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  • Travel Kits for Kids

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  • World Traveler Pack

    World Traveler Pack The cultural crafts in this Around the World Discovery Box will take your traveler to three exciting countries: Guatemala, Australia, and China. At each stop we’ll find a wealth of crafting inspiration as we learn about a unique culture and traditions while developing our appreciation for the differences that make the world, and its people, beautiful. Projects include creating a Chinese Hand Kite that really flies, Aboriginal Rock Art from Australia, and Guatemalan Worry Dolls and a


  • Planet Protector

    Our Planet Protector Discovery Box teaches kids about protecting the planet by introducing the three R’s: reducing, reusing, and recycling. This special box is designed to inspire kids to take care of the Earth with fun and educational projects, including making plantable seed paper with our Paper Making Creativity Kit, creating a Paper Mache Globe, and painting and displaying their own watercolor masterpieces with our Earth Artwork Display Creativity Kit. Full of tons of fun and educational activities that


  • Discovery Boxes

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  • Paper Making Kit

    Description Kids will make their own plantable wildflower seed paper with this kit. Making your own paper sounds difficult, but we make it simple with our step-by-step instructions, wildflower seeds, mesh screen, and drying felt. Green Kid Crafts’ award-winning art kits are perfect for road trips, airline travel, hotels, and any home away from home. “The kids loved everything about this Paper Making Kit, especially touching and playing with the paper pulp. What a great sensory activity! I loved that this


  • Dinosaur Tail

    Dinosaur Tail Kids Dinosaur Gifts June 18, 2013


  • Outer Space

    Description Three …Two …One …BLAST OFF… into space with our Outer Space Discovery Box. Inside this special box your child will discover the wonders of the universe by learning the constellations and star alignments with their hand-made planetarium view finder. They will imagine themselves as astronauts and learn about space travel while creating their very own rocket launchers – that actually launch! And to top off their outer space experience they will end their exploration dazzled by the possibility of


  • Garden Box

    Description We can’t think of a better gift for kids than one that explores gardening and combines together time, which is why we are so excited about the garden activities that we’ve packed into our Garden Discovery Box! The Garden Discovery Box is designed to cultivate the creativity and love of plants in any child. There are three fun projects inside this box: a Zucchini and Green Bean Indoor Garden that has kids observing seeds growing into plants, Lace-up Stuffed Play Food that helps develop fine motor


  • stem science for kids

    stem science for kids Showing all 3 results Storytelling Kit


  • Interesting Insects

    Description Let kids’ imaginations run wild with these fun and educational bug-themed projects! We have created an Insect Discovery Box that will inspire your pint-sized entomologist with three creative activities. This Discovery Box includes supplies and instructions for three amazing projects: Wearable Insect Wings! Paper Mache Beehive and a swarm of Fuzzy Bees! and Color Diffusing Bugs! Through these projects, kiddos will discover more about the fascinating world of insects . “The Interesting Insects