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  • Founded 2002
  • Owner Knock Knock
  • HQ Venice, CA
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  • Idea Life Log

    Idea Life Log Idea Life Log Our Idea Life Log taps into today’s list-making, self-improvement zeitgeist by providing a clear, organized format in which to catalogue genius in all its forms. Containing a tracking grid for inspiration, brainstorming, and projects, it provides both breadth and depth in a compact, portable format. An innovative gift for the creatives in your life Perfect for good and bad ideas Hard plastic cover; 4.5 x 7 inches; elastic penholder; 128 pages SKU: 15136 ISBN: 978-160106130-0 WTF


  • How to Traumatize Your Children - Knock Knock

    Parents of the world rejoice! Our bestselling has been revamped with all-new totally dysfunctional illustrations. This groundbreaking instructional volume teaches you how to give your children the lifelong gifts of mental and emotional damage. Whether you employ the same ruinous techniques your parents used or try out an entirely new approach, you’re bound to succeed! Learn the latest buzzwords and trends in traumatic parenting! Choose a personal trauma style—controlling, indulgent, and more! Paperback; 4.5


  • All Out Of Pad (Blue)

    You must be logged in to join the waitlist for this product Office Jargon Stamp Office Jargon Stamp 1 Review Give your correspondence a whiff of authority with the Office Jargon Rotating Stamp. Whether you’re in the loop or outside the box, just add ink to sound like you talk the talk. Or stamp the stamp. Turn mundane memos into clever communiqués Magically increases office productivity Stamp: 2.5 x 3 x 1 inches; Black ink pad: 2.5 x 2 x .5 inches Available 11/23


  • Just Sayin’ Nifty Note

    Just Sayin’ Nifty Note Just Sayin’ Nifty Note When the truth hurts—or is just complicated—there’s nothing like a two-word softpedal to minimize the damage. Warn coworkers of impending doom, offer props, or confess your love the noncommittal way. It’s as easy as . . . just sayin’. Preach truth without consequence Funny notepads are a slam-dunk birthday gift for coworkers SKU: 12092 ISBN: 978-160106468-4


  • Mental Note Sticky

    Mental Note Sticky Mental Note Sticky SKU: 12435 ISBN: 978-160106346-5


  • WTF Nifty Note

    WTF Nifty Note WTF Nifty Note WTF Nifty Note Spell out your befuddlement in the midst of any circumstance (while also channeling pent-up frustration) with the English-speaking world’s most expressive acronym and the simple check of a box or two. It’s the ultimate FYI. Never be at a loss for words again! A great gift for anyone who ever leaves the house Watch the WTF Nifty Note in action! video


  • Pickups and Come-Ons for All Occasions

    Pickups and Come-Ons for All Occasions Pickups and Come-Ons for All Occasions Approaching that hottie over there requires more than courage—it takes the right words. Sometimes, however, exercising the organ between your ears is too much work; instead, use to sweet-talk with class or crass. With this pocket-sized prompter, you’ll impress chicks and hunks alike with your persuasive wit—and increase your sex appeal by 42.9 percent. Pickups and Come-Ons for All Occasions Chapters range from “All About Me” to


  • Hand-Lettered We Need to Talk Sticky

    "Nothing gets attention (and laughs) like brutal honesty. This hand-lettered gem turns any boring memorandum into an amusing mini-event. Forcing the issue was never so much fun. The ideal memo for besties, roomies, and total strangers 3 x 3 inches, 100...


  • Hand-Lettered To Do Pad

    "Making a to-do list is one of the few chores both essential for organized productivity and delectable for leisurely procrastination. This hand-drawn hero practically guarantees that everything will get done. The perfect gift for go-getters and...


  • Nag Note Magnetic Mini Note

    "Our renowned sticky notes have shape-shifted into itty-bitty dry-erase boards. Even better, they're magnetic. Stick 'em to your fridge and leave a note for your roommate, your spouse, or yourself. With a product this cute, it's okay to nag A honey do...