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  • A Holiday Gift From

    Announcing a gift with purchase that will be music to your ears, literally: We are huge fans of Putumayo Kids, and thought of this CD immediately as we were busy preparing our Around the World box This collection of music is simply outstanding, with a diverse set of songs that are easy to sing along with. Here are just a few of the highlights: We loved the familiar sounds of Jorge Anaya’s cumbia version of “La Cucaracha” and t he Fiddler’s Green Bush Band’s sprightly arrangement of “Waltzing Matilda”


  • Basil & Sprout Garden | Parties

    Description These are the perfect eco friendly party favors for conscious parties! Kids will use the included materials to grow their own Organic Basil and Organic Alfalfa Sprout gardens. A great way to teach them about plants and get them interested in eating healthfully, these eco friendly party favors are fun, creative, and educational and grow well in any season, both indoors and out . GKC -BASIL -01 gardening gifts Herb garden garden gifts for kids Related Products


  • Sailboat | Parties

    Description Have party-goers take to the high seas with our award-winning, eco friendly party favors. Kids will use soy crayons to decorate their wooden sailboat and cotton sail. This boat really floats, and kids will be able to captain it though the perils of wherever their imagination takes them! These kits are great for ocean-themed birthdays and make for fun and eco friendly party favors. “We got these as birthday activities for my son’s pirate-themed birthday party and the kids had a riot! I loved that


  • My Weather Station | Parties

    My Weather Station | Parties Description Your little party goers will learn how to keep track of and record the weather conditions during their trip with our hands on “My Weather Station” Creativity Kit. Using recycled felt, punch out templates, Velcro dots and markers, mini meteorologists will be engaged for hours on end! “Loved the punch out templates and really, the whole Weather Station Kit is brilliant. Jane was able to make the entire thing all by herself. She now runs to her weather station first


  • Paper Making Kit | Parties

    Description Kids will make their own plantable wildflower seed paper with our eco friendly party favors. Making your own paper sounds difficult, but we make it simple with our step-by-step instructions, wildflower seeds, mesh screen, and drying felt. “The kids loved everything about this Paper Making Kit, especially touching and playing with the paper pulp. What a great sensory activity! I loved that this turned into a lesson on how things grow. The kids planted the paper they made and now wildflowers are


  • eGift Card

    eGift Card Purchase Credit worth ( $ ) Description The perfect present! Send an eGift Card and let your recipient select their own gift subscription or single Discovery Box. Good for monthly subscriptions or for purchases in our online store. Choose to send your gift certificate by email or print it out and give it to a friend. This is a great option if you don’t know the recipient’s mailing address! $60 = 3 month subscription $120 = 6 month subscription $205 = 12 month subscription GKC -GIFT -CARD


  • Gift Subscriptions for Kids

    Gift Subscriptions for Kids - Choose a gift, shipping is included for all multi-month subscriptions! - Single Gift Box 3 Month Subscription $19 .95 /month Save $27 Select 6 Month Subscription $19 .15 /month Save $59 Select 12 Month Subscription $17 .10 /month Save $142 Select Single Sibling Gift Box Select 3 Month Sibling Subscription $29 .95 /month Save $27 Select 6 Month Sibling Subscription $29 .15 /month Save $59 Select 12 Month Sibling Subscription $27 .10 /month Save $142 Select


  • Have you ever asked, “What should we do today?”

    Have you ever asked, “What should we do today?” Meet Green Kid Crafts, award-winning creativity and science kit subscription program that delivers fun and happiness each month! Our subscribers receive a fun and exciting box of 3-4 project kits each month, providing hours of exploration, creativity and learning — no planning or prep required. Each activity is open-ended, and appropriate for boys and girls ages 3-8. * FREE SHIPPING. Offer Details: This trial subscription will automatically renew each month at


  • Gift Subscription – Deal Sites

    Gift Subscription – Deal Sites $74.85 for 3 months Subscription Length Choose an option… 3 Month Gift ($74.85) 6 Month Gift ($134.85) Sign Up Now


  • Paper making kit

    Product Details Product Details Fun and free award-winning themed Kitchen Science magazine for kids. Includes tons of fun Kitchen Science activities. Developed by teachers and loved by both kids and parents!