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  • Ute Possibles Bag

    Ute Possibles Bag - made in aproximately 1880. I bought this from a Ute family in this area in the late 1970's. It is very nice and I never did fing much old Ute beadwork. The bag measures : 7" long X 5 1/2" long .


  • Plains Indian Beaded Bag

    Plains Indian Beaded Bag - This little bag is what we call an end of the day bag as the beads are all mixed colors and do not create a pattern. It is a nice little bag from the 1890's and I bought it locally from a collection in Durango in the early 1980's The bag measures : 3 1/2" long X 3" wide.


  • Ute Beaded Bag

    Beaded Ute Strik-A-Light Bag - Very nice and very colorful Ute bag from about 1870. It is in good condition and came from a Durango Collection. The bag measures : 4 1/2" long X 3 1/2" wide.


    Light, Colorful
  • Plains Indian Beaded Gauntlets

    Plains Indian Beaded Gauntlets - Circa 1890, These were made to be used. After 1870, there were settlers in the west and a market for the Indians to sell their crafts. You can see the way things were made once they were selling the items to white people. These gloves are lined with a softer trade cloth which probibly sold well. They have a beautiful design that is conservative so they could sell them at a reasonable price. They are classic a very nice.


  • Sioux Beaded Bag

    Sioux Beaded Bag - Very colorful beaded stike-a-light bag from about 1870. The leather is hard but the bag is in great shape. The bag has something hard in it but I do not want to look in fear of messing up the bag, the leather must be softened first and I don't do that. This came out of the Mark H. Brown collection - Mark wrote "Before Barbed Wire", "The Frontier Years" and "Plainsmen to the Yellowstone". I purchased his collection in Storm Lake Iowa in 1978 and he was 92 years old when I did. He had a


    Light, Colorful
  • Vintage Concho Belt

    This Wonderful Vintage Concho Belt is from approximately 1920. I purchased it when I bought the Fort Defiance Trading Post remains from Francis Griswold which was the past owner/Trader of the Post. This belt is exactly the way I got it. It has 5 large Conchos and four butterflies with a wonderful buckle. The old saddle leather belt only measure about 30" which makes sense. They probably made it to fit a younger Navajo lady for ceremonials. If you wish to wear it, you can easily alter it to fit most any size



    TURQUOISE: JEWEL OF THE SOUTHWEST, by Annie Osburn Have you been looking for the quintessential picture book about American Turquoise, namely Nevada's Highgrade Turquoise? You WILL be blown away with the quality of the pictures and specimens of natural American Turquoise in this Turquoise book. Annie did a wonderful job here. This wonderful informational picture book on Nevada Turquoise will teach you what to look for in the very best Nevada Turquoise. This Information Book on Turquoise is the most complete


  • Plains Indian Ration Coupon Bag

    Plains Indian Ration Coupon Bag - This unique bag was made around 1890 to hold the valuable ration food coupons given out by the U.S. Calvary. It is a special piece. It came out of the Wallace Shanner collection which I aquired in 1982, Wallace Shanner is in the book of "Who's Who in Indian Relicks". The bag measures : 5 3/4" long X 4" wide.


  • Buffalo Vertebra with Steal Arrowhead Embedded

    Buffalo Vertebra with Steal Arrowhead Embedded - This wonderful historic piece of American Frontier history is a rarity. The Indians got the steel from the old water and storage barrel bands from the settlers when they came west. There is a lot of information and speculations in many of the western frontier history books on this subject if interested. Obviously, this killed the Buffalo for food for the Indians and this was before the great Buffalo slaughter of the 1880's. I date this to shortly after the


  • Crow Indian Tepee Ornament

    Crow Indian Tepee Ornament - This is a very colorful, yellow and black, beads on buffalo hide ornament that was beaded when the hide was still wet as the sinue goes all the way throught the leather and it is hard. It came out of the Wallace Shanner collection which I aquired in 1982, Wallace Shanner is in the book of "Who's Who in Indian Relicks". I date this to 1870. The measures is : 5 1/2" long X 5" wide and weighs 75 grams.