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  • Isle of Dogs Texturizing Dog Shampoo

    Isle of Dogs No. 33 Coarse Coat Dog Shampoo Ultra-rich, concentrated Isle of Dogs No. 33 Coarse Coat Dog Shampoo is designed to retain hair texture in wire, harsh and coarse-coated breeds. Non-stripping and gentle, it contains seaweed extract, which is prized for its non-oily, hydrating benefits, and promises to keep your dog's coat in great condition without softening it. Plus, the Isle of Dogs signature scent leaves your dog smelling fresh and delicious. Features: . Ideal for stiffer or coarser coats .


  • Andis Pro-Animal 7 Piece Pet Clipper Kit

    Andis Pro-Animal 7 Piece Pet Clipper Kit Affordable Rotary Clipper Kit For All Breeds! Are you in search of versatility? The Andis Pro-Animal 7 Piece Pet Clipper Kit is the answer. This kit is perfect for all breeds and can groom the complete dog using only one clipper. The Detachable blades allow for easy cleaning and ultimate versatility. The Andis Pro-Animal Clipper has detachable ceramic clipper blades that stay sharper longer and remain up to 75% cooler than steel blades. This clipper as has a powerful


  • Andis Easy Clip Whisper Kit

    Andis EasyClip Whisper 12 Piece Clipper Kit Ultra quiet, high-powered, pivot motor pet clipper that's perfect for trimming around the face and ears. Four times the power of a comparable magnetic motor clipper. Thumb-adjustable taper control adjusts cutting lengths from fine to coarse without changing blades. Plenty of power to fully groom a washed and brushed dog. Features: Designed for light body grooming Extremely quiet operation Four times the power of magnetic clipper Lightweight Adjustable precision


  • Midwest Color iCrate Folding Dog Crate

    MidWest (R) iCrate Home Training System Crate MidWest(R) Homes for Pets believes that you shouldn't have to spend a fortune to provide comfort and shelter for your pet. The iCrate Home Training System Crate is designed specifically for puppies and small dogs. The included divider panel allows you to adjust the length of the living area as your puppy gorws into its adult size home. The durable powder coated finish and tough plastic pan make the iCrate a great investment, as it will last for years to come.


  • Precision Pet Soft Side Play Yard

    The Precision Pet(R) Soft Side Play Yard is packed with features and offers a wide variety of uses, including a play yard, traveling yard, training and activity pen. With the easy 1-2-3 set up design the play yard can be set up or taken down in seconds and folds flat for convenient storage. A removable top zips off easily, and the bottom floor panel is 100% machine washable. Featuring a water and odor resistant design, the reinforced corners and protected seams provide extra stability. Side pockets allow


  • Door for Groomers Best Walk Through Tub

    Groomer's Best Optional Door for Walk-Through Bathing Tub This door system is designed for the walk through tub as an option to close off the walk-through. Features: Solid 20 gauge 304 stainless steel Fits securely in walk-through opening; designed for use with 495009, 495010, and 495011. Item Specifications: Size: 13"L x 10"H


  • FURminator Nail Grinder

    FURminator Nail Grinder Regular nail trimming is recommended (every 3-4 weeks) and promotes comfort and health. Proper nail care eliminates sore paws, legs and hips. This two speed cordless nail grinder ensures nail trimming is safe, efficient and painless. Automatic LED light ensures safety and maximizes control and accuracy. For use on all dog breeds. Includes 2 replaceable grinding bands. Operates for 100+ hours on 4 AA-aklaline batteries (included). Grinder bands are interchangeable with Dremel bands.


  • Andis AGR Battery Charger

    Andis AGR Battery Charger: Sensa-Charge This is the replacement charger base for AGR+ and AGRC systems. Recharges batteries in up to one hour!


  • K9 Advantix II for Dog 12 Month Supply

    K9 Advantix II for Dogs 12 Month Supply New Formula with insect growth regulator (IGR). Kills all life stages of fleas and contains Imidacloprid which acts to disable a flea's nervous system. Advantix II also has Permethrin which repels and kills more pests. Topical prevention and treatment of ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, biting flies and lice for monthly use on dogs & puppies 7 weeks of age and older. DO NOT USE ON CATS. Features: . 5-way repel & kill pest protection for dogs - fleas, ticks, mosquitoes,

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  • Nootie Japanese Cherry Blossom Conditioner Gallon

    Product Summary: Nootie Japanese Cherry Blossom Conditioner Nootie Japanese Cherry Blossom Conditioner is soothing to your dogs coat and skin. This conditioning treatment contains aloe & oatmeal that helps relieve dry itchy skin. It's formulated with the exotic fragrance of Japanese Cherry Blossom while leaving your dogs coat a fantastic body and shine. Features: Soothing to skin and coat Relieve itchy and dry skin Gives body and shine to your dogs coat Made in the USA Ingredients: DI Water,