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  • A Holiday Gift From

    Announcing a gift with purchase that will be music to your ears, literally: We are huge fans of Putumayo Kids, and thought of this CD immediately as we were busy preparing our Around the World box This collection of music is simply outstanding, with a diverse set of songs that are easy to sing along with. Here are just a few of the highlights: We loved the familiar sounds of Jorge Anaya’s cumbia version of “La Cucaracha” and t he Fiddler’s Green Bush Band’s sprightly arrangement of “Waltzing Matilda”


  • Eco Friendly Party Favors

    Eco Friendly Party Favors Our award-winning Creativity Kits are now available individually, making them a fun and educational addition to any birthday party. Use them as eco friendly party favors or enjoy doing the activities during your party and sending the kiddos home with a wonderful reminder of their great time! Each Birthday Activity and Party Favor comes in its own Green Kid Crafts birthday bag! A special discounted rate applies for group orders. Save 20% on orders of over 20 items with coupon code


  • Butterfly Costume

    Description Our award-winning, eco-friendly DIY Butterfly Costume will have your little ones flitting and fluttering with excitement! Kids will use eco friendly paint to decorate their wings then, with a bit of an adult’s help, put them on and fly around proudly. “The Butterfly Costume kept my 4 yr old daughter busy for 2 1/2 hours! She loved mixing the blue and yellow paint to make green and “flying” around the house in her new wings.” – Jennifer, Keeva’s mom GKC -BUTTERFLY Butterfly gifts for Kids


  • Backyard Science

    Who knew that you had an entire laboratory living right outside your door? The Backyard Science Discovery Box makes the most of the amazing specimens that we might overlook on a day-to-day basis. Your green kid will use them to decorate a Fabric Collecting Bag, create a Leaf Pendant, make a nature Sun Print and design a specimen Shadow Box. All materials and instructions needed to complete 3 projects, plus one bonus project. Materials provided are comprised of non-toxic, natural and sustainable supplies.


  • Top 5 Apps for Saving Energy

    Top 5 Apps for Saving Energy Want to save energy this year? Yes, there is an app for that…actually, there is a burgeoning new field of apps designed specifically to help you reduce the energy you use every day and saving money through green living. If you are tired of using your phone for calendar updates and games to distract the kids (or yourself, in certain business meetings), then take a look at some of the best energy-saving apps around. It is time your phone started helping you live a better – and


  • Herbarium

    Tag Archives: herbarium Herbarium Supplies : Jar with lid, dirt or potting soil, rocks/gravel, little plants. Step 1: Fill jar with layers of gravel and dirt. Step 2: Put little plants like moss, flowers collected from outdoors. Step 3: Add some of your favorite rocks. We put a little parrot in ours too! Step 4: Now water your tiny forest and place […] Make these beautiful crystals at home using supplies from your pantry,


  • Paper Roll Binoculars

    Plastic Jug Game of Catch Plastic Jug Game of Catch This activity is a great way to turn your trash into treasure. It’s also a fun game to play outside! 1.) Cut the bottom off two empty milk jugs 2.) Decorate with washi tape or other colored tape. 3.) Make a ball with old newspaper and tape, then enjoy a […] April 26, 2013 Paper Roll Binoculars These fun specs are simple to make using paper rolls, scrap paper and ribbon. 1. Wrap two paper rolls with scrap paper and affix with tape. 2. Use washi tape or


  • Superhero Costume | Parties

    Description Our Superhero Costume will have your party swarming with superheros! What could be more fun, creative or empowering than creating your very own superhero costume? Especially a Superhero Costume that makes you a Planet Protector! This kit comes complete with everything needed to decorate and assemble a green cloth cape (with velcro closure) and mask using eco-friendly felt, sticky felt shapes, instructions, and our own Planet Protector adhesive badge. Great for Superhero birthday activities or


    Cape, Super Hero, Velcro Closure, Complete