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  • World Map Inlay Wooden iPhone Case

    This extraordinary iPhone case gets its warm, earthy look from natural wood. The world map on its surface is actually crafted from precision-cut, hand-inlayed wood, and the rich colors are not stains or paint, but the natural appearance of each variety used. The completed panel is finished with a protective coat that helps to preserve and highlight the materials. The panel is attached to a clear plastic case that helps to protect your phone, and keeps the screen up off of surfaces. Made in Elkhart, Indiana.


  • Kids Maps & Places Wall Art: World Wall Map

    Maps & Places Wall Art: World Wall Map - - - If you can't have the whole world in your hand, at least you can have it on your wall. Our World Wall Map features an illustration of planet Earth and many of its distinguishing elements. *Product Details* - A Saxton Freymann design - Wall art is laminated on both sides for extra sturdiness - Grommets on all four corners for easy hanging - Only sold unframed - Features the Seven Wonders of the World, Cloud Formations, Solar System and Biomes - Includes a legend


    Paper, Wall, Designer, Laminated, Rolled, Kid S, Solar System, Grommets, World

    Real World Geometric Shapes Relate 3-D geometric shapes to real-world objects with 24 durable nets (inserts) featuring playful designs. Explore 8 common shapes: cube, cylinder, hexagonal prism, rectangular prism, triangular prism, square pyramid and triangular pyramid. Includes Activity Guide. Measure 3"H. Grades K+. LER 4356 Set of 32

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  • Geoworld DINO DAN Triceratops Action Dinosaur Figure

    Find educational kits and learning tools at! Your fan of the nick jr. Show, "dino dan," will love this dino dan triceratops dinosaur set from geoworld. The set includes a movable, 1:20 scale model triceratops; a dvd with a dino dan episode and an exclusive video clip from the royal tyrrell museum. It also includes a dino dan sound player with 4 dinosaur roars, a dino dan fact sheet with lots of scientific information and a secret access code to unlock exclusive dino dan bonus content.

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    Exclusive, Dvd, Sound, Clip, Video
  • Rand McNally Laminated World Wall Map

    Rand McNally Laminated World Wall Map

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    Wall, Laminated, World
  • The Magic School Bus: The World of Germs

    "Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists on a wild ride into the world of germs with these thrilling experiments. Young Scientists will grow bacteria and fungi, test antibiotics, make a fungus bubble, explore antibiotics, grow mold, wake up fungi, cultivate bacteria in yogurt, use yeast to inflate a balloon, and much, much more! Seatbelts, everyone! Get ready to discover The World of Germs! Winner! 2007 National Association of Gifted Children Gifted Child Holiday Pick List Dr. Toy s Best 10


    Media, Plastic
  • WallPops Kids World Map

    """This world map is especially suited to kids, with fun graphics, easy to read tags and bright colors. Our peel and stick kids world map decal is also dry-erase. Your kids will love learning about the world and making their own notes on this giant map, which is also first-rate for educational classroom decor. Peel and stick Dry-Eraseable Repositionable, and Always Removable """

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    Remover, Classroom, Wall, Kid S, Giant, Bright Colors, World, Decal, Color

    An eye-catching and versatile reference piece for any home, classroom or office. Features bold colors and detailed cartography to create a stand-out map. Color-matching relief shows mountain ranges and other elevation changes. Clearly labeled names so you can easily locate cities, countries and more. Durable lamination creates a dry-erase surface so you have endless opportunities for trip tracking, route planning, game playing and more. Includes plastic rods and hangers.

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    Classroom, Versatile, Wall, Bold Colors, Home, Laminated, Durable, Plastic, World, Clear, Office, Color
  • Children's Map of the World

    "This Children's Map of the World encourages exploration of the modern world. With this hand drawn illustrated kids world map discover over 660 colorful icons, cultural references, history, folklore, sporting events, flora, fauna, ships, vessels and more. This 54"" x 38"" map is made to last with UV coating and makes the perfect addition to a classroom or kids room. Size: 54"" x 38"""


    Classroom, Children S, History, Kid S, Uv, Colorful, World
  • Swag Paper Rand McNally 1879 World Atlas Map Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Vintage - MWORLDVIN3, 4.5W x 3.6H ft.

    Shop for Wallpaper from! Take a trip around the world without leaving the room with the Swag Paper Rand McNally 1879 World Atlas Map Self-Adhesive Wallpaper. This stunning historical cartographic image is a map of the world as known in 1879. An accurate reproduction of Rand McNally and Company's 1879 World Atlas Map, this wallpaper design is impressive in its scale and authenticity. It comes in your choice of available colors and sizes.This map of the 1879 Rand McNally World Atlas is designed

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    Paper, Wall, Designer, Flat Surfaces, Custom, Razor, Color, Remover, Adhesive, Painted, Professionals, Cutting, Traditional