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  • Founded 2009
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  • HQ Carol Stream, IL
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  • Maple Walnut Sencha Green Tea Blend

    Maple Walnut Sencha Green Tea Blend 0 Rating Yes! The liquid gold from Canada has joined the green tea leaves. Dive into an exceptional taste experience of sweet, viscous maple syrup and crunchy walnuts. A hint of brittle adds the perfect touch to this tea: the hymn “Oh Canada” in a slightly different tune. Green tea (80 %), walnuts, brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnuts, invert sugar), almond pieces, flavoring Customer Reviews Customer Reviews


  • Raspberry Mascarpone Green Tea Blend

    Raspberry Mascarpone Green Tea Blend 0 Rating Sweet, ripe raspberries on a bed of delicious mascarpone cream were our inspiration for this creation. The perfect completion, an irresistible temptation: raspberries and an ocean full of pink and white cornflower blossoms. Could it be love at first sip? Green tea (90 %), flavoring, freeze-dried whole raspberries, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, pink and white cornflower blossoms. Customer Reviews Customer Reviews


  • Nepal Organic Shangri-La White Tea

    Nepal Organic Shangri-La White Tea 0 Rating This splendid piece of beauty is cultivated at altitudes of 1,200 to 2,100 meters and is produced by hand. As opposed to the many others, very “light” white teas, this tea will surprise you with some body and exceptional flavor nuances in the infusion. Subtle hints of elegant, floral aromas interact with smooth, fruity citrus textures. Superb! The leaf is very expressive, anthracite-colored with many plushy, silvery leaf tips. Absolutely recommended for tea


    Citrus, White, Elegant, Organic, Custom, Color, Control
  • Honey Mead (Propolis) Black Tea Blend

    0 Rating Whether offered in fine glasses as part of a festive feast in an ancient castle or drunk from horns on the Viking ships in the North – a sip of mead was always considered fitting. Come and enjoy a cup of this medieval honey mead with us today. We have refined it with real propolis (bee glue) so that the smooth flavor of the golden honey will melt in your mouth. Black tea (72 %), apple pieces, sultanas, apple cubes, flavoring, freeze-dried sour cherry pieces, propolis (2%) Customer Reviews Customer


  • Ginger Honey Milk Herb Tea Blend

    0 Rating A blend, which demands to be spooned up: the creamy honey flavor reminds of the soothing, warm glass of milk with honey with taste rounded off by the sweetness of the apple pieces. The smooth hint of ginger will inspire all your senses. A spicy and yet sweet taste that makes this tea indulgence unique. Ginger pieces, apple pieces, blackberry leaves, flavoring, sunflower blossoms, white cornflower blossoms ,pollen . Brew Time: 5 to 10 Minutes. Customer Reviews Customer Reviews


  • Macabeo Green/White Tea Blend

    2 Ratings An elegant green tea. Exquisite green and white teas of different shapes and sizes will delight your senses. Deep green, big silvery brown and fluffy white tipped tea leaves are accompanied by yellow rose buds, red rose petals and lilac mallow blossoms to create a soft yet predominant green tea. The aromatic bouquet composed of exotic fruits, of light, tangy, fresh citrus nuances and a hint of delicate, flowery jasmine promises a very special pleasure. China Sencha, Lung Ching, green Yunnan and


  • ESP Emporium Tea Gift Set "Wellness"

    ESP Emporium Tea Gift Set "Wellness" 0 Rating ESP Emporium's exclusive gift package includes 100 grams of our Premium Tea Collection, , square glossy gift and ribbon. Click the below links to get more info on each tea. Silver Tea Tin "Glory"


  • Weatherproof Herb Tea Blend

    Weatherproof Herb Tea Blend 2 Ratings When the time has come that the days become shorter and the leaves tilt towards the ground, this tea will lift up your spirits. The perfect unity of two equal partners is crowned by a weatherproof aniseed. Weatherproof yourself for the cold days to come. Aniseeds, chamomile blossoms, sage blossoms Size: 1-2 level tsp./6oz serving Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Eric on 9/30/2012, said: Has a very strong herbal smell, but very comforting. Overall, nice blend and taste.


  • Zesty Lemon Sencha Green Tea Blend

    0 Rating Pull up a chair in your backyard and take in the beauty of a glorious sunny day. As you listen to the birds chirping, sit back, relax and top it off with a refreshing drink of a tart lemony flavor with a twist of creamy yoghurt. Decorated with apple pieces and lemon peel this combination of zest and velvety cream will surely make you wish the day would never end. Green tea (79 %), freeze-dried apple pieces, freeze-dried lemon peel, hibiscus blossoms, flavoring Customer Reviews Customer Reviews


  • Chocolate Flake (Chocolate/Cream) Fruit Tea Blend

    0 Rating This low in acid fruit tea blend was refined with cocoa pieces and marshmallows, which remind of a snow-covered landscape. A chocolate flavor with a hint of vanilla reminds your palate of peaceful moments of pleasure while the snow is slowly falling to the ground in front of the window. Apple pieces, cocoa peel, marshmallows (glucose/fructose syrup, sugar, water, gelatine, corn starch, natural vanilla flavoring), flavoring, broken cocoa bits, marigold blossoms, white cornflower blossoms, sweet