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  • Founded 2009
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  • Summer Kiss (Lychee/Bamboo Leaf) Green Tea Blend

    Summer Kiss (Lychee/Bamboo Leaf) Green Tea Blend 1 Rating The combination of fine Sencha and the fresh sprouts of slightly nutty bamboo leaves offers the ideal base for the exotic fruitiness, which will put a smile on our face. Freeze-dried tangerine pieces and lemon peel offer a sunny sight as well as a truly freshness in taste! Green tea (77%), China bamboo leaves, freeze-dried tangerine, orange and lychee pieces, flavoring, freeze-dried lemon peel, safflower Serving Size: 1 level tsp. /6oz serving


  • Red Vineyard Peach/Strawberry Black Tea Blend

    Red Vineyard Peach/Strawberry Black Tea Blend 1 Rating Red vineyard peach is an incomparable delicacy with unique taste. Together with the strawberry it awakens the desire to visit the slopes of the beautiful vineyard regions where it is grown! Black tea (93%), flavoring, freeze-dried red/yellow peach crunchy (concentrated peach puree, tangerines, concentrated strawberry juice, concentrated black carrot juice), freeze-dried strawberry pieces, safflower Brew Time: 4 to 5 Minutes. Customer Reviews Customer


  • Cranberry Rose Green Tea Blend

    0 Rating The unique flavor of fresh cranberries is flattered by tender, sweet raspberries and harmonizes wonderfully with our Sencha base. Bright cranberry slices, raspberry pieces and delicate rosebuds beat a soft but enchanting rhythm which really cannot be ignored. Ingredients: green tea (87%), pink rose petals, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, flavoring, freeze-dried cranberry slices. Green tea (87%), pink rose petals, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, flavoring, freeze-dried cranberry slices Serving Size: 1


  • Gojiberry /Pomegranate Black Tea Blend

    0 Rating In the land of the volcanoes Turfan, Tianshan, Kunlun, Keluo and many, many more, we have found lava-red gold! Do you have an idea yet where we are? Correct, in China! Our black tea blend is allowed to glow, it carries a very special, orange-red-colored dress, richly decorated with shining gojiberries and golden rosebuds. “Gun Salutes” of Gunpowder and the flavor combination of goji, pomegranate and orange makes this creation the fireworks in taste! Black tea (71%), orange peel, freeze-dried whole


  • Apple/Pineapple Fruit Tea Blend

    0 Rating The joyful exterior is based on apple pieces, carrot flakes and pineapple cubes. We blend this tea without sour raw materials such as hibiscus and rose hip. But watch out, this blend has its own surprises! The apple pieces of this creation are slightly tangy. Just by biting into this intense, juicy, refreshing lemony ingredient makes you smile. A fruity, completely new pleasure with fresh flavor notes of pineapple and pear. In summer served chilled, this is the ideal refreshment for thirsty


  • German Grutze/Cream (Blackcurrant) Fruit Tea Blend

    German Grutze/Cream (Blackcurrant) Fruit Tea Blend 0 Rating And now the classical and widely appreciated berry dessert with a creamy topping. Some also like it with vanilla cream on top. We have, however, stuck to the traditional recipe. Thus, only the right fruits were used! Delicious and full in taste, it is already described above, under the name of its counterpart without cream . Elderberries , raisins, hibiscus blossoms, flavoring, freeze-dried blackberries, freeze-dried raspberries and sour cherry


  • Lime/Mint Wellness Fruit Tea Blend

    0 Rating Soothing, refreshing and invigorating! This is exactly what we seek to create with this fruit tea blend. A remarkable taste is born when combining pure, cold-pressed lime oil with peppermint. Our wellness tip: close your eyes – take a deep breath – enjoy the moment and feel how the strain of a busy day drops off your shoulders. Apple pieces, lemon peel, apple cubes, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, apple slices, whole peppermint, rose hip peel, natural lime oil Customer Reviews Customer Reviews


  • Icy Orange Fruit Tea Blend

    3 Ratings While sniffing into the bag you can already notice: the name leads the way! The fruity, creamy aromas of orange, vanilla and cream are coated with a sweetly fresh touch of Moroccan Nana-Mint. An excellent imitation of the cold feeling of real ice cream. Instead of hibiscus and rose hip peel we chose a small amount of sour apple pieces for the nippy base of this creation which will make your mouth water in anticipation! Apple pieces, sour apple pieces (apple, acidifying agent: citric acid),


  • Greek Mountain Herbal Tea

    Greek Mountain Herbal Tea 0 Rating Worldwide there are roughly 150 types of dittany (family “Sideretis”) of which the vast majority grows in the Mediterranean region. The majority of these members of the labiate family grows wild, only some varieties are cultivated. Greek Mountain tea is rich in essential oils and its blossoms, stems and leaves set free the scent of fresh herbs with a hint of lemon when infused. The taste is fruity, herbal with a slightly spicy, earthy note and best enjoyed hot or cold and


    Herbal, Worldwide, Spicy, Custom
  • Feng Shui Herb Tea Blend

    1 Rating Feng Shui has the goal to create harmony between human beings and their surroundings. In order to create this, the perfect balance between oneself and the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water has to be achieved. According to Feng Shui, the elements are represented by the colors green, red, yellow, silver and blue as well as the forms twined, pointy, flat, round and curly which all represent an ingredient in our herb tea blend. Add the fifth element WATER yourself ! Ingredients : apple