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  • Goose and Chinchilla Coque

    Goose and Chinchilla Coque Feather Earrings Description A drop-shaped black goose feathers provides the background for a splendid long and narrow chinchilla coque feather, highlighting its beautiful ground colors. This medium long pair of earrings is perfect for any moment of the day. Wear it with a flowing dress with floral pattern and a jeans jacket for a relaxed outfit or with a shirt and a pair of male-inspired pants for an office outfit. These feather earrings are feminine and mysterious, without


  • Natural Pheasant

    Natural Pheasant Feather Earrings Description Ground colored feather earrings made up of different sized pheasant feathers in natural color. With a fluffy look, these earrings are perfect for daywear. Use them with a cashmere sweater for a casual look or with a brown shirt for office attire. They have beautiful iridescences in the sunlight and change slightly in color when exposed to powerful light.