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  • Founded 1999
  • Owner Circle KB Inc
  • HQ Salmon, ID
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  • A1 QuickDraw Liberty Holster and Gun Belt

    The A1 Liberty is one of Circle KB's most popular Hollywood style gun belts. The matching A1 quickdraw holsters and gunfighter style Buscadero gunbelt is still as popular today as they were in the early 1930's. The system is fully lined and border tooled with the Lady Liberty silver conchos. An outstanding outfit and one of Pard's Top Picks.


  • Bandelero Shoulder Holster

    Exclusively from Circle KB Inc. An original Bandolero pattern driven by customer demand. Made for a comfortable carry and fit with plenty of adjustment for different clothing or using conditions. The Circle KB Inc. Bandolero shoulder rig is styled with hand-laced, wet molded and dryed to fit cartridge loops for your shotgun shells (8) and 12 pistol loops. We can lace them all the same caliber providing you with 20 rounds for your revolver. Shown finished with a handsome border tool and hand dyed in a rich


  • Sharps Side Mount Set for Wm. Malcolm Short Malcolm Scope

    Sharps Side Mount Set. This mount set is designed to install either the 17 or 18 Malcolm Scope on the Sharps. This mount set has front and rear mount, which also comes with the mounting screws needed.


  • The Cowboy CrossDraw Holsters

    The Cowboy CrossDraw Double Gun Holster Rig is an unlined rig authentic to the late 1800s, Mexican Loop Pattern, made from 10-11 oz Grade A premium grade vegetable tanned cowhide. In the traditional fashion it is not lined. Hand cut, full skirt Mexican Double Loop (one loop for 4 5/8 or shorter barrel lengths)strong arm holster with matching CrossDraw holster accompanied with the 2.75 inch wide, 20 cartridge loops, Cowboy Pistol Belt. A perfect set-up for beginning Cowboy Action shooters or people who don't


    Gun, Belt
  • Unlined A1 QuickDraw and Buscadero Gun Belt

    A great gunfighter cowboy rig. An unlined A1 QuickDraw holster and authentic, hand cut contoured to drop at the hip, reinforced Buscadero style gun belt. Special cut from 10-11 oz heavy gauge leather for durability and long term stand-up. The Buscadero Belt is an unlined version of the belt that accompanies all of our gunfighter style holsters like the A1 QuickDraw. The outfit is made from top grade double shoulder cowhide. The belt is 2.75" wide with an old style California Clipped Corner Nickel buckle. We


  • Gunsmoke Cross Holster and Gun Belt

    The Gunsmoke CrossDraw is hand cut and crafted from USA Premium Vegetable tanned Grade A cowhide and is fully lined and lock stitched. Fully hand tooled in basketweave with a eye catching border tooled finish. The holsters feature a slightly flared throat and carefully finished edges and compliment any revolver. We wet mold all of our holsters to hand fit your revolver and it shows through high performance quick draws and keen holstering. You can also order in a double strong arm configuration or finish out


  • Shotgun Belt (Lined or Unlined)

    Circle KB's Popular Unlined Shotgun Belt Hand cut from 8-9 oz premium Grade A vegetable tanned cowhide. Hand laced wet and dry molded to your cartridge size and oiled to tone and condition. Comes built with 20 rounds in either a straight single loop or you can choose pairs with a small space in between--handy if your shooting a double gauge shot gun. The perfect shotshell belt for Hunters, Cowboy Action Shooters, Trap/Clay Shooters and Bird Hunters.


  • CSA Officers Sword with Scabbard

    CSA Officers Field/Staff Sword Replica Confederate (Shelby) Cavalry Officer's Sword. General Jo Shelby, who never surrendered, carried this style officer's staff sword. Features 33 carbon steel blade engraved with CSA . Metal scabbard has black finish and brass furniture, brass handguard is engraved and initialed CS, leather handle is wrapped with twisted brass wire. Length: 40.5, Weight: 3.5 lbs. Blade Not Battle Worthy


  • M1860 Army Revolver - Non Firing Replica Gun

    Used by both Union and Confederate forces, these legendary cap and ball revolvers are full size and weight. The loading lever, hammer, trigger and cylinder action work like the rare, expensive originals. Manufactured with real wood grips, in gun metal gray. Length: 13.5 Weight: 2.8lbs


  • A1 QuickDraw Preacher

    The A1 QuickDraw Holsters and Gun Belts are classic Hollywood style gunfighter rigs just like in the Hollywood western movies! Circle KB A1 QuickDraw holsters are the traditional A1 Holsters and Buscadero Gunfighter style belts that gained popularity in the early Hollywood B Western movies and are just as popular today over 75 years later. The A1 is a classic western style cowboy holster design and is one of our top sellers for Cowboy Action Shooters, Stage and Movie Cowboys, Working Cowboys and Hunters.