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  • Goose and Chinchilla Coque

    Goose and Chinchilla Coque Feather Earrings Description A drop-shaped black goose feathers provides the background for a splendid long and narrow chinchilla coque feather, highlighting its beautiful ground colors. This medium long pair of earrings is perfect for any moment of the day. Wear it with a flowing dress with floral pattern and a jeans jacket for a relaxed outfit or with a shirt and a pair of male-inspired pants for an office outfit. These feather earrings are feminine and mysterious, without


  • Pilgrim Black Goose Feather and White Pheasant Feather Earrings

    Easy as a summer breeze, bold like the wind and mysterious as a summer night, these earrings are a must heave for any fashion addict. With an oversized black goose feather as the basis, bright pheasant feather details and delicate brown feathers as accents, these ground colored earrings are versatile enough to be worn at work, in the park and in the club with the same success. Choose to let them mingle in your hair for a discreet look or style your hair leaving your ears and neck uncovered for anyone to


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