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  • Therasage Far Infrared Healing Belt with Battery

    The Therasage Far Infrared Healing Belt goes where you want to go to delivery therapeutic far infrared heat.The Healing Belt really is a charge and go solution.  Just charge the battery and you are entirely portable.  A full charge gets you about two to three hours of soothing heat.  With tourmaline and negative ions, this belt provides deep penetrating heat with minimal EMF for a great wellness experience.  Calming, detoxification and stress relief are just some of the reported benefits.  Add on another


    Healing, Battery
  • The G5 Pro-Power Massager

    The G5 Pro-Power Massager is preferred by those who work out or work in strenuous jobs.Universal voltage.  Use the G5 Pro-Power before you work, play or work out to increase range of motion, enhance flexibility and reduce the risk of strains, contusions and muscle spasms.  After the work is done, you can use the G5 Pro-Power Massager to reduce swelling and pain by removing built up lactic acid in the muscles and speed up the healing process.This is a great tool for the repair and relief repetitive motion


  • Steam Sauna Pro Ozone Steam Cabinet

    The Steam Sauna Pro is great alone or combined with Ozone Therapy.The Steam Sauna Pro is an easy to use, portable and strong personal steam sauna. It can be used in the home, in a gym, in a massage therapy business or in any other place a steam sauna may be useful. A Steam Sauna Pro in your home can save you money in the long run over going to a gym or therapist's office on a regular basis, or if you own a business you can profit by offering steam sauna sessions to your clients. Promolife now uses low VOC



  • Far Infrared Sheet

    Far Infrared Sheets can help you sleep, relieve chronic fatigue, detoxify the body and more.The Far Infrared Therapy Sheet for twin and queen beds can be used for detoxification, cellulite reduction, increased blood circulation, relief from chronic fatigue and more.  It is great for people suffering from Fibromyalgia, Cerebral Palsy, Fatigue, Shingles, poor circulation and for those who have to spend extra time in bed.The sheets are specially made from 100% far infrared fibers enhanced with negative ions.  


  • Far Infrared A-Shirt

    The Far Infrared A-Shirt can improve circulation, relieve stomach pain and improve overall health. Buy any two items of far infrared clothing and use coupon code FIR5 for $5 off. Buy any three and use coupon code FIR10 for $10 off.Far infrared A-shirts are specially made from 100% far infrared emitting fibers, which have been shown to have the following benefits:Improve circulation and metabolismImprove immune system responseDetox and burn caloriesImprove your overall healthReduce fatigueUse this shirt


  • Far Infrared Shaping Undergarment Set

    Far infrared shaping undergarments not only shape your body but also give you the benefits of far infrared therapy.Far infrared shaping undergarments are made from 100% far infrared emitting fiber that is stretchable.  You get high waist Long Johns and a long sleeve shirt.  The set shapes your body into an attractive body curve and provides penetrating warmth. What can far infrared do for me?Far infrared therapy has been shown to:Increase blood circulationIncrease metabolismReduce the appearance of


  • Pro Model 3800 LED Light Therapy Unit

    The Pro Model 3800's 38 LED Lights help relieve pain, speed wound healing, decrease tension and more.The Pro Model 3800 may help relieve swelling, improve pain relief, decrease muscle tension and inflammation, improve range of motion, relieve muscle spasms, improve blood circulation, speed up wound healing and reduce treatment times. Infrared therapy uses energy in the invisible light range. The energy is absorbed into the body.  A Polychromatic Infrared Diode Therapy Book is included with all units.Read


  • Needak Rebounders Mini Trampolines

    The Needak Rebounder is a mini trampoline exercise system that can improve your health and stimulate the lymph system, with options for almost every user.Rebounding an an excellent and effective way to stimulate your lymphatic system, which can lead to vast health improvements with daily use.  Rebounding can reduce body fat and firm your thighs, legs, abdomen, hips and arms, increase your agility, strengthen muscles, rejuvenate your body, improve your balance and provide your heart an aerobic


  • BioCleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath

    The BioCleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath can be used in homes, spas and clinics for detoxification routines.BioCleanse Ionic Foot Baths have been used for many years by many people as part of their detoxification routine.  Some of the reported experiences include a greater feeling of well-being, improved sleep, increased vitality, pain and stress relief and symptomatic relief from swollen and painful joints.  A foot bath session is an external method that can help detoxify and eliminate natural waste.This is



  • Pain-X 2000 Ultimate

    The Pain-X 2000 Ultimate has 185 LED diodes for the "ultimate" in pain relief.The hand held Pain-X Ultimate has 185 light therapy diodes, which include 90 infrared to stimulate deep tissues, 14 green to aid the electromagnetic field around your body, 60 red for cells and tissues close to the surface, 10 yellow to stimulate the motor nervous and sensory system and activate the lymph, and 11 orange to help relieve muscle tension.The combined effects of the Pain-X Ultimate light therapy unit can be useful for