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  • Isle of Dogs Texturizing Dog Shampoo

    Isle of Dogs No. 33 Coarse Coat Dog Shampoo Ultra-rich, concentrated Isle of Dogs No. 33 Coarse Coat Dog Shampoo is designed to retain hair texture in wire, harsh and coarse-coated breeds. Non-stripping and gentle, it contains seaweed extract, which is prized for its non-oily, hydrating benefits, and promises to keep your dog's coat in great condition without softening it. Plus, the Isle of Dogs signature scent leaves your dog smelling fresh and delicious. Features: . Ideal for stiffer or coarser coats .


  • Andis Easy Clip Whisper Kit

    Andis EasyClip Whisper 12 Piece Clipper Kit Ultra quiet, high-powered, pivot motor pet clipper that's perfect for trimming around the face and ears. Four times the power of a comparable magnetic motor clipper. Thumb-adjustable taper control adjusts cutting lengths from fine to coarse without changing blades. Plenty of power to fully groom a washed and brushed dog. Features: Designed for light body grooming Extremely quiet operation Four times the power of magnetic clipper Lightweight Adjustable precision


  • FURminator Nail Grinder

    FURminator Nail Grinder Regular nail trimming is recommended (every 3-4 weeks) and promotes comfort and health. Proper nail care eliminates sore paws, legs and hips. This two speed cordless nail grinder ensures nail trimming is safe, efficient and painless. Automatic LED light ensures safety and maximizes control and accuracy. For use on all dog breeds. Includes 2 replaceable grinding bands. Operates for 100+ hours on 4 AA-aklaline batteries (included). Grinder bands are interchangeable with Dremel bands.


  • FURminator Vacuum Accessory

    FURminator Vacuum Accessory Clean up after deshedding sessions has never been easier! Simply attach your FURminator deShedding tool to the accessory deshed your pet as usual and watch the hair disappear into your vacuum. Compatible with small, medium and larg size short-hairedand lonh-haired deShedding tools. Will not work with Classic or Deluxe models. Features 2 removeable heads to adjust to your tools size. Includes 2 attachments to fit all vacuum brands. Features: Adds vacuum power to your FURminator


  • FURminator Ultra Premium Deshedding Shampoo

    FURminator Ultra Premium deShedding Pet Shampoo Ultra Premium deShedding Shampoo helps promote healthy skin and coat on your pet all while reducing pet shedding. This Ultra Premium deShedding Shampoo is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, Calendula Extract and Papaya Leaf Extract. The natural ingredients in this shampoo helps protect against excessive shedding leaving your pet with a beautiful shiny coat. Benefits exemplified when used with the Fur DeShedding Ultra Premium Conditioner.


    Cat, Dog, Deshedding, Premium
  • FURminator Nail Clipper

    FURminator Nail Clipper Regular nail trimming (every 3-4 weeks) is recommended for the comfort and health of you pet. Properly trimmed nails prevent saor paws, legs and hips due to overgrown nails. These clippers feature an adjustable guide to make nail trimming efficient and painless. Sharp, stainless steel cutting edges ensure a clean, even cut without crushing the nail. Non-slip ergonomic handle for complete control. Anti-microbial plastic helps keep germs and bacteria at a minimum. Features: Clean, even


  • Canine Camper Sportable Dog Crate

    Product Summary: Canine Camper Sportable Dog Crate The MidWest Canine Camper Sportable is a must for the on-the-go pet owner, whether it's a day out or for a long trip. It has a sturdy, folding steel frame, which provides easy set-up and portability. The Canine Camper has a carrying handle for easy transport and folds down for easy storage. Its mesh windows and Secure Easy-Zip mesh door provide ventilation and visibility. It has Snap-Lock Straps to secure the crate when folded, which make this crate easy


  • FURminator Frequent Use Shampoo

    FURminator Frequent Use Ultra Premium Pet Shampoo This blend of natural ingredients is formulated to be used for frequent bathing withoug drying the pet's skin and coat. Regular use helps reduce dander and airborne allergens.. Enriched with Cactus Flower Extract, Hydrolized Silk and Yukka Shidigera Extract. Conatins no parabens, artificial colors or chemical dyes. For topical use on dogs and cats over 6 weeks old. Features: Use frequent for reduce dander and allergens Blend of natural ingredients does not


    Silk, Cat, Dog, Premium
  • Isle of Dogs Salon Elements 2 Heal Conditioner

    Isle of Dogs Salon Elements 2 Heal Dog Conditioner Luxurious, salon-quality coats are within reach with Isle of Dogs 2 Heal Dog Conditioner. This deeply penetrating formula moisturizes, protects, prevents breakage and adds shine. Used by groomers for noticeably softer, smoother and more manageable locks. Features: . Detangles and smoothes down . Best for long, combination and silky coats . Designed specifically for professionals by a renowned Master Groomer . High functionality formula . Performance-driven


  • Dubl Duck Grooming Shears 8.25 inch Curved

    Dubl Duck Pet Grooming Shears 8.25" Long considered for their quality standard in grooming, the Dubl Duck Shears are made in Germany from ice-tempered Stainless Steel for long, sharp, lasting edges. Ice-tempered carbon steel blades stay sharp longer, for a lasting life. These shears feature a finger rest for greater comfort and control. Item Specifications: Size: 8.25" Material: Stainless Steel Orientation: Straight or Curved; Right Handed Rockwell Rating: 55