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  • Founded 2002
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  • HQ Venice, CA
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  • Crap To Do Jumbo Sticky Note

    Something seems to have gone awry. Are you trying to mess with the fabric of the universe? Crap To Do Jumbo Sticky Note Crap To Do Jumbo Sticky Note This goodie’s gone for good—but we’ve got tons of other fun stuff on hand! Of course size matters—especially when it comes to sticky notes. These supersized adhesive honeys provide that extra bit of space you crave, whether it’s to make a list, compose a memo, or remind yourself where you put the kids. You could use fewer words, but why? Delivers pure sticky


  • Aha! Sticky

    You must be logged in to join the waitlist for this product Aha! Sticky Aha! Sticky No matter your notation needs, ensure that even the smallest stuff gets noticed with Keep It Simple Stickies—just as colorful and witty as all your brilliant (or mundane) thoughts. Because everything that actually matters can fit onto a sticky note 3 x 3 inches; 100 sheets Available 8/15 SKU: 12441 ISBN: 978-160106429-5 All Out Of Pad (Red) 5 Days a Week Paper Mousepad 10.00


  • Just Sayin’ Nifty Note

    Just Sayin’ Nifty Note Just Sayin’ Nifty Note When the truth hurts—or is just complicated—there’s nothing like a two-word softpedal to minimize the damage. Warn coworkers of impending doom, offer props, or confess your love the noncommittal way. It’s as easy as . . . just sayin’. Preach truth without consequence Funny notepads are a slam-dunk birthday gift for coworkers 4 x 5.25 inches, 50 sheets SKU: 12092 ISBN: 978-160106468-4


  • Chunky Blue Book

    Tucker Nichols s father worked for a company that printed Bibles, so growing up Nichols used blank Bible dummies as sketchbooks. This portable jotter, with its heavier stock, is a fantasy version of those early Bible blanks. Ideal size for pockets or...


  • Hand-Lettered Shit List Pad

    While everybody claims to have a shit list, there s never been a way to turn the metaphor into reality until now. This deceptively delightful hand-lettered tool wields the power of organization to catalog your grudges in style! The ideal gift for...


  • Hand-Lettered Crap Sticky Note

    Nothing gets attention (and laughs) like brutal honesty. This hand-lettered gem turns any boring memorandum into an amusing mini-event. Forcing the issue was never so much fun. The ideal memo for friends, roomies, and total strangers! When it comes to...


  • Hand-Lettered To Do Pad

    Making a to-do list is one of the few chores both essential for organized productivity and delectable for leisurely procrastination. This hand-drawn hero practically guarantees that everything will get done. The perfect gift for go-getters and...


  • Hand-Lettered Make a Decision Pad

    The agony and sleeplessness wasted on resolving dilemmas of import are time and energy you ll never get back. Fortunately, there s a tool to alleviate these woes. Walk through the steps of this hand-lettered helper and you ll never equivocate again....


  • WTF Nifty Note

    WTF Nifty Note WTF Nifty Note WTF Nifty Note Spell out your befuddlement in the midst of any circumstance (while also channeling pent-up frustration) with the English-speaking world’s most expressive acronym and the simple check of a box or two. It’s the ultimate FYI. Never be at a loss for words again! A great gift for anyone who ever leaves the house 4 x 5.25 inches, 50 sheets Watch the WTF Nifty Note in action! video SKU: 12088 ISBN: 978-160106338-0 Why You’re So Super, Kiddo Journal WTF Pen Contents


  • Mental Note Sticky

    Mental Note Sticky Mental Note Sticky SKU: 12435 ISBN: 978-160106346-5