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  • Founded 1976
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  • Turquoise Tortoise Ring

    Turquoise Tortoise Ring Product Code: DSR00985 Pilot Mtn. Turquoise Size 6: $156.00 Size 6.5: $156.00 Size 7: $156.00 Size 7.5: $156.00 Size 8: $156.00 Size 8.5: $156.00 Size 9: $156.00 Size 9.5: $158.00 Size 10: $158.00 Size 6 to 10 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Tortoise Ring Love Turtles? You will love this perfectly sized Sterling Silver and baby blue Turquoise Tortoise Ring by John Hartman. A beautiful “Robin’s Egg” blue American Turquoise cabochon makes up the Turtles back in this fun silver band ring. The


    Designer, Wide, Turquoise, Surround, Handmade, Band, Comfort, Narrow, Gemstone, Bezel, Silver, Sterling Silver, Modern Design
  • Portfolio Gold Turquoise Ring with Dry Creek Turquoise

    Portfolio Gold Turquoise Ring with Dry Creek Turquoise Product Code: DSR00155 Stone Type: Dry Creek Turquoise Size 9.5 14k Gold and Sterling Silver Outrageous Red Web Dry Creek Turquoise Ring by John Hartman. This museum quality Gold Turquoise Ring with Dry Creek Turquoise features one OUT OF THIS WORLD, SUPER RARE, red webbed, Natural Dry Creek Turquoise rectangular cabochon. To find this grade of Dry Creek or Sacred Buffalo Turquoise is almost impossible. This top grade Nevada Turquoise is set in a 14k


    Long, Wide, Thick, Turquoise, Top Grade, Prong, Surround, Handmade, Four, Shank, Gold, Rectangular, Bezel, Silver, Sterling Silver, Two Tone
  • American Jewelry

    Handmade Silver Jewelry by the Hopi Indians is American Jewelry at it very best and I do believe each and every Silversmith worldwide will agree, these American Indian Artisans create some of the finest handcrafted Silver Jewelry on earth. The Silver Bolo Tie to the left depicts the "Man in the Maze" design the Hopi are known for, the dark areas are hand sawn out of the top piece of Silver and then overlay on a back Silver plate. This is intense work and very few attempt to copy it. The Bear Paw Silver


  • 132 ct Bisbee Cabochon Lot

    132 ct Bisbee Cabochon Lot Product Code: DSC054 Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon Lot This beautiful 133 Ct Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon lot was hand cut by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. It weighs 133 carats and is a great example of the diversity in Bisbee Turquoise cabochons that would be an excellent addition to your Turquoise collection. There are many variations of Bisbee Turquoise in color range, matrix type and configuration and the Turquoise Properties of the particular piece of Bisbee Turquoise.


  • American Turquoise

    American Turquoise , Fossil Turquoise, pale almost that is , Yellow Turquoise, and even ! American Turquoise is valued by hardness, matrix pattern, color, and by origin. Each Turquoise mine in America has a different value given to it's stone. This is determined by the amount of stone or supply vs. demand from a particular mine as well as the popularity of the mine and how well people like the name of the Turquoise mine. This is a unique trait to the gemstone Turquoise, and in particular American Turquoise


  • Victorian Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring

    Victorian Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring Product Code: DSR00941 Pilot Mtn. Turquoise Size 6: $145.00 Size 7: $145.00 Size 8: $145.00 Size 9: $145.00 Size10: $148.00 Size 11: $148.00 Many Sizes Victorian Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring No matter your style this Victorian Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring is sure to stylize and accentuate you wardrobe. Fancy filigree silver work sets the tone for the style of this Sterling Silver Ring Band. The top half of the Victorian Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring is decorated


    Plant, Designer, Half Round, Turquoise, Surround, Band, Color, Inspirational, Fancy, Hand Crafted, Heavy Duty, Silver, High Light, Sterling Silver
  • Turquoise BraceletsVideo

    Visit our Video directory to see more Turquoise related Videos Check out our on Youtube Turquoise Bracelets Video Turquoise Bracelet Examples Above and to the left is a roundel Blue Gem by Nattarika Hartman. This bracelet is made of roundel shaped Nevada Blue Gem Turquoise beads. These Nevada Turquoise beads are strung on beadalon wire and finished off with a sterling silver clasp and extender chain. This Turquoise bracelet can be worn with any outfit or wardrobe and is very attractive when worn. To the


  • Spiderweb Turquoise Rings and their Values

    Above and to the left is an outstanding Spiderweb Turquoise Ring made with a beautiful Nevada Spiderweb Turquoise gemstone from an unknown Nevada Turquoise Mine. John cut this stone from his old Nevada Turquoise collection and then he set it in this Silver setting which accents the gemstone nicely. John spent many weeks going to the bars in Nevada in the 1970's and 80's talking to individuals, getting leads to find old stashes of highgrade Nevada Turquoise. He found hundreds of five gallon buckets of


    Accent, Rock, Hard, High Grade, Bar, Silver, Small, Personal
  • American Turquoise Rings

    for Estell, his wife. John went on to acquire many small Bisbee Turquoise collections , the Cecil Mickelson collection and then went on to buy one of the finest Bisbee Turquoise collections in the world in Bisbee, Arizona. Cecil Mickelson was Bob Mathews brother-in-law and partner in the only mining contract the Phelps Dodge Company ever awarded to mine Bisbee Turquoise at the Bisbee Mine in Bisbee, Arizona. With over 42 years of collecting Bisbee Turquoise, Durango Silver Company now owns one of the


    Designer, Cutting, Large, Hard, High Grade, Silver, Video, Small
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring

    This is a presentation page on Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rings . If you are considering purchasing a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring or are interested in learning more about Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry , this is a great page for you to check out. There are many great photos along with descriptions of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rings and there are several links to follow for additional information directly related to Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry . Above is a photo of


    Couples, High Demand, Business, Directional, Turquoise, Worldwide, Presentations, Photo, Silver, Band, Handmade, Custom Made