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  • Tornado Experiment

    Tornado Experiment 509 Flares Filament .io 509 Flares Use a mason jars to make your own mini tornado!Your mini scientist will have a blast with this hands-on experiment . Supplies : Mason jar, water, and dish soap. Step 1: Fill jar with water. Step 2: Add some dish soap to the jar. Step 3: To make the tornados, turn the bottle upside down, then quickly spin the bottle in a circular motion for a few seconds.


  • Sneak Peek: October's Discovery Box

    Sneak Peek: October's Discovery Box Crafts Spoiler Alert! We’re just so excited about next month’s Discovery Box that we couldn’t wait to show you: Yup, that’s a bonus project right there for a total of 4 different craft activities packed into one humble box. Just a few more weeks to go before we release the dinosaurs!! (Not a subscriber? Join Green Kid Crafts by 9/25 to receive October’s Dinosaur box!) September 10, 2012


  • Chinese Bird Kite

    Description Decorate and fly beautiful birds with our Chinese Bird Kites! This fun art project makes mini hand-held kites that are perfect indoors or out. Comes with paper kite, kite string, kite struts, stickers, and straw. “What a wonderfully creative project! And how fun! My son loved decorating his hand kite with the shape stickers and then he played with it for hours afterwards. I really appreciate that your projects have two components: kids can have fun being creative and then each project becomes a


    Paper, Long, Handhelds, Girls, Indoor, Mini
  • Worry Dolls

    Worry Dolls Description Everything you need to make your own Guatemalan Worry Dolls! These traditional toys were given to children as holiday gifts to remove worries while kids were sleeping. This kit comes with a upcycled fabric, glue, pipe cleaners, wooden clothespins, and detailed instructions. Green Kid Crafts’ award-winning Creativity Kits are perfect for art lessons, road trips, airline travel, and stocking stuffers “My daughter LOVED her Guatemalan Worry Dolls. We made a “worry box” for them and


    Travel, Inspirational, Remover, Wooden, Fabric, Holiday, Traditional, Box
  • Green Kid Crafts wins TWO MACT Awards!

    Green Kid Crafts wins TWO MACT Awards! Our holiday weekend was topped off with some wonderful news: we won two awards from MACT — the MACT Green Award and MACT Excellence Award! These awards mean so much to us because they are based on both our product’s safety and their appeal to Moms and Children. (MACT stands for Mom Approved & Child Tested). In their words, “ Our MACT award seals let customers not only know that this product is truly a safer alternative to mainstream products, it also indicates that the


    Safety, Custom, Seal
  • Feelings Recycled Felt Storyboard

    Feelings Recycled Felt Storyboard My toddler loves playing with the feelings felt storyboard we made, and I do too! It’s one activity that I really get into instead of some others where I find myself wishing she’d want to move onto something else. Storyboards are really easy to make! All you need is different colored felt squares (Joann’s Fabric carries recycled felt) and a square of cardboard or some other stiff backing. Cut out different expressions and facial features: eyes, eyebrows, mouths, hair,


    Square, Carrying, Color
  • Introducing November's Discovery Box – Giving!

    Introducing November's Discovery Box – Giving! We know how much kids love making gifts for their loved ones especially at the holidays, so we thought we would make it easy for you. We have created a Giving Discovery Box that will supply your child with three great creative activities they can make and give to their favorite people at the holidays. They will be so proud of the presents they made all by themselves! November’s Giving Discovery Box includes the following three activities: stationary gift set,


  • Travel Kits for Kids

    Travel Kits for Kids Showing all 5 results 1 review


  • Announcing Green Kid! Activity Guide (free to all active subscribers!)

    Get ready to explore the world! This month, we’re announcing a special surprise from Green Kid Crafts …. Green Kid! Activities Guide All Green Kid Crafts Subscribers will receive a copy of Green Kid! Activities Guide (a $5.95 value) for free every month. Each issue is filled with tons of additional content for continued exploration and discovery all around the month’s theme. This month’s Discovery! features 20 full-color pages of fun, including: Cool facts about the countries in our Around the World


    Home, Box, Color
  • Wooden Sailboat Kit

    Description Take to the high seas with our award-winning, eco-friendly Sailboat Kit. Kids will use eco-friendly art sticks to decorate their wooden sailboat. This boat really floats, and kids will be able to captain it though the perils of wherever their imagination takes them! Green Kid Crafts’ award-winning travel activities for kids are perfect for road trips, airline travel, hotels, and any home away from home. “The Wooden Sailboat Kit quickly became my daughter’s favorite toy. She carefully decorated