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  • Ovation Elite 1778 LX

    Ovation Elite 1778 LX Ovation Elite 1778 LX Includes Hardshell Case 1778 -LX Natural Black Cherry Burst Product Description Building a neck of peerless stability requires going the extra mile. The 5 piece high gloss finish Mahogany/Maple neck results in a superbly solid structure that accentuates brightness of tone. The Ovation "epaulets". These laser-cut teak, maple, padauk and walnut leaves adorn the upper bout soundholes. They express the distinction of Ovation guitarmaking . Maximum sound with


  • Big Bends Gloss Sauce - 2oz.

    Big Bends Gloss Sauce - 2oz. Big Bends Gloss Sauce 2 Ounce Bottle Bring That Gloss Finish Back to Life ! GLOSSSAUCESM $5 .44 Product Description Gloss Sauce Finish Rejuvenator cleans and polishes in one quick step. This non-streaking polish will easily clean your gloss-finished musical instruments, and remove just about any substance, from mud to beer. Big Bends Gloss Sauce Finish Rejuvenator: Cleans and Polishes at the same time Easy to apply Cleans everything from mud to beer Restore and rejuvenate