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  • Founded 2009
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  • HQ Toledo, OH
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  • Lemonberry Blue USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Lemonberry Blue USA eLiquid SKU: U306 Strength Lemonberry Blue USA eLiquid


  • Fruit Punch eLiquid

    Shopping cart Fruit Punch eLiquid SKU: L507 For those of you who are indecisive as to what fruit flavor you want to try, why not try them all with Revolver's Fruit Punch eliquid? This refreshing eliquid offers a little bit of all of your favorites with a sweet taste, flavorful vape, and cool, fruity aroma that can fill an entire room. Pick this one up plus a bottle of two of your other favorites from Revolver's fruit line to make your own complex fruit concoction! Made with propylene glycol. WARNING:


  • VA Blend eLiquid

    Shopping cart VA Blend eLiquid SKU: L119 For the lighter side of vaping, Revolver offers the VA Blend. This eliquid is known for it's soft, smoky flavor and slightly nutty undertones. Not every vaper craves monstrous throat hit. Vape the way you want, with Revolver's VA Blend. Made with propylene glycol . love ! Review by megan this one's my favorite!! it has just the right balance of flavor and vap (Posted on 11/9/12) nice tobacco flavor (Posted on 8/25/12) VA blend eliquid Review by Janet I liked the


  • Winning Blend eLiquid

    Shopping cart Winning Blend eLiquid SKU: L120 Revolver's Winning Blend is similar in taste to the popular Winston cigarettes that many vapers have long since converted from. It's copious amounts of vapor, smooth taste, and excellent throat hit will leave you screaming "Winning!" after every vape! Made with propylene glycol. Strong flavor Review by Katie Its good! This one stays in the carto for ever. The passion fruit on the exhale is incredible and will be there for any flavors to follow. (Posted on


  • Wild Cherry eLiquid

    Shopping cart Wild Cherry eLiquid SKU: L322 Everything you love about Revolver's Cherry eliquid just got a little wilder! Enjoy Wild Cherry alone for a smooth hit with tons of fruity flavor, or mix it with another flavor for a truly wild concoction of your own! It's a pretty wild us. Made with propylene glycol.


  • Orange Creamsicle USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Orange Creamsicle USA eLiquid SKU: U401 For those of you who love the sweet and creamy taste of an orange creamsicle, you are in for a treat! The all new Premium USA Made Orange Creamsicle eLiquid hits the spot every time! Sure to be a hit in the summer sun or as an after dinner delight.. Try some today! Latest Mix Revision: 7/1/2012 - Improved Flavor Mix. More like Creamsicle Orange all in all the flavor is not bad its just a tad creamy. Has a nice smooth vape. Does not qualify as my everyday


  • Mai Tai Madness USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Mai Tai Madness USA eLiquid SKU: U502 Mai Tai Madness is the perfect summer vape! Handcrafted to perfection, this eLiquid tastes exactly like the most popular western drink. Definitely a flavor you should not pass up!


  • Strawberry Banana USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Strawberry Banana USA eLiquid SKU: U603 Our Strawberry Banana flavor was requested by our fans, so we got to work and handcrafted this delicious flavor. It has a delicious, ripe strawberry taste blended by juicy banana undertones. Definitely not a flavor you should pass up!


  • Latte USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Latte USA eLiquid SKU: U605 We’re all about finding that perfect vape to have in the morning, and our perfectly blended Latte eLiquid is just that! Pick up a bottle and experience a flavor that everyone has come to know and love!


  • Pumpkin Spice USA eLiquid

    Shopping cart Pumpkin Spice USA eLiquid SKU: U403 The perfect vape for this time of year, our new Premium USA Made Pumpkin Spice eLiquid flavor is going to hit the spot! The massive vapor clouds and smooth flavor will make this a popular choice for the holidays!