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  • Omega Juicer 8004 and 8006

    The Omega 8004 and 8006 Juicers are single gear, masticating juicers that can be used for multiple purposes .Masticating juicers provide better nutrition and variety.  You can juicer fruits and vegetables, make nut butter, grind spices and coffee, extrude pasta, mince herbs, make soy milk and baby food and grind wheat grass in seconds.  And you can do it with no heat build up, foaming or clogging.  The two models are the same except for color .  FeaturesFifteen year warrantyDual stageNo clogging or


  • Neoair Enviro 68108 Air Purifier

    The Neoair Enviro is a five stage air purifier that effectively cleans the air in spaces up to 450 square feet.This isn't the typical air purifier.  The Neoair Enviro is state of the art, with a multitude of great features and five stage air filtration.  Dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, odors and a host of other problems can be handled efficiently with the Enviro so you can live and sleep more comfortably.  For convenience it has a multi-function display and wireless remote control. How does it work?The


  • Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifiers - 1500 square feet

    The Austin Air Healthmate series is considered the best overall protection you can get for every day air concerns, using medical grade HEPA and other filters.The Austin Air Healthmate provides the best protection overall from airborne particles, gases, odors and chemicals.  Over 250 feet of air goes through 60 square feet of medical grade HEPA and 15 pounds of activated carbon every single minute.  You end up with air clean enough that it might just change how you sleep and your life.  If it doesn't, Austin


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  • Germ Guardian UV-C Room Air Sanitizer

    The Germ Guardian UV-C Room Air Sanitizer eliminates 99.9% of targeted airborne germs.The Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer eliminates germs, allergens and odors in homes, day cares, offices and other places where clean air is necessary.  It does this by using ultraviolet-C light technology that is hospital -proven .It 's a simple process.  The fan draws air in where the UV-C light destroys allergens and kills germs.  The super-quiet fan then sends fresh air into the room.  It can sanitize the air every hour in a


  • pureguardian H1000 Table Top Humidifier

    The pureguardian Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier features cool mist and Silver Clean technology that keeps mold from growing in the tank. The pureguardian H1000 Ultrasonic Humidifier is ultra quiet and the perfect size for travelers at only eight inches tall.  The 875mL water tank can run for over eight hours and there are no wicks, filters or pads to replace.This is a perfect option if you need a truly portable solution without the mold and mildew that can grow in other humidifiers .  Specifications of the


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  • Jenesco PRO-8 Ozone Generator

    The Jenesco Pro-8 ozone air purifier is intended wherever a high output of ozone is necessary to reduce bacteria, odors, mildew and mold.The Pro-8 ozone generator is the most powerful of this Jenesco line and has an ozone output potential of up to 8000 mgph.  That high output gets almost any job done quickly.  It is a great choice for auto detailers, fire and water clean up, and mold remediators.  It works great for damp basements and crawl spaces.  The built-in hour meter is perfect for equipment rental


  • Vege-Kleen Food and Vegetable Sanitizing System

    The Vege-Kleen Food Sanitizer uses safe, sterile ozonated water to remove bacteria from foods to improve taste, safety and shelf life.The Vege-Kleen is a perfect choice for a discerning household.  If you are concerned about pesticides, mold, bacteria, E.Coli, viruses and salmonella on foods, you are exactly where you need to be.The Vege-Kleen is discreetly hidden under the counter, with a faucet that allows your ozonated water to flow directly into the sink.  It's easy to install and use and uses no

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  • Neoair Cruiser Vehicle Air Purifier

    The Neoair Cruiser Air Purifier is ideal for sterilizing the interior of a vehicle and removing smoke, dust, pollen, germs, odors and much more.Cars, trucks and RVs can be a safe haven for contaminates like exhaust fumes, smoke, airborne contaminates and bacteria.  The Neoair Cruiser was designed to combat this, providing a safer environment for you and your family while you're on the road.  Ultraviolet sterilization can effectively diminish air pollution in the vehicle so you have healthier, fresher air. 


    Sterilizer, Vehicle
  • Fluoride System Replacement Filter Sets

    Replacement fluoride removal filter sets for undercounter and counter top unitsWe have three filter sets available for our fluoride systems.  Single Brimac filters are also available.  Our Brimac (bone char) is NSF61 Approved.Two Stage Replacement Set:  one Bone Char and one Carbon BlockThree Stage Replacement Set:  two Bone Char, one Carbon BlockFour Stage Replacement Set:  three Bone Char, one Carbon BlockFive Stage Replacement Set - Chloramine:  one chloramine filter, one KDF/GAC and three bone charFive

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  • Genesis Water Ionizer Replacement Filters 1 and 2

    These replacement filters work with the EOS Genesis 9, EOS Genesis Platinum, KYK Genesis 25000, KYK Genesis 30000 and also fits the Revelation 2.There are two filters:  choose one or both above.  Filter 1 is good for about 1142 gallons and should be switched about every six months.  Filter 2 is good for about 2285 gallons and we recommend changing it every 12 months.Genesis Filter 1:  seven levels of treatment with a sediment filter, four anti-bacterial felts, activated carbon and ion exchange resin.