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  • Founded 2006
  • Owner Southeast Clearance Consolidators
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  • Palmolive Ultra Oxy-Plus Power Degreaser Dish Liquid, 25oz (Pack of 2)

    Palmolive Ultra Oxy-Plus Power Degreaser Dish Liquid is a powerful grease-cutting formula busts away tough baked on grease and stuck on food, leaving your dishes sparkling clean. It attacks grease on contact and uses the power of Oxy-plus to get rid of unwanted food & grease on plates, pots and pans.


  • Arrow Sip-A-Bowl 22oz Assorted Colors (Pack of 4)

    The Arrow Sip-a-Bowl is perfect for kids who love to drink their cereal milk or melted ice cream out of the bowl! These 22oz bowls have a built-in straw that will get every last drop. There are dishwasher safe, BPA free and you get 4 different color bowls (red, green, yellow and blue)!


  • Libbey Just Desserts Parfait Glass with Minaiture Stainless Steel Spoon 25-Piece

    The Libbey Just Desserts Parfait Glasses and Stainless Steel Spoon Set features (12) 2.5oz glass dishes/dessert glasses, (12) stainless steel spoons and 1 recipe card. This set is great for parfaits and other delicious desserts. With its simple design, it's perfect for any table setting or event.


  • Thermos Raya 12 Can Cooler Dahli Design (White, Black)

    For over 100-year Thermos has been the leading manufacturer of convenient, insulated products. The Raya line of lunch coolers is a perfect combination of fashion and function. Beneath the fun graphic prints and smart stripes is premium IsoTec insulation, which features a layer of closed-cell polyethylene foam positioned between an outer layer of textile and an additional moisture repellant, heat- sealed PEVA lining. Raya coolers and totes are perfect for packing a lunch for the office, or sodas for the


    Outer Layer, Insulated, Designer, Cell, Convenient, Fashion, Functional, Office, Repellent
  • bubba brands 18 oz HERO tall keg mug navy

    The bubba 18 oz HERO mug is designed for personal use and is perfect at home, at the office or on the go. The bubba HERO mug features a new easy drinking leak proof lid that is designed for a premium drinking experience with the perfect flow and a locking flapper. It is made of high quality food grade stainless steel and has dual wall vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot for hours. It also features a new easy grab handle and silicone base that provides a skid proof bottom to prevent sliding. If you're


    Base, Wall, Designer, Home, Food, Preventer, Personal, On The Go, High Quality, Stainless Steel, Performance, Office, Silicone
  • bubba brands 52 oz keg mug classic orange

    The 52 oz bubba mug is designed for personal use, and is perfect for use at home, doing yard work, outdoor working on-site, at the beach, pool or lake. Holding over one and a half liters/quarts, this bubba will quench your thirst for hours. The traditional barrel shape provides a wide base so it won't topple easily on your desk, counter or at the pool/beach.


    Base, Designer, Home, Wide, Desk, Classic, Traditional, Outdoor, Personal
  • bubba brands 18 oz stainless steel keg tumbler black

    The bubba brands 18oz Stainless Steel Tumbler is designed for personal use and is perfect for use in transit, at work or at home. The SS tumbler is made of high quality food grade stainless steel and has dual wall insulation, a high performance insulation sandwiched between two walls to keep drinks hotter longer. A new screw top lid is designed for a premium drinking experience with the perfect flow, a locking flapper & practically making this tumbler leak-proof!


    Wall, Designer, Home, High Performance, Food, High Quality, Stainless Steel, Personal
  • Rubbermaid Lunch Blox - Sandwich Kit (Pack of 2)

    The new Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Series is designed to make taking lunch to school or work more convenient and organized. This Set features (2) sandwich kits which include (4) 0.5 cup snack containers, (2) 1.2 cup side containers, (2) 2.6 cup sandwich containers and 2 Blue Ice sheets. The Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Sandwich Set stacks compactly to stay organized in lunch bags, the Blue Ice sheet keeps lunches cool on the go and the sandwich container holds a wide variety of basic and specialty breads. Each


  • bubba 24 oz tumbler classic purple

    The 24oz bubba tumbler is designed for personal use, and is perfect for use in transit or at work. Holding three cups of your favorite hot beverage, its the perfect size to get you going in the morning without slowing you down. Dual wall insulation keeps drinks hotter longer and it features the iconic bubba stainless steel ban. Its handle-less design allows it to go where other bubbas can't, fitting in most car cup holders.


    Car, Wall, Beverage, Designer, Holder, Fitting, Classic, Purple, Stainless Steel, Personal
  • Today's Home 20oz Moscow Mule Mug

    The Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger beer and lime) was first created in 1947 and has always been enjoyed in a frosty copper mug. Today's Home provides you with an updated version of the classic mug, it is handcrafted from hygenic, easy clean stainless steel with a copper plated exterior and a solid brass easy-grip handle. This mug combines old world charm and new materials to enhance your Moscow Mule Experience


    Home, Easy Grip, Classic, Stainless Steel, Copper, Enhancer