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  • The G5 Pro-Power Massager

    The G5 Pro-Power Massager is preferred by those who work out or work in strenuous jobs.Universal voltage.  Use the G5 Pro-Power before you work, play or work out to increase range of motion, enhance flexibility and reduce the risk of strains, contusions and muscle spasms.  After the work is done, you can use the G5 Pro-Power Massager to reduce swelling and pain by removing built up lactic acid in the muscles and speed up the healing process.This is a great tool for the repair and relief repetitive motion


  • Versa Lite Full Body Lamp

    The Versa Lite is ideal for facial and full body use.The new Versa Lite is positively the most versatile hands free light to treat dermatological conditions such as acne vulgaris. The Versa Lite also has the capacity to treat the entire body. By using the Versa Lite boom stand along with your adjustable Versa Lite wings you can adjust the unit to lie flat on your back, legs or chest. The Versa Lite boom stand allows for both vertical and horizontal adjustment again insuring the perfect placement for


  • Renovati Revive Ionic Foot Cleanse Basic

    The Renovati Revive Cleanse Basic Ionic Foot Bath is a perfect home use foot bath with one mode and one array included free.The Revive Cleanse Basic has one preset mode button - mode A starts at 50% power for five minutes, then 100% for 25 minutes.  It has three built in safety features, is very easy to use and the digital information screen keeps track of time left and system status.  For more information on what an ionic detox foot bath can do for you or to compare models, visit our Ionic Foot Baths

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  • Renovati Revive Ionic Foot Cleanse PRO

    The Renovati Revive Cleanse Pro Ionic Foot Bath has three modes for versatility and includes one array free.The Revive Cleanse Pro Foot Bath has three modes.  Mode A starts at 50% power for five minutes and then 100% for another 25 minutes.  Mode B starts at 50% power for five minutes and then 80% power for another 20 minutes.  Mode C runs at 50% power for 20 minutes.  This allows you to be more versatile in your foot bath treatments. The digital information screen tells you how much time is left and system

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  • Renovati Revive PRO Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath

    The Renovati Revive PRO Dual Ionic Foot Cleanse allows two users to experience detoxification at once.The Renovati Revive PRO Dual system is like having two machines in one, each working on an independent basis.  Both have the same three preset modes that the other PRO systems do.  You can either take a foot and hand bath at the same time or two people can be treated at once.  For more information on how these foot baths work or to compare models, visit our Ionic Foot Baths page. The PRO Dual has three

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  • Thumper Personal Massager

    The Thumper Personal Massager is easy to use and can make anyone feel good.The Thumper Personal Massager is a portable, "feel good" massager designed specifically for home users.  It was developed for individuals with active lifestyles that need to relax their muscles after exercise, as well as to improve circulation for those than can't get enough exercise.  The Thumper is ergonomically designed to be easier for self use, and weighs only 2.3 pounds.Return information:  Non-returnable item for hygienic


  • Eclipse Fusion Photonic Harmonic Therapy PHIT System

    The Eclipse Fusion provides the Fusion PHIT modalities in a stand-alone unit for those who want to use photonic and vibrational therapies.Now comes standard with LET replaceable bulb heads.  The Eclipse Fusion provides for a variety of therapy options you can tailor to your situation.  If your clients need better nutrient transportation, more effective lymph drainage, anti-aging treatments, relief from chronic discomfort and more, the Eclipse might be exactly what you need.The Eclipse adds vibrational


  • Ladys Undergarment Set

    Far Infrared Lady's Undergarment Sets are an easy way to wear the benefits of far infrared therapy. Buy any two items of far infrared clothing and use coupon code FIR5 for $5 off. Buy any three and use coupon code FIR10 for $10 off.Far Infrared Lady's Undergarment Sets are comprised of long john bottoms and a long sleeve shirt, and can be used to improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure, relieve arthritis and joint pain, relieve chronic fatigue, help lose weight and reduce cellulite .  ShirtLong


  • Lymphstar Essence Lymphatic Therapy Device

    The Lymphstar Essence lymphatic therapy system was designed with home users, estheticians and therapists in mind.The made in the USA Lymphstar Essence is the latest in the Lymphstar line and uses the same intensity and technology as the popular Lymphstar Pro. The small size (11" x 9" x 5"), shock proof jack system and padded bag make it perfect for portability and the three frequency control lets you adjust pulsation from decongestive to stimulation.With this package you get the Lymphstar Essence, two


  • Therasage Far Infrared Healing Belt with Battery

    The Therasage Far Infrared Healing Belt goes where you want to go to delivery therapeutic far infrared heat.The Healing Belt really is a charge and go solution.  Just charge the battery and you are entirely portable.  A full charge gets you about two to three hours of soothing heat.  With tourmaline and negative ions, this belt provides deep penetrating heat with minimal EMF for a great wellness experience.  Calming, detoxification and stress relief are just some of the reported benefits.  Add on another


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