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  • Corflex Canvas Wrist Lacer Splint 8" - Free Shipping Offer

    Corflex Canvas Wrist Lacer Splint CFX -49 -504 -514 49 -5040 - X-Small Right 49-5041 - Small Right 49-5042 - Medium Right 49-5043 - Large Right 49-5044 - X-Large Right 49-5140 - X-Small Left 49-5141 - Small Left 49-5142 - Medium Left 49-5143 - Large Left 49-5144 - X-Large Left Description Features cinch laces with contact closure for ease of application. Indicated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, and wrist strains or sprains. Constructed of durable canvas with soft flannel inner lining and



    Right, Inner Lining, Medium, Xsmall, Large, Wrist, Soft, Flannel, Left, Xlarge, Lace, Durable, Canvas, Small
  • North Coast Medical Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Abduction Orthosis - Free Shipping Offer

    Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Abduction Orthosis NCM -NC7949X Toddler - 79490/1 Youth - 79492/3 Small - 79494/5 Small Plus - 79494/5-P Medium - 79496/7 Medium Plus - 79496/7-P Large - 79498/9 Large Plus - 79498 /9 -P Description Comfortable splint provides direct support for the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function . Toddler 4 -1 /2 " to 5-1/2" (11 to 14cm) Youth 5-1/2" to 6-1/2" (14 to 17cm) Small 6" to 7" (15 to 18cm) Small Plus 6-1/2" to 7-1/4" (17 to 18cm) Medium 7" to 8" (18 to 20cm)



  • BSN Medical Healwell Grip Splint Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis (WHFO) - Free Shipping Offer

    BSN Medical Healwell Grip Splint Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis BSN -25 -800000 Description The Grip Splint WHFO (Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis) maintains a neutral position of the hand to reduce wrist flexion and increase extension of the fingers, preventing finger flexion and damage to the palmar skin. The durable plastic base stabilizes the wrist and retains its shape even after continuous, extended use. Soft foam cover gives padding to the wrist and hand for comfort. Inner fabric wicks moisture away from



    Right, Durable Plastic, Skin, Wrist, Universal, Soft, Plastic, Cover, Adjustable, Left, Comfort, Finger, Color, Washable
  • DeRoyal LMB PIP/DIP Finger Splint -Free Shipping Offer

    Product Code: DER-650X HPMS Price: $39 .99 XX -Large Description Boutonniere deformity; Collateral ligament injuries; Digital flexion contractures; Mallet finger Features High quality Wire-Foam™ construction for a customized fit Splint can be positioned for isolated PIP extension or combined PIP and DIP extension Stretch loop material provides compression, ventilation and comfort © Copyright 2015 HPMS, Inc. dba The Therapy Connection Powered by Volusion Go to main site



    Large, High Quality, Powered, Digital, Comfort, Custom Fit, Finger
  • Swede-O Thermoskin Wrist Forearm Splint - Free Shipping Offer

    Product Code: SWO-252-253 HPMS Price: $34 .90 Description Thermal Support for Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation of the Wrist •Provides Wrist immobilization for repetitive stress injuries (RSI), soft tissue injuries, and Tendonitis. •Brace extends further up the forearm for additional support. •Beige. Clinically Proven Heat Therapy Only Thermoskin Thermal Supports have been clinically proven to increase subcutaneous skin temperature 2-3° F for the optimal level of heat therapy. Thermoskin's patented



    Skin, Wrist, Soft, Patent, Powered, Forearm, Comfort
  • BSN Medical Safe-T-Wrist Heavy Duty Occupational Wrist Support - Free Shipping Offer

    Product Code: BSN-71-111-112 HPMS Price: $22 .50 Description Designed for tough, highly repetitive tasks, as well as for use with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Flexible palmar and dorsal stays provide firm support while the contoured palm design allows for full finger dexterity. Plush elastic base material for long life and high durability vinyl palm pad. Full elastic wrist wrap provides excellent compression. Color: Black.



  • North Coast Medical Comfort Cool Wrist Splint D-Ring - Free Shipping Offer

    Product Code: NCM-NC5296X HPMS Price: $23.50 NC52960 - X-Small - Left [Add $1.49] NC52961 - X-Small - Right [Add $1.49] NC52962 - Small - Left [Add $6.49] NC52963 - Small - Right NC52964 - Medium - Left NC52965 - Medium - Right NC52966 - Large - Left [Add $1.49] NC52967 - Large - Right [Add $1.49] NC52968 - X-Large - Left [Add $1.49] NC52969 - X-Large - Right [Add $1 .49 ] Description Cool , lightweight support provides cumulative trauma relief. Comfort Cool® D-Ring Wrist Orthosis is made of 1/16" (1.6mm)



  • BrownMed WrisTimer PM, Universal - Free Shipping Offer

    Product Code: BRN-60500 HPMS Price: $20 .99 Description WrisTimer PM is the complimentary night time product to the WrisTimer. Its unique dorsal application allows for a comfortable fit and prevents flexion of the wrist. The aluminum support securely holds the wrist in a neutral position to reduce inflammation and the foam padding provides a comfortable fit while sleeping. By minimizing the material covering the palm of the hand, the product is cooler and leaves the fingers free to move. Instructions:



  • Norco Thumb Wrap with Wrist Support - Free Shipping Offer

    Norco Thumb Wrap with Wrist Support NCM -NC15945 NC15945 - Left NC15946 - Right Description Adjustable thumb piece allows custom sizing. Made of 1/8" (3.2mm) neoloop with a hook closure. Latex free. Provides flexible support for painful wrist and thumb conditions such as repetitive strain injury or arthritis. Soft material stretches and conforms for comfort. Fully adjustable thumb wrap can be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit. Hand wash in cool, soapy water and air dry. One adjustable size fits



    Flexible, Photo, Adjustable, Water, Soft Material, Comfort, Custom Fit
  • BrownMed Palm Metacarpal Splint - Free Shipping Offer

    Product Code: BRN-125XX HPMS Price: $18.99 12511 - Small Right 12513 - Small Left 12521 - Medium Right 12523 - Medium Left 12531 - Medium Right 12533 - Medium Left Description Aluminum splint provides comfortable immobilization of hand, wrist and forearm. Nonlatex, ¼" foam padding provides patient comfort and eliminates bulky dressing. Use for fractures of radius, ulna, metacarpals or phalanges.



    Right, Medium, Aluminum, Wrist, Forearm, Small, Left, Comfort, Bulky