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  • Sun Prints

    Description Kids will need just water, sunshine, and imagination to make interesting prints in the sun. Our Sunprint Science Kit can be used as a scientific tool. Its sensitivity to ultra-violet light lends itself to sun-based investigations. It can also be used as a measuring tool for any other UV light source, or as a photographic medium to use in scientific experiments. Comes with Sunprint Paper, magnet dots, and stickers. “Besides being a fun outdoor lesson, our Sunprint Kit spurred a discussion about


  • Rocket Launchers | Parties

    Description Kids will design and create fun rocket launchers that really fly during your child’s party! Comes with recycled paper, stickers, eco-straw, ribbon. Your mini astronomer will learn about rocket science with this hands-on Science Kit. Have you noticed what happens if you let the air out of a balloon? The air goes one way and the balloon moves in the opposite direction. These fun rockets work in much the same way! “I was amazed at how such a simple lesson created so much fun. My kids had a blast


  • Dinosaur Puzzle

    Description Kids will love designing their very own Dinosaur Puzzle! This portable Creativity Kit comes with a 3-D wooden Dinosaur puzzle, an eco friendly ink pad, and reclaimed cork for stamping. “My 3 year old son LOVED the dinosaur puzzle. After he finished stamping it, we glued it together so we wouldn’t lose any pieces. I like that it’s not just a craft that you make and forget, it is a great interactive toy. Also I was really impressed on how EVERYTHING was included.” – Renee, Ronan’s mom GKC -DINO


    Dinosaurs, Kids
  • bird gifts for kids

    bird gifts for kids Endangered Bird Puppets


  • Basil & Sprout Garden

    Basil & Sprout Garden Description Let ’s get gardening! Kids will use the included eco friendly materials to grow their own Organic Basil and Organic Alfalfa Sprout gardens. A great way to teach them about plants and get them interested in eating healthfully! Order 10 or more and save 10%! Each Grow-Your-Own Basil & Sprout Kit Includes: (2) Eco friendly, compostable clear cups Organic Basil seeds Organic Alfalfa seeds (1) Peat pod (1) Cheese cloth square (1) Rubber band Instructions Photo Credits:


  • Lace-Up Stuffed Play Food

    Description As your child works cord through the holes in these lace-up foods, she is sharpening her fine motor skills, stimulating her brain, and improving her hand-eye coordination. After stuffing the food with organic cotton, your child can play farmer’s market and have fun with imaginary play! Comes with pre-punched fabric shapes, recycled cord, organic cotton, and detailed instructions. “My 5 year old son LOVED this kit. After he finished lacing up his squash and carrot and stuffing them, we made a


  • Cloud Finder

    Description This Cloud Finder Kit is sure to turn any child into a mini meteorologist as they create their very own Cloud Finder. They’ll have a blast creating this unique weather instrument, then continue the fun and learning as they discover how to identify the different types of clouds. “I highly recommend this product to anyone with little ones. This product will unlock fun,learning and creativity. It will make your little ones search for answers in the everyday and most important give them tools for


  • Dinosaur Fossil and Sculpture

    Dinosaur Fossil and Sculpture Kids Dinosaur Gifts June 18, 2013


  • Green Energy

    Description Kids will have a blast learning about Green Energy with these creative, educational STEM science projects! Our Green Energy Discovery Box teaches kids about renewable energy and how it can be generated from natural resources such as sunlight, hot springs, wind, rain, and tides. Kids will design a solar oven that really works, create their own hydro-powered water wheel, and have fun with wind rockets. Each box also comes with a free Lorax Activity Guide. This box was part of our . It is a great


  • Introducing November's Discovery Box – Giving!

    Introducing November's Discovery Box – Giving! We know how much kids love making gifts for their loved ones especially at the holidays, so we thought we would make it easy for you. We have created a Giving Discovery Box that will supply your child with three great creative activities they can make and give to their favorite people at the holidays. They will be so proud of the presents they made all by themselves! November’s Giving Discovery Box includes the following three activities: stationary gift set,