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  • Terry Gross

    Terry Gross Open Notebook: Daniel Handler on April 2, 2014 This just in: Writer Daniel Handler is known to some as Lemony Snicket. He is the author of many books, including 13 Words with Maira Kalman. He brings his accordion when he talks to Terry Gross. Regardless of what you call him, he opened his notebook for us, and sent us this image of barely legible scrawl. PLUMB: Tell us …


  • dog in mirror

    dog in mirror Open Sketchbook: Will Rogan on April 10, 2014 Will Rogan is a San Francisco-based artist and co-founder of The Thing Quarterly. He has a deeply inquisitive mind. I asked him for a look into his notebooks, and he sent along these mind-bending images. PLUMB: What kind of notebooks do you like? WILL ROGAN: I like a spiral-bound journal. There’s a brand made in Japan I like a lot …


  • doodle

    doodle Presidential doodling: LBJ vs. Herbert Hoover on March 31, 2014 Even presidents must doodle–how could you not with all that going on? Here are a few examples from two of our most prolific presidential doodlers: Lyndon Johnson and Herbert Hoover. From the very worthwhile book, Presidential Doodles, by the creators of Cabinet Magazine, published by Basic Books, 2006. LBJ (and above image): Hoover:


  • Explorer Notebook

    Explorer Notebook on March 24, 2014 Our inaugural Test Drive post comes from Alton, age 5, from Bayview in San Francisco. By far the most fearless foray into starting in on this particular book we’ve seen to date. Our books aren’t finished until you fill them up–if you want to share images of what you’ve put into your Plumb notebook, we want to see them. Take …


  • score

    score Open Notebook: Beethoven on April 9, 2014 To me, great classical music sounds like it simply came out like that, with no effort at all. So it’s a bit of a revelation to see this manuscript of Beethoven’s Piano trio in D Major, Op. 70, No. 1, practically overrun with corrections, annotations, and improvisations. I’m picturing Ludwig having a day filled with frustrations and breakthroughs over a …


  • For No Good Reason

    For No Good Reason on March 17, 2014 I’m looking forward to seeing this documentary about Ralph Steadman. He’s an artist who just needs to get it out of his system:


  • Open Sketchbook: Ryan Jacob Smith

    Open Sketchbook: Ryan Jacob Smith is a tattoo artist based in Portland, Oregon. His tattoos look a lot like his drawings but on people’s body parts. I asked him to share some images from his sketchbooks and answer a few questions. PLUMB : What kind of notebooks do you use? RYAN JACOB SMITH : I use the blank 5-by-8-inch Moleskine journals that come in a pack of three. They travel really well and the size is perfect for me. It doesn’t take very long to finish one. Some journals are too big and have too many


  • Jason Polan

    Jason Polan Jason Polan Just Sent Over This Cantaloupe Drawing on April 9, 2014 Season 2 artist Jason Polan sent along this photo of what he is calling a “3-D drawing of a cantaloupe.” We are calling it amazing, and fitting for us because one of Jason’s upcoming Plumb notebooks features hand-drawn cantaloupe skin patterns on the back cover and even as interior lines. For all of your oversized fruit notes and drawings, of …


  • flaneur

    flaneur Open Notebook: Scott Zieher on June 3, 2014 Scott Zieher is a New York-based poet, artist, and gallery owner (he co-owns the gallery that represents my work in New York). He is also a highly accomplished finder of amazing things on the street, from important but forgotten old books to overheard snippets of conversation. I asked him some questions about his rather deep relationship with notebooks. PLUMB: What …


  • David Korty

    David Korty Open Sketchbook: David Korty on May 28, 2014 David Korty is an LA-based artist and avid fly-fisherman. He is known mostly for his flat and vibrant paintings that depict the world around him in a slightly off-kilter way. He makes beautiful ceramics, too. Our friends at The Thing Quarterly are releasing David Korty’s issue this Saturday, May 31 at Night Gallery in Los Angeles—go have a look if …