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  • Zildjian 20" ZHT Rock Ride Cymbal

    Zildjian 20" ZHT Rock Ride Cymbal Description 20 " ZHT Rock Ride Cymbal: With three distinct sound properties, it’s one sweet ride alright. This versatile three-in-one cymbal gives you the steady rhythm of a ride, the more pronounced ping of a large bell and the slowly fading gong-ish effect of a crash. Make the 20” rock ride the centerpiece of your set and turn your creativity loose as you explore all the different sounds and incorporate them into your musical narratives. The 20” rock ride features a


    Metal, Bronze, Crash, Ride
  • Zildjian FX Trash Splash

    Zildjian FX Trash Splash 9" (A0609) 11" (A0611) [Add $15 .00 ] Description Zildjian FX series cymbals are played by some of the world’s best known drummers. Guys like John Mahon who plays with Sir Elton John, Phillip Fisher who drums for Justin Timberlake and Teddy Campbell of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno house band all count Zildjian FX Oriental trash splashes as part of their cymbal set-up. 9" FX Trash Splash: 11" FX Trash Splash: Once the exotic, "trashy" sound effects from these FX splashes are


  • 12" FX Oriental China Trash Cymbal:

    Zildjian FX Oriental China Trash Cymbal List Price: $290.00 12" (A0612) 13" (A0613) [Add $10.00] 14" (A0614) [Add $15.00] 15" (A0615) [Add $35.00] 16" (A0616) [Add $55.00] 18" (A0618) [Add $85.00] 20" (A0620) [Add $120 .00 ] Description Audio Sample: 12" FX Oriental China Trash Cymbal: 14" FX Oriental China Trash Cymbal: 16" FX Oriental China Trash Cymbal: 18" FX Oriental China Trash Cymbal: 20" FX Oriental China Trash Cymbal: Drummers hungry to grow their skill set always have an appetite for new cymbals


    Special Effect, Bronze, Thin, Splash
  • 19" Armand "Beautiful Baby" Ride with 3 Rivets

    19" Armand "Beautiful Baby" Ride with 3 Rivets List Price: $563 .00 Description Bright and musical "vintage" A Sound. Armand Zildjian's favorite ride sound, features three rivet cluster and laser engraved Armand Zildjian Signature with his favorite expression, "Beautiful, Baby". The Armand "Beautiful Baby" Ride debuted in 2004 and helped launch the entire ArmandS Series three years later. Armand Zildjian spent his life living and breathing Zildjian. He hand selected cymbals for drumming icons such as


  • Zildjian 14" ZHT Rock HiHat Cymbals

    Zildjian 14" ZHT Rock HiHat Cymbals The Zildjian 14" ZHT Rock HiHat Cymbals are heavy and focused. They have an aggressive attack and projection with pronounced cutting "chick" sound. List Price: $312 .00 Description 14 " ZHT Rock HiHat Cymbals: Good drummers are never stagnant. They are always evolving, looking to learn more, play better and grow creativity as an artist. Take a look at their drum arrangements and you’ll likely see the name Zildjian on more than a few of their cymbals. It’s more than just


  • Zildjian A Custom ReZo Ride

    Zildjian A Custom ReZo Ride List Price: $570 .00 Description The Zildjian A Custom ReZo Ride is a special medium-heavy Ride cymbal with an unlathed, but Brilliant Finish bell area that provides extra weight to establish a bright and cutting bell sound. The cymbal’s bow area allows for a Ride sound that has lots of Ride pattern clarity and control, but with a warm shimmering quality with its overall sound. As with the ReZo crashes, the new Bell and lathing design yields a fast yet aggressive array of


  • Zildjian 14" ZXT Solid HiHat Cymbals

    Zildjian 14" ZXT Solid HiHat Cymbals Thanks to a uniform thickness and precision hammering, the Zildjian 14" ZXT Solid HiHat Cymbals deliver a clear and powerful musical sound with a fast response and quick decay . Description 14 " ZXT Solid HiHat Cymbals: The legendary cymbal makers at Zildjian have been in tune with the musical needs of drummers for nearly 400 years. And it's hihats like these, that encourage sound exploration and discovery so you can find your own unique voice, that continue to make a


    Bronze, Hi Hat, Brilliant
  • A Custom Mastersound HiHats

    A Custom Mastersound HiHats List Price: $286.00 13" Top Hat Only (A20501) 13" Bottom Hat Only (A20502) 13" Hi Hat Pair (A20500) [Add $165.00] 14" Top Hat Only (A20551) [Add $20.00] 14" Bottom Hat Only (A20552) [Add $20.00] 14" HiHat Pair (A20550) [Add $205.00] 15" Top Hat Only (A20554) [Add $35.00] 15" Bottom Hat Only (A20555) [Add $35.00] 15" HiHat Pair (A20553) [Add $235 .00 ] Description 15 " Crash: Need a good reason to own and play Zildjian hihats? We can give you a few. These play-anything,


  • Zildjian ZXT Trashformer

    Zildjian ZXT Trashformer When ZXT Trashformers are in the mix, you can let loose and crash, build crash, choke crash or add multi crash effects to your music. 8" (ZXT8TRF) 10" (ZXT10TRF) [Add $10.00] 14" (ZXT14TRF) [Add $25 .00 ] Description 14 " ZXT Trashformer: The first thing you notice about Zildjian ZXT Trashformer cymbals is their uneven shaping, raw look and a spectrum of cool colors. But as any drummer knows, you can't judge a cymbal by its looks. You have to play it, hear it, experience it. Only