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  • Introducing November's Discovery Box – Giving!

    Introducing November's Discovery Box – Giving! We know how much kids love making gifts for their loved ones especially at the holidays, so we thought we would make it easy for you. We have created a Giving Discovery Box that will supply your child with three great creative activities they can make and give to their favorite people at the holidays. They will be so proud of the presents they made all by themselves! November’s Giving Discovery Box includes the following three activities: stationary gift set,


  • Meet the Mom behind Ecocentric Mom

    As fellow eco-pioneers in the subscription box category, we’re huge fans of Ecocentric Mom and all they do to bring safe and natural products to moms across the country. If you’re like us, you know how hard it is just to keep milk in the fridge let alone have the luxury of shopping for new skincare and makeup solutions. Enter : bringing a box of pampering wonderment to your doorstep each month! Read on to learn more about eco-mompreneur Rebecca Attanasio and what inspired her to start the company. (Plus,


  • Make Cute Animals out of Old CDs

    Make Cute Animals out of Old CDs Family Crafts at created a bunch of animals out of old CDs! I’m excited about this craft–eventually every home begins to accumulate a stack of CDs that they have no use for anymore. What a great idea to recycle them into crafts ! Materials : Old CD Recycled felt or salvaged fabric Googly eyes (or just draw eyes in) Cotton balls Glue Scissors Pipe cleaners Paint (optional ) Directions : Start by tracing around the CD onto the felt and cutting out the circle.


  • Introducing September's Discovery Box: Outer Space!

    Introducing September's Discovery Box: Outer Space ! Three …Two …One …BLAST OFF… into space with September’s Outer Space Discovery Box. Inside next month’s kit your child will discover the wonders of the universe by learning the constellations and star alignments with their hand-made planetarium view finder. They will imagine themselves as astronauts and learn about space travel while creating their very own rocket launcher – that will actually launch! And to top off their outer space experience they will


  • Playful Puppets

    Playful Puppets This is a cute craft you can do while recycling your old wooden spoons into new toys. Glue yarn on top of a spoon for hair, then draw eyes and a mouth. Cut clothes from fabric and glue to handle. Now the kids can create a story and put on a puppet show! February 11, 2011


  • Coming to an independent toy store near you!

    We are so delighted to share some very exciting news with you: Green Kid Crafts has launched an exclusive retail line of Discovery Boxes now available in independent toy stores around North America! We’d partnered with over 200 independent toy stores around the US and Canada and we are adding more stores to our list each week. These Discovery Boxes are “fan favorites”, and include Backyard Science, Dinosaurs, Planet Protector, and Ocean. We can’t wait to help even more parents and children learn, create,


  • Archive | General

    Archive | General We’ve pulled together 15 of our favorite kid-friendly homemade Mother’s Day gifts in this fun activity guide! Handmade gifts are so much more special, less expensive and a great chance to teach your kids to have fun being creative while getting some hands-on activity time. Here are our picks, both simple and more complex. Mom or […] April 25, 2014 Leaf printing is a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages. As an added bonus, you get two activities in one in that you’ll need to take a


  • Sneak Peek: May's Discovery Box

    Sneak Peek: May's Discovery Box Although April’s amazing Planet Protector Boxes just started arriving to our subscribers this week, we can’t help but get excited about what we’ve developed for May’s Discovery Box! Our inspiration? Well, it’s the basis of many water cooler conversations, featured prominently on every newscast, and influences many aspects of your day, from what to wear to what you’ll do. Can you guess? Yes, it’s the weather! Next month our subscribers will turn into pint-sized meteorologists


  • Archive | Outside Activities

    Making a meal for our feathered friends couldn’t be any easier! (Well, until you get this month’s Feathered Friends Discovery Box!) Supplies: two empty toilet paper rolls, cereal, bird seed, string, peanut butter, scissors and knife Step 1: Cut each toilet paper roll in half Step 2: Spread peanut butter over each roll Step 3: Roll […] March 25, 2014 Here’s a great way to give our feathered friends a helping hand as they get ready to nest. Create a house warming, or perhaps, house building, kit and enjoy


  • Green Energy

    Description Kids will have a blast learning about Green Energy with these creative, educational STEM science projects! Our Green Energy Discovery Box teaches kids about renewable energy and how it can be generated from natural resources such as sunlight, hot springs, wind, rain, and tides. Kids will design a solar oven that really works, create their own hydro-powered water wheel, and have fun with wind rockets. Each box also comes with a free Lorax Activity Guide. This box was part of our . It is a great