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  • Founded 1950
  • Owner Harry's Army Surplus
  • HQ Dearborn, mi
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  • Deluxe Red Medical Series Supply Bag

    Red Medical Supply Bag The Red Paramedic Bag for emergency medical supplies is great for the EMT on the move. This medic bag has three fold out compartments to hold all the supplies you might need. The three compartments zipper close so there is no worry of spilling supplies. In addition this medical supply bag is made from waterproof material and the all the stitching is reinforced adding extra protection for all your medical supplies. It has a handle and shoulder strap and a universal strap system so it


  • All Weather Waterproof Notebook

    All Weather Waterproof Notebook Product Id :rot470 Waterproof Notebook Make sure you're taking good notes rain or shine with this all weather waterproof notebook. Sure, this notepad looks like a simple 3x5 pocket sized notebook perfect for field notes, but all 48 sheets of lined paper are 100 percent waterproof. No umbrella? No problem for this waterproof paper! The All Weather Waterproof Notebook is a field investigators best friend. 3x5 Field Notebook Feature: Material: waterproof paper with lines Size:


    Paper, Plastic
  • UZI Tactical Ink Pen with Glass Breaker and Cuff Key

    Tactical Ink Pen with Glass Breaker The UZI tactical pen is a high quality and practical tool for any emergency. The tactical pen is made of super strong aircraft aluminum and is equipped with a glass breaker at the top for emergency escape situations. In case of a fire, use this pen to break the window for a safe escape. The pen is also useful as an everyday writing utensil, is twist to open and close and uses standard Parker and Fisher space pen refills. The pen measures 6" in length and comes with a 1 yr


  • NYPD Style Leather Badge Holder

    NYPD Style Leather Badge Holder - Clip-on or Chain Keep your badge in sight at all times with this NYPD Style Leather Clip On Badge holder. This leather badge holder features a heavy duty iron clip great for belts and pockets, and also comes with a 32 inch neck chain. The clip on badge holder cut out and pin holes is perfect for the NYPD style badge and is great for many other badge shapes. If you belong to the New York Police Department then this leather badge holder is perfect for you! Clip on Leather


  • Leather Clip-On Badge Holder with Swivel Snap

    Leather Clip-On Badge Holder with Swivel Snap Product Id:rot1133 Black Leather Shield Badge Holder Are you a law enforcement officer looking for a durable holder for your badge? This black leather badge holder is designed to keep your shield badge safe. Just clip your badge on, and go. Holder features a swivel snap so even if you when in action, your shield badge with be kept securely fastened and protected. Clip-on Shield Badge Holder Specifics: Steel Clip, leather bound Swivels for Easy Badge Attachment


  • Deluxe Gold Security Badge

    Deluxe Gold Security Enforcement Officer Badge Get the respect you want when working as a security officer by looking professional. This deluxe gold security enforcement officer badge will get you the respect you want and deserve. The perfect addition to your security uniform. Attach this security badge using the pin back attachment to your uniform shirt or place it in a badge wallet. Show your authority and order this gold security badge today! Gold Security Badge Features: Constructed of a Zinc Alloy with


  • Red Medical Series Utility Pouch

    Red Medical Series Utility Pouch This paramedic utility pouch is small, compact, and easy to carry. The EMT utility pouch is universally compatible, so you can wear it on your belt or attach it to another bag or pack you might already have. The pouch is made from durable nylon and has a strong easy to use zipper, so you can load it up with any first aid or medical supplies you might need. There are a variety of uses for this EMT medical pouch; use it as a quick first aid kit or to supplement your existing


  • Multi-use Plastic Spork Features:

    Wildo Camp Spork Product Id :PF -21350 Tan Wildo Camp Spork The Wildo Camp Spork is a 3 in 1 piece of silverware perfect for your next camping trip. Made of lightweight and durable BPA free plastic, the Wildo Spork has a good and comfortable grip with an all in one knife, fork and spoon at the same end. The plastic construction is easy to wash and with its functional design, cuts down on the overall gear you need to pack on your next trip. Its been said the spork is the king of spoons, and if that's that


  • Deluxe Silver Security Badge

    Deluxe Silver Security Enforcement Officer Badge Being a security officer is a hard job and more than just securing the premises or kicking people out of the location you work for. Looking professional is key in getting people to respect you and the job you do. The Deluxe Silver Security Enforcement Badge is the perfect addition to any security uniform. The pin back allows you to attach this security badge to your uniform shirt or attach it to a badge wallet. Let your authority be known with this security


  • Police and E.M.S. Window Punch

    Police and E.M.S. Window Punch Designed for emergencies, the Police and E.M.S. Window Punch can literally save your life, or someone else's. This lightweight window punch is made with a hardened steel point for proven punching power. For police, security, paramedics, or to just have close by for emergencies, this window punch is a must gave tool. Emergency Window Punch Features: 5 inch long Lightweight Hardened steel point for proven punching power