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  • Mesh Back support for chair

    Mesh Back support for chair Detailed Description Specifications Mesh Back support for chair Mesh Posture Support Back Support he Mesh Posture Support Back Cushion is a lumbar support cushion ideal for use on office chairs. Deisgned to improve posture and reduce back pain, the Mesh Posture Support Back Cushion simply slips over the back of the chair using an elastic band . HS225 Comfortable to use, the Mesh Posture Support Back Cushion not only helps correct your posture, but also can help keep you cool.


  • Universal Battery Charger

    *Charges AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries, including standard alkaline, and rechargeable NiCd, NiMh and zinc carbon *Recharge ALL Your Batteries. *Don't Throw Them Away! *Extend ordinary, alkaline and nicad batteries life up to 10X. *Has 6 charging bays featuring an LED monitor indicating battery status & charging level. *Saves $$$ and Environment. *An ""intelligent"" microprocessor checks battery status, type and size. *Includes an intelligent micro-processor to independently check the battery status, type


  • Telephone Amplifier

    *Convert Any Phone into an Amplified Phone . . . Instantly! *NEVER MISS AN IMPORTANT PHONE CALL MESSAGE AGAIN!"" *High Frequency Telephone Amplifier amplifies earpiece volume up to 3 times. *Easy fingertip control.Compatible with standard and electronic phones, multi-line or single-line. *On/Off switch so hearing and the hard-of-hearing can both use the same telephone. *Easily installs between handset and phone base.


  • Deluxe Table Top Photo Studio

    Deluxe Tabletop Photo Studio Ideal For Online Auctions Internet Retailing Print Catalogs Insurance Documentation Ideal for photographing items such as jewelery and collectibles for online auctions or insurance records or for macro-photography enthusiasts, this is the complete Deluxe Table Top Photo Studio. Everything you need to take professional studio quality images anywhere! Create professional looking photos with your own home photo studio. For use with your own digital camera, it includes: 1 backd 2


  • Scram Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser

    Ingenious Sonic Scram Patrol Gun Complete with Laser Light Sighting. Repels cats, dogs, squirrels and other nuisance animals without harm, at the push of a trigger!. Effectively target animals up to 20 feet away. Ultra Sonic for use without detection or disturbance of neighbors. Can also be used as a PET TRAINER to help emphasize verbal commands such as sit, heel, stay, quite down, etc. Measures 4.75 x 4.25 x 1.5 inches and includes retail packaging. </ul&gt;


  • Medical Alert Diabetic Bracelet

    Features: Provides a brief description summarizing a few key medical facts Emergency personnel are trained to look for a medical ID tag in an emergency Product Description Emergency personnel are trained to look for a medical ID tag in an emergency. A brief and easy to read description summarizing a few of your key medical facts can be invaluable. Wearing a medical ID offers you peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one will be properly cared for in a timely manner should an unexpected medical


    Medical Id, Medical Alert
  • Drain Sweep Un-clog Plumbing Pipe

    The safe and easy way to unclog any drain or pipe....instantly and without any harmful chemicals. Amazing PATENTED Flex-Clean System the flexible wires hold onto debris while water easily passes through it unclogging even the toughest drains and pipes. Don't wait for a clogged drain! Buy yours now and be prepared. You'll be glad you did!! Drain Sweep Usage 1) Insert the Drain Sweep through the drain opening until you reach the blockage. (Note: You may need to remove the pop-up stopper). 2) Press the trigger


  • Medical Alert Necklace Anti Coagulants

    Medical Alert Necklace Anti Coagulants This Medical Alert necklace is made of all stainless steel Manufacturer : Health Enterprise 24" chain length, no clasp


  • Auto Outdoor Sensor Timer

    Automatically Turns on at Dusk&hellip;Off at Dawn. Set your Christmas lights, flood lights or other electrical outlets devices turn on at dusk&hellip;off at dawn for a preset number of hours from 2-8. The sequence repeats each day or evening with manual settings as well. This 3 outlet Automatic Outdoor Sensor Timer is perfect for outdoor lights, security lights, sprinklers, outdoor pumps and more&hellip; Dusk to Dawn Power On at Dusk, Power off at Dawn Sensor Timer Set the timer by turning the dial and


  • Hydro JetPump Drain Cleaner

    UNCLOG DRAINS INSTANTLY! Provides the exploding power of a water jet to safely open tough clogs in sinks, bath tubs, showers, toilets and drains. Fast, Safe and Easy to use. No harsh chemicals or expensive plumbers. Hydro Jet Pump is the safe effective way to get rid of drain clogs! Pump measures 18 inches long and 2.75 inches in diameter. </ul&gt;