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  • Founded 2009
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  • Carmocha Twist™ eLiquid

    Shopping cart Carmocha Twist™ eLiquid SKU: L502 Carmocha Twist by Revolver infuses everything you love about caramel, chocolate, and coffee into one tasty all-day vape! This eliquid produces thick, buttery vapor with deep tones of chocolate and a dash of caramel. It's all topped off with a sweet coffee aftertaste. You're going to save so much money not making those afternoon trips to the coffee shop! Made with propylene glycol. my favorite Review by Carri At first I wasn't real impressed but decided to give


  • Strawberry eLiquid

    Shopping cart Strawberry eLiquid SKU: L318 Revolver's Strawberry flavor is another excellent choice for any vaper. Vape it by itself and enjoy the taste of fresh-picked juicy strawberries. Combine it with Revolver's Cheesecake eliquid to make your favorite dessert, or for a romantic touch mix Revolver's Strawberry with Chocolate and send date-night over the edge. Heaven now has a name. It's called Revolver Strawberry. Made with propylene glycol. Sweet yet not too sweet This is actually one I found odd yet


  • Blueberry Blitz USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Blueberry Blitz USA eLiquid SKU: U303 The new Premium USA Made Blueberry Blitz is a winner for blueberry fans everywhere! This is by far the smoothest and tastiest blueberry vape you will ever try! In addition to the large vapor clouds, this eLiquid will is bursting with flavor! Try some today! Love this juice! I should have bought more. I swear I lost weight because I was vaping this instead of eating candy. A great blueberry flavor. Very true and natural. (Posted on 10/30/13) Good flavor.


  • RY4 eLiquid

    Shopping cart RY4 eLiquid SKU: L415 Let's face the facts. Revolver's RY4 eliquid is truly a cut above the rest. Rich caramel tones and soft vanilla sweetness are what this flavor is all about. RY4 is one of the flavors that put Revolver's eliquid line on the map, and represents the highest in eliquid quality. If you're not vaping RY4, then you're not REALLY vaping. Made with propylene glycol. Always my go-to! Review by Kendra By far, one of my favorites! Actually finding it a)in full strength b)30ml size


  • Winning Blend eLiquid

    Shopping cart Winning Blend eLiquid SKU: L120 Revolver's Winning Blend is similar in taste to the popular Winston cigarettes that many vapers have long since converted from. It's copious amounts of vapor, smooth taste, and excellent throat hit will leave you screaming "Winning!" after every vape! Made with propylene glycol. Strong flavor Review by Katie Its good! This one stays in the carto for ever. The passion fruit on the exhale is incredible and will be there for any flavors to follow. (Posted on


  • Blackened Blend eLiquid

    Shopping cart Blackened Blend eLiquid SKU: L100 Don't worry, cigar aficionados. Revolver hasn't forgotten about you! Revolver introduces their Blackened Blend eliquid, the evolution of cigar smoking. Blackened Blend recreates the popular and distinctive taste of Black & Mild cigars with its smooth flavor, incredible throat hit, and warm cigar-like vapor. For an extra kick, try this liquid in one of Revolver's larger vaping models! Made with propylene glycol. Black and mild not quite Review by William


  • Piña Colada eLiquid

    Shopping cart Piña Colada eLiquid SKU: L510 If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain (I know...lame.) then you'll love Revolver's Pina Colada blend. A perfect blend of sweet pineapple and creamy coconut, this eliquid will make you long for the beach. Try it with Revolver's Strawberry eliquid for a supremely delicious Strawberry Colada! Made with propylene glycol.


  • Raspeberry eLiquid

    Shopping cart Raspeberry eLiquid SKU: L317 Revolver's Raspberry eliquid is truly a unique vaping experience. The flavor starts off light and airy, but the more you vape the more the flavor begins to grow and the room fills up with raspberry sweetness. Try this eliquid alongside Revolver's Blueberry (or Blueberry muffin for a toasty experience) and taste a berry explosion! Made with propylene glycol.


  • Vanilla Lush USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Vanilla Lush USA eLiquid SKU: U400 For those of you in search of the best Vanilla taste around, look no further! This new Premium USA Made Vanilla eLiquid is like nothing you have ever tried before! You will enjoy the smooth taste of vanilla as you vape your way down to the last drop. For the fans of the original Revolver Vanilla eLiquid, this is no contest! Great mixer I have used this with the Coffee and Cappuccino liquids. By itself, it's a bit strong but works incredibly well as a mixer.


  • Extreme Spearmint USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Extreme Spearmint USA eLiquid SKU: U201 For all you Spearmint lovers, this is the eLiquid of your dreams! New Premium USA Made Extreme Spearmint is the ultimate in coolness with a kick! The flavor is amazing and the vapor is endless, so try some today! Extreme well put (Posted on 6 /5 /13 ) awsome Sweet and minty very smooth. (Posted on 6/4/13) super vaper (Posted on 5/6/13) great th great taste (Posted on 4/21/13) Customer Review: great th great taste