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  • Magnetic Shoulder Support

    The magnetic fields generated by this shoulder support may help stimulate blood vessels and blood oxygen levels to relieve pain and inflammation. High-quality neoprene provides mild and uniform compression while reflecting your own body heat back to the shoulder for increased healing time. Incorporates the high energy of 21 magnets, each with a field strength of 1000 Gauss. One size fits most (fits either shoulder; and chest circumferences up to 45"). Imported. Should not be worn by individuals who have


  • Magnetic Lumbar Back

    Neoprene wrap has 28 high power magnets strategically integrated throughout so your lumbar area is treated with the magnetic fields thought to increase blood circulation. Lightweight support is low-profile and discreet under clothing. With adjustable closure. Sizes: MD (fits up to 38") or LG (fits up to 46"). Imported.


  • Be Active Brace

    Leg Brace Targets LOW BACK Pain! Our body is interconnected, so it makes sense that you can relieve low back pain by targeting a sciatic nerve point on your leg! Patented pressure pad in this leg brace applies firm trigger point acupressure that provides sciatic and related back pain relief. Reduces both short term and chronic sciatic back pain! Works on both right or left leg and is easily hidden under your clothing. Stays in place comfortably while exercising or at work. Adjustable; one size fits most.


    Patented, Adjustable, Trigger, Comfort
  • Ankle Therapy And Support

    Noninvasive way to treat poor circulation, vein-related issues, and fast relief for swollen ankles! Unique fiber blend (nylon, cotton, spandex and natural rubber) creates different areas of compression-style thickness to promote better blood circulation. One size fits most. Hand wash. Imported.


    Nylon, Cotton, Spandex, Rubber, Ankle, One Size
  • Backjoy Relief Sit Smart

    Improve Your Posture - Relieve Your Pain! Unique seat automatically provides you with optimal sitting posture by tilting your pelvis and shifting your weight off your tailbone. This "shock absorber for the spine" allows you to sit for longer periods with less fatigue, less pressure, and less pain. Use at home, office, auto, restaurant, theater--anywhere you sit! Molded plastic with 100% urethane padding. Approx. 15"x 13"x 7.5".


  • Self Heating Lumbar Back Support Belt

    Support belt provides a double whammy of natural therapy! The combination of magnets plus natural far-infrared heat from the tourmaline boosts blood circulation to help soothe achy joints and sore muscles. Plus, the lumbar belt helps support your back! Can be worn inconspicuously under your clothing. Approx. 45" long with Velcro® closures. One size fits most. Imported.


  • Abdominal Support Belt

    With Extra Lumbar Band! Abdominal wrap with extra lumbar tension band affords extra sturdy support for minor back pains as it encourages good posture. It also helps form your figure--looking visibly thinner while wearing! Discreet wrap is easily worn under your clothes. With hook & loop closure. One size; fits waist sizes 28" to 60". Polyester blend; imported.


  • Double Hernia Belt - Sale - mobile - Product Groups

    Double Hernia Belt When you need temporary relief, look no further than this double hernia support belt. Lightweight, discreet, and simple to adjust the pressure so you can spend many comfortable hours on your feet. For reducible inguinal hernia (s ) . 72270 Double Hernia Belt MD (34"-37") MD/LG (38"-41") LG (42"-45") XL (46"-49")

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  • CorFit® Lumbosacral Spinal Support System

    CorFit® Lumbosacral Spinal Support System Amazing compression ability is at your fingertips ! Patented PowerWrap® tensioning system reduces the amount of force required to create the amount of sacral and lumbar support you need. The 2 independent pulls (easy for weak or injured patients to use as well) provide focused compression where you want it. Keeps you cool and comfortable all day! 71480 CorFit® Lumbosacral Spinal Support System Velcro® closure. Sizes (measure around hips): MD/LG (32"-43") XL

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  • Women's Lumbar Support Belt

    Women's Lumbar Support Belt Designed For Women, By Women! Anatomically designed for the female form, this support belt stabilizes the lumbar sacral region to relieve lower back pain and discomfort. Removable back panel offers increased stabilization and the breathable, soft material is cool and comfortable to wear. While the low-profile design is discreet and easy to wear under clothing, thanks to its pretty feminine color, you may just want to show it off! 71955 Women's Lumbar Support Belt Velcro®