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  • Hexbug Nano Habitat Set

    2 Rare Nanos, 3 Cells, 3 Straight Bridges, 4 Curved Bridges

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  • Double-Toothed/S

    Double -Toothed / Spiked Wheel The spiked wheel has teeth to help the LawnBott grip better. Hills and slopes are more easily climbed by LawnBott . Plus, they look good! · Increases traction, especially on slightly damp grass · Easier hill climbing · Give your a new look! Two spiked wheels per order Even if your yard is perfectly flat, the Double -Toothed /S piked wheels are good for ensuring optimal traction , especially when the grass is wet. If you have hills in your yard, the spiked /double -toothed


  • Remote Control RC Toy

    Miniature, lightweight Lightning Drone flies up, flies down and hovers -- all at your command! The Lightning Drone has amazing range and excellent flight stability. It’s very easy to fly! Use the remote control to change the LED lights in the legs of the drone to several different color combinations and from solid to flashing lights. The translucent neon casing color lets kids see the intricate internal workings of the drone. Combination remote control/charger unit takes 4 AAA batteries (not included).


    Light Weight
  • Buy Jogging Light Jog at Night Jog in the Dark Neklight Neck Nek Light Lite

    Practical Gadgets make life better! Neklight jogging light lets you see in the dark. Great for jogging, camping, working around the house. If you are over 40, extra light on small print really helps! Wear it as a head-light or around your waist. Never take it off and enjoy the convenience of seeing in the dark! Perfect for power outages. Much safer than candles. Incredible 150 hours lifetime on 3 AAA batteries! NekLight Keeps Joggers Safe NekLight is great if you jog before or after dark. Not only does it


    Light Stand
  • Hexbug Nano Habitat vs. Bridge Battle Sets

    Hexbug Nano Habitat vs. Bridge Battle Sets We are so glad you have found our site! You are here because you are wondering what the difference is between the Hexbug Nano Habitat set vs. the Hexbug Bridge Battle. We know it is confusing... Toy companies have a nasty habit of having so many choices it is difficult for family members to choose the right toy. Children are very particular about what they want. The worst experience for a child (and for the gift giver) is to open a gift and it is not the exact one


  • Battery Special!

    Hexbug Inchworm Hexbug Inchworm is a fun collectible robot pet! Hexbug Inchworm is controllable by remote control. Two hexbugs can work at the same time by setting one to A and the other to B. Collect them all! · Controlled by remote control only · Two channels, A and B · Set channel by a switch · Collectible ! · Uniquely engineered · Great for your desk! · Great entertainment for your pet! · Great holiday gift! · Battery operated AG13/LR44 · 4 batteries required (included) · Ages 8 to 108 Hexbug


  • Perfect stocking stuffer!

    Hexbug Ant Varies, $10.99-$11.99 The Hexbug Ant scurries across the floor. Try to catch it! It’s harder than you think! Lots of great entertainment for you and your dog or cat! Hexbug is collectible, some colors are rare. Get the rare colors while supply lasts. We let you choose the color! Why shop anywhere else? Become a fan of our Facebook page to learn when new ant colors or styles become available ! Eliminate boredom. Drive your cat or dog wild! The fun is never -ending ! Hexbug Ant More Details . . .


  • Hexbug Spider

    Hexbug Spider Teal Hexbug Spider More Details . . . Blue Red Green Orange Teal Hexbug Spider is a fun collectible robot pet! Hexbug Spider is controllable by remote control. Two hexbugs can work at the same time by setting one to A and the other to B. Collect them all! The Hexbug Spider looks (sort of) and behaves like a real Spider, except only by remote control. Drive Hexbug Spider forward or backward. Change direction, too! Buy two, set one on A and the other on B. Now they can be controlled