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  • Founded 2001
  • Owner Aaron Charles Promotions LLC
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  • Air Force emblem medallion 2.5 inch

    Features the Air Force emblem.  This medallion is great for placing on plaques or awards. You can also engrave the backside and use it as an award coin.  Measures 2.5" in diameter. Made of solid brass.


  • First to Find Geocoin - polished gold

    First to Find geocoin is the perfect prize for the first finders of your geocaches. You can also use it for the first person to arrive at your geocaching event.Measures 1.75" diamHard enamel colorsTrackable on Geocaching.comAn icon specific to this coin will show on your profile when you log a find 


  • Air Force Officer Coin

    Air Force Officer Coin mc -mw -1256693 Description Features ranks and the Air Force emblem. High polished two-tone finish of nickel and gold.


    Gold, Polished
  • Four Seasons Geocoin - Gold

    Polished gold version is discontinued.The art for this coin represents geocaching for all seasons all around the world. It is a big 2" square coin and trackable.Measures 2" square.Hard enamel colors.Trackable on icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery.


  • Micro-Mini Geocoin

    Micro-Mini Geocoin zz -gc -cp -0288 Description Would you like to find a micro cache that has a coin in it? Then this coin is for you. This coin is trackable on See which coin will reach the most micro caches on the dedicated web page showing the top 150 traveling micro-mini geocoins for 2006. is now integrated with so you can also see these coins in cache searches. also has waypoint links so you can see which caches Micro-Minis have been


  • YemonYime v2 Geocoin - polished nickel

    YemonYime v2 Geocoin - polished nickel gr -cp -1977nic Description Fresh from the orchards, these long awaited trackable YemonYime v2 geocoins are one ripe design from the artist YemonYime! With calligraphic flourishes, and juicy translucents, this coin features a unique shape, and his signature mantra of "Citrus Ridiculus". With a broadsword piercing a majestic "Flying Yime", this geocoin dares you to make a stop at the tattoo parlor. Rivets stamp the edge of the coin representing the steel industry of


  • Custom Coins

    Custom Coins Great quality - Great Prices Simple steps to get your custom coins made with us: to get your custom coins started. We can make quality coins for anything worldwide. Custom coins and medallions are the best way to show pride and appreciation. These unique coins are also fantastic promotional products. Are you looking for a quality award to give or want to boost your business presence, but don't want to spend too much? Custom coins and medallions are the answer. As a matter of fact, you can use


    Plated, Gold, Military, Custom, Silver, Polished
  • Colorado GeoArt coin GC5280D

    Colorado GeoArt coin GC5280D gr -cp -7040bl Description The 2014 Geocaching Colorado Board is proud to bring you the largest GeoArt in the beautiful state of Colorado! Thanks to many volunteers, this GeoArt provides you with Geocaching Colorado pride and a great way to learn Colorado trivia. At 60x60 miles and 1,005 geocaches, this is the largest GeoArt in the US, and maybe in the world. 953 of these caches are mystery caches with Colorado Trivia, 16 letterboxes, 34 traditional caches, and 2 Wherigo.


  • Canadian Red Poppy geocoin - antique silver

    Canadian Red Poppy geocoin - antique silver gr -cp -1353asil Description This coin is made to "commemorate" (if you will) the event that occurred earlier this year when U.S. Army contractors in Canada thought the Canadian Red Poppy quarter was a spy coin. They suspected the protective coating placed over the colored poppy art was some kind of nano-technology used to spy on the contractors. They even thought the coins may be emitting radio frequencies. They then reported it to the US Department of


  • Travel Penguin Geocoin, Happy Holidays - gold

    Travel Penguin Geocoin, Happy Holidays - gold gr -cp -8000gHH Description This penguin is flying a sled with his bag of cache goodies. The Travel Penguin was designed by OshnDoc to be utilized as both a geocoin and gift tag. This great little tag shape is perfect for placing on gifts, hanging as ornaments, or traveling in caches. Low cost was a factor to provide an affordable alternative to conventional holiday geocoins. These are fully colored on one side and epoxy coated for durability. The back is