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  • Founded 1981
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  • Party Lights »

    $29.99 each $38.60 each $1.00 5pack Wholesale LED Lighting from Party Light Site At Party Light Site, we are a direct importer of Submersible LED floral lights and LED Votive Flameless Candles and offer the cheapest prices online. We can handle your led floral lighting needs with great products. If we don't have the lowest price already, we'll beat any price out there. We consistently offer the best LED lights and floral lighting to our customers at great discounts from our online store. Save on cheap party


  • Submersible LED Lights

    Party Light Site has $1.49 submersible LED lights, discount prices every day and our 'floralyte' style submersible leds are a featured item.


  • Amber LED Votive Candles

    Amber Wholesale LED votive candles and led lights at discount prices. Find battery operated votive candles for 99 cents each.


  • CR2032 3v Batteries

    Wholesale CR2032 3v Lithium Coin Cell Battery Buy replacement batteries for LED Tea Lights, underwater s, votives and more, at wholesale prices. $1.00 for each 5 pack . Properties : Replaceable batteries 80+ hours of operation per battery set when used intermittently . Sold in pack of 5 only** **We'll match any advertised lower price


  • 7" LED Light Base

    7" Centerpiece LED Light Base » 7" LED Light Base $7.50 each Also see our 5" Centerpiece LED Base » Floral Uplight Base Buy this 7" centerpiece floral uplight base at discount, wholesale prices every day. Great for accent lighting on a table centerpiece, outdoor shelves and many more applications, this inexpensive battery operated led light base will shine. This Black plastic light base is 7" wide and 1 1/4" tall and offers 10 - 12 hours or more of operation per battery set when used intermittently and is


  • LED Deco Vine Lights

    Deco Vine Lights Wholesale 10 LED Decorative Vine Lights Buy AA battery operated led vine lights at wholesale prices every day. Illuminate any setting with assorted colors (Amber, Blue, Green, Pink, Red and White) from wedding set ups to holiday decor . Specifications : 81 " long 16" from battery case to 1st light On/Off switch. Easy to use switch. 20+ hours of operation per battery set (approximately 3-4, 6 hour events/ shifts) when used intermittently . Uses 2 Replaceable AA batteries (not included)


  • LED Floral LED Lights II

    Buy battery operated Floral LED Lights II at wholesale prices. This LED Light is a reusable light using the Pull On-Off feature and can be used multiple times for the life of the batteries. This item does work in water, but when wet may not be able to turn off or be reused. Please dispose of properly. Floral Led light with On/Off switch, these led floral LED light II lights are 1 3/4" Long x 1" Wide and 1/2" Tall. 40+ hours of operation per battery set (approximately 7, 6 hour events/shifts) when used


  • Diamond Underwater LED Party Lights

    Diamond Underwater LED Party Lights » Diamond Underwater LEDs $3.49 Each Waterproof and reusable » Use the Diamond Underwater LED light, as a unique accent lighting piece. This battery operated, waterproof led party light, sits inside a crystal diamond to illuminate flower arrangements, design props, table centerpieces, serving trays, candle votives, ice sculptures and more in a unique light. Place it in a vase to highlight the base of a beautiful floral arrangement . The Diamond Underwater floral LED


  • 5" Centerpiece LED Light Base

    5" Centerpiece LED Light Base Up Light Base for Floral Arrangments Description Buy a square centerpiece light base in clear plastic and 5 inches for your special event. This wholesale illuminating LED light base is available at a discount price every day online. Great for any holiday, our AA battery operated square LED Light Base makes wonderful accent lighting for floral centerpieces, shelf and accent lighting . Additionally , our uplight is safe around kids and areas where normal candles aren't like


  • White Rose LED Vine Light

    Battery Operated Vine Lights » White Rose LED Vine Light $13 .40 Discontinued Item String of Roses Vine Light White Roses LED Vine Light Add a beautiful silk fabric roses, string of lights to your next event's lighting. Each string light strand is 5 feet (60") long and has an on/off switch and each rose on the strand is approximately 3" Wide with 10 Roses on each string of lights. The White Rose Vine Light's straight-line construction allows the remaining LED light bulbs to stay lit if one bulb burns out