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    TURQUOISE: JEWEL OF THE SOUTHWEST, by Annie Osburn Have you been looking for the quintessential picture book about American Turquoise, namely Nevada's Highgrade Turquoise? You WILL be blown away with the quality of the pictures and specimens of natural American Turquoise in this Turquoise book. Annie did a wonderful job here. This wonderful informational picture book on Nevada Turquoise will teach you what to look for in the very best Nevada Turquoise. This Information Book on Turquoise is the most complete


  • Broken Arrow Inlaid Large Folding knife

    Broken Arrow Inlaid Large Folding knife Product Code: DN09 Custom Broken Arrow inlaid large folding knife by Dave Kopek. This awesome stainless steel Buck knife by Dave Kopek of Colorado, features over 300 cts of top grade Broken Arrow Turquoise/Variscite from Tonopah, Nevada. Absolutely killer!! You will not find another knife like it anywhere. This is a great knife to carry with you or to put in your showcase. It is a strong, sharp blade. This knife is covered in NATURAL AMERICAN TURQUOISE. The value of


    Folding, Stainless Steel
  • Portfolio Blue Gem Turquoise Roundel Bead Necklace Bracelet and Earring Set

    Portfolio Blue Gem Turquoise Roundel Bead Necklace Bracelet and Earring Set Product Code: DSN00079 Bright blue corduroy style, roundel cut, Blue Gem Turquoise bead necklace, bracelet and earring set by Nattarika Hartman. This set matches perfectly! The necklace is a great length for everyday wear and featured 8mm roundel bead separated by 6mm roundel bead. These great blue Turquoise beads are from the Nevada Blue Gem mine in Nevada, USA. The necklace is finished off with a fancy flower and leaf hook and eye


  • Mesa Verde Silver Band Ring

    Mesa Verde Silver Band Ring Product Code: DSBand00023 Manassa Turquoise Size 6: $145.00 Size 7: $145.00 Size 8: $148.00 Size 9: $150.00 Size 10: $150.00 Size 11: $152.00 Size 12: $152.00 6 to 12 presentation if you are interested in additional Native American information . This silver ring is available in any size from a size 6 to a size 12 Please allow 4-6 days for the ring to be made and shipped. PLEASE REMEMBER WHEN ORDERING A WIDE BAND RING YOU WILL WEAR A HALF SIZE OR FULL SIZE LARGER RING THEN WHEN


    Turquoise, Texturized, Hammered, Silver, Band
  • Making Beads

    Making Beads Making Beads is an ancient art form which dates back to the beginning of modern man, well over 7,000 years ago. Bead making began when native peoples of the world ground colourful stones on hard rocks to create a round bead for a ritual or self adornment. Beaded making tools probably started around 3,000 B.C. and actually became fairly safisticated by 1,000 A.D. Bead Making was very strong in the days of Columbus as Trade Ships would use all types of glass beads as ballasts in the ships. Making


  • Medieval Style Silver Band Ring

    Medieval Style Silver Band Ring Product Code: DSBand00011 Manassa Turquoise Size 6: $96.00 Size 7: $98.00 Size 8: $98.00 Size 9: $98.00 Size 10: $100.00 Size 11: $105.00 Size 12: $110.00 Size 13: $110.00 6 to 13 Heavy Duty Band Ring Heavy Duty, earthen textured Medieval style silver band ring by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. As far as a silver ring band, this is really the perfect width for a sterling silver wedding ring or an everyday silver band ring. This Medieval silver band ring is the


    Turquoise, Texturized, Classic, Silver, Band, Handmade, Sterling Silver
  • Plains Indian Beaded Bag

    Plains Indian Beaded Bag - This little bag is what we call an end of the day bag as the beads are all mixed colors and do not create a pattern. It is a nice little bag from the 1890's and I bought it locally from a collection in Durango in the early 1980's The bag measures : 3 1/2" long X 3" wide.


  • Gift Certificate 300

    300 dollar Jewelry Gift Certificate When you are not sure exactly which one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to get that someone special it is easy and thoughtful to give them a gift certificate and let them pick what they want themselves. 300 dollar Jewelry Gift Certificate When purchasing a gift certificate please include in the notes/comments section of the checkout: The name of the person the gift certificate is for and that persons physical address and phone number. We will send them a printed gift


  • Buffalo Vertebra with Steal Arrowhead Embedded

    Buffalo Vertebra with Steal Arrowhead Embedded - This wonderful historic piece of American Frontier history is a rarity. The Indians got the steel from the old water and storage barrel bands from the settlers when they came west. There is a lot of information and speculations in many of the western frontier history books on this subject if interested. Obviously, this killed the Buffalo for food for the Indians and this was before the great Buffalo slaughter of the 1880's. I date this to shortly after the


  • Denver Broncos Colors Inlay Pendant

    Lapis and Orange Spiny Oyster Shell Denver Broncos Colors Inlay Pendant Are you a Denver Broncos fan? If you are this beautiful handmade Sterling Silver Denver Broncos Colors Inlay Pendant by Native American Jewelry artisan Stanley Manygoats would be perfect for you. Top gem grade Lapis Lazuli makes up the majority of the fancy geometric inlay pattern in the silver amulet. The navy blue gemstone is accented by inlays of bright orange Spiny Oyster Shell and fire opal. This is all separated by Sterling Silver