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    Shipping Information Thank you for considering a purchase from us. We strive for fast, top quality service. 1) We are an Authorized Reseller for all of our products. What does this mean? We work directly with the manufacturer or an Authorized/Official US Distributor . 2 ) Most orders ship directly from our stock . This ensures the fastest possible service. We ship directly from our suppliers when we happen to be out of something. Some large or less popular items may be “drop-ship” only. In this case, the


  • Khet 2.0 Laser Game - Strategy a the Speed of Light

    Khet 2.0 Review: If you enjoy Chess, you will absolutely love Khet the Laser Game. The new 2.0 game is smaller, lighter and more portable than the original Khet Laser Game. The game is for two players. Most of the pieces have mirrors (Pyramids and Djeds). Each player has a Sphinx piece that contains the laser. Pieces are moved one space at a time or rotated 90 degrees on each player’s turn. After moving or rotating one piece, the player fires the laser. The object of the game is to illuminate (i.e. kill)


    Travel, Portable, Moving, Laser, Mirror, Rotatable, Original, Playing, Chess, Handy, Remover, Story, Powerful, Board, Carrying, Lights
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    Robot Toys & Games Paradise Robotics 2 Regan Boulevard Barrington , IL 60010 Phone : 847 -960 -8520 Fax : 253 -595 -1683 E -mail : Shipments to Alaska, HI or US Territories: please inquire by phone or email. Local customers: Call to arrange a pickup! About More robot toys coming soon! We always announce new products on Facebook first. “Like” our page and be amongst the first to hear about them!


    Phones, Custom
  • Hexbug Larva

    Hexbug Larva Green The Hexbug Larva wiggles, wriggles and slithers just like a real larva. It’s so realistic, it could be considered a bit “creepy” (pun intended). Larva uses an infra-red sensor at the front to avoid objects without touching them. In other words, it navigates on its own! Try it out on your dog or cat. What would they do? It could be quite entertaining . . . Hexbug Larva More Details... Most orders ship within 24 Hours! Individual Hexbugs & Starter Habitats ship via USPS First Class Mail


  • Hexbug Nano Habitat Set

    2 Rare Nanos, 3 Cells, 3 Straight Bridges, 4 Curved Bridges

    • Free shipping


  • Buy Jogging Light Jog at Night Jog in the Dark Neklight Neck Nek Light Lite

    Practical Gadgets make life better! Neklight jogging light lets you see in the dark. Great for jogging, camping, working around the house. If you are over 40, extra light on small print really helps! Wear it as a head-light or around your waist. Never take it off and enjoy the convenience of seeing in the dark! Perfect for power outages. Much safer than candles. Incredible 150 hours lifetime on 3 AAA batteries! NekLight Keeps Joggers Safe NekLight is great if you jog before or after dark. Not only does it


    Adjustable, Handy, Powered, Car, Replacement, Handsfree, Convenient, Night, Battery, Bright, Quick Release, Two Piece, Small, Light Stand
  • Hexbug Nano Habitat vs. Bridge Battle Sets

    Hexbug Nano Habitat vs. Bridge Battle Sets We are so glad you have found our site! You are here because you are wondering what the difference is between the Hexbug Nano Habitat set vs. the Hexbug Bridge Battle. We know it is confusing... Toy companies have a nasty habit of having so many choices it is difficult for family members to choose the right toy. Children are very particular about what they want. The worst experience for a child (and for the gift giver) is to open a gift and it is not the exact one


    Hex, Cell, Large
  • Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle Set - More Details

    The Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle set contains an arena in which the black and white mutant hex bugs can battle against each other. The battle bridge has two swinging one-way doors. The bugs enter the arena and push each other around until (inevitably) one of them falls to his “death”. Actually, the bug that falls does not die, because Hexbug nanos are practically indestructible. It just runs around where it falls! Nano Bridge Battle Set Free Shipping!** Nano Bridge Battle + Bug Buy Random Color Nano(s) only