with a chilly throat hit and tons of cool vapor. This eliquid mixes well with any of the other Arctic Blast flavors in Revolver's catalog! Made with propylene glycol. icy fresh Great favor reminds me of a friut punch slushee with a crisp mint finish (Posted on 1/22/14) wonderful taste tryed it for the 1st time the other day and i love this fruit punch taste with


  • Dr Vapor eLiquid

    Shopping cart Dr Vapor eLiquid SKU: L505 The brainiacs in Revolver's secret underground research facility put a lot of time and research into making an eliquid that could exemplify the complex taste of a Dr. Pepper. After the careful combination of 23 different flavors Revolver brings you Dr. Vapor, your favorite soft drink now in vapeable form! It tastes like the real thing!Note: Revolver is not responsible for anyone who tries to drink this eliquid over ice. Made with propylene glycol. Mouth watering