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  • Backjoy Relief Sit Smart

    Improve Your Posture - Relieve Your Pain! Unique seat automatically provides you with optimal sitting posture by tilting your pelvis and shifting your weight off your tailbone. This "shock absorber for the spine" allows you to sit for longer periods with less fatigue, less pressure, and less pain. Use at home, office, auto, restaurant, theater--anywhere you sit! Molded plastic with 100% urethane padding. Approx. 15"x 13"x 7.5".


    Molded Plastic, Home, Office
  • Ankle Therapy And Support

    Noninvasive way to treat poor circulation, vein-related issues, and fast relief for swollen ankles! Unique fiber blend (nylon, cotton, spandex and natural rubber) creates different areas of compression-style thickness to promote better blood circulation. One size fits most. Hand wash. Imported.


    Nylon, Cotton, Spandex, Rubber, Ankle, One Size
  • Magnetic Lumbar Back Support

    Magnetic Lumbar Back Support Neoprene wrap has 28 high power magnets strategically integrated throughout so your lumbar area is treated with the magnetic fields thought to increase blood circulation . Lightweight support is low-profile and discreet under clothing . 72268 Magnetic Lumbar Back Support Adjustable closure. MD (fits up to 38") LG (fits up to 46")

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  • CorFit® Lumbosacral Spinal Support System

    CorFit® Lumbosacral Spinal Support System Amazing compression ability is at your fingertips ! Patented PowerWrap® tensioning system reduces the amount of force required to create the amount of sacral and lumbar support you need. The 2 independent pulls (easy for weak or injured patients to use as well) provide focused compression where you want it. Keeps you cool and comfortable all day! 71480 CorFit® Lumbosacral Spinal Support System Velcro® closure. Sizes (measure around hips): MD/LG (32"-43") XL

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  • Dr Ho's Heat Therapy Belt

    Dr Ho's Heat Therapy Belt Enjoy both muscle-relaxing warmth and support while you're on the go! Back support belt has self-conforming air cushions to provide support for low back, plus an extra large heating area that provides relief where you need it. Just drop the included heat pad into the thermal pocket for 20-30 minutes of soothing heat. Reusable pad is "reset" by dropping into boiling water (it will activate again once you snap the metal discs inside). Lightweight, snag-resistant material can be worn

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    Pocket, Disc, Metal, Large, Light Weight, On The Go, Water
  • BAX-U Discreet Posture Corrector

    BAX-U Discreet Posture Corrector Correct slouching and ease back strain with this easy-to-wear posture support. Designed by a chiropractor, it's the only brace of its kind that is soft, easy to use, gets results, and you can't even tell it's on! Adaptable design makes it a comfortable fit under your favorite top, and it can be used during a variety of activities from running errands, to working a puzzle at your kitchen table. 72567 BAX-U Discreet Posture Corrector SM (28"-32") MD (34"-42") LG (44"-50") Poly


    Designer, Comfortable Fit, Soft, Discreet
  • Be Active Brace

    Leg Brace Targets LOW BACK Pain! Our body is interconnected, so it makes sense that you can relieve low back pain by targeting a sciatic nerve point on your leg! Patented pressure pad in this leg brace applies firm trigger point acupressure that provides sciatic and related back pain relief. Reduces both short term and chronic sciatic back pain! Works on both right or left leg and is easily hidden under your clothing. Stays in place comfortably while exercising or at work. Adjustable; one size fits most.


    Patented, Adjustable, Trigger, Comfort
  • Magnetic Therapy Back Band

    Magnetic Therapy Back Band Dual function back band provides magnetic therapy AND has bioceramic dots that absorb body heat and reflect it back as far infrared energy that penetrates tissues to increase circulation . Contains a total of 34 sewn-in magnets (24 at back, 4 at hips and 6 on abdomen) for maximum coverage and deep-penetrating magnet therapy. With adjustable hook and loop closure . 75034 Magnetic Therapy Back Band Fits waist sizes: SM (18"-26") MD (26"-36") LG (34"-46") XL (44 " -54 " )


    Magnetic, Functional, Adjustable, Total
  • Copper Hands - As Seen On TV

    Copper Hands - As Seen On TV Ultra-light breathable fabric is interlaced with copper for soothing comfort and support. Helps reduce swelling of arthritis, improves circulation and alleviates joint pain. Open fingertip design allows you to go about your day normally, typing, cooking, cleaning, etc. Embedded grip dots help make opening jars and bottles a breeze! Wear at night to prevent swelling and pain in the morning . 72259 Copper Hands - As Seen On TV Choose size (measure length of palm): SM/MD (fits up


  • Hot And Cold Gel Bead Back Support

    Hot And Cold Gel Bead Back Support This gel bead back support delivers hot OR cold relief! Simply put the gel bead pack in the fridge or freezer, and wear to deliver cool relief from pain and swelling. Warm up in hot tap water or the microwave and use to increase blood flow and relax lower-back muscles. Storage zipper pouch doubles as an optional comfortable cover. Choose: Regular or Large. 72663 Hot And Cold Gel Bead Back Support Polyester . Machine washable.