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  • Founded 1999
  • Owner Circle KB Inc
  • HQ Salmon, ID
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  • The Huckleberry II Shoulder Holster

    The fully adjustable Huck II shoulder holster features a sturdy and fully adjustable shoulder harness allowing the user to configure the lay of the holster either chest front or more as a crossdraw. The holster rids comfortably and is easily accessable if your big game hunting or fishing, riding a horse or four wheeling where bears, wolves or other predators are a concern. Shown hand oiled to a beautiful natural brown and handsomely border tooled. You have many finish options and if your looking for


  • Vaquero Mexican Loop Dualist Holsters

    Vaquero Mexican Loop Dualist Holsters style rig is an authentic pattern of the Mexican Loop Holster, popular in the late 1800's. The Vaquero Mexican Double Loop Dualist Hand cut from Premium Grade A double shoulder cow hide Fully lined with premium grade smoothside out cowhide Stitched with one of the finest leather sewing machines available, allowing each stitch to be locked *(you will never be able to pull a thread and get it to unravel even if you cut an entire stitch). We use 6 strand twisted polyester


  • A1 Quickdraw Classic Holster and Gun Belt

    Known as the gunfighter style or Hollywood, the A1 Quickdraw Buscadero style gun belt is 2.75 inches wide and is hand cut contoured to drop at the hip and comes with a frontier style clipped corner California belt buckle. Cartridge loops are hand-laced wet (not sewn) and dry molded to fit your cartridge size and we lace 20 loops standar. The A1 Quickdraw Holster and Gun Belt was made popular early in the 1930's as western movies depicted the gunfighter style (Buscadero) gun belt. Very popular among Cowboy


  • Bandelero Shoulder Holster

    Exclusively from Circle KB Inc. An original Bandolero pattern driven by customer demand. Made for a comfortable carry and fit with plenty of adjustment for different clothing or using conditions. The Circle KB Inc. Bandolero shoulder rig is styled with hand-laced, wet molded and dryed to fit cartridge loops for your shotgun shells (8) and 12 pistol loops. We can lace them all the same caliber providing you with 20 rounds for your revolver. Shown finished with a handsome border tool and hand dyed in a rich


  • Precision Long Range Mount for Malcolm Long Scope

    Designed for the discriminating Black Powder Cartridge Rifle (BPCR) shooter who demands the utmost in precision sight adjustment. When installed on our Wm. Malcolm scope, the combination will blow all others away when it comes to precision adjustment, precision sighting and precision shooting. These superbly crafted mounts have been designed to reliably give the shooter1/4 minute-of-angle windage and elevation adjustments when needed, while totally eliminating unwanted movement due to slop or slap from


  • Wm. Malcolm Fine Elevation Adjustment Set-Long Malcolm

    Wm. Malcolm Fine Elevation Adjustment Set for the Long Malcolm. You can have the elevation adjusted by turning the screw up or down. This enables you to quickly change your elevation providing precise 1/2 minute-of-angle changes at 100 yards.


  • A1 Quickdraw Pride Double Holster Rig

    All Circle KB A1 QuickDraw holsters are metal lined between the lining and top side leathers at the cylinder area to reinforce the holster providing the ultimate in long term stand-up and durability with heavy use. The rig is completely hand cut and fully hand tooled. Nothing goes on any of our holsters and gun belts but hand cut leather--even the hammer thongs and tie downs. You can expect the best quality leather and The A1 Pride Holster and Gun Belt features our A1 QuickDraw holsters with a fully exposed


  • 8mm Blank Ammo (50 Pak)

    CA38-122BC 8mm Blank Ammo (50 Pak) Full load 8mm blank ammo for the M1894 Blank Firing Lever Action Western rifle and Government Model 1911 Replica blank firing Automatic .45. 50 Pack. Customer Reviews


  • CSA Officers Sword with Scabbard

    CA06 -804 $128 .00 CSA Officers Sword with Scabbard CSA Officers Field/Staff Sword Replica Confederate (Shelby) Cavalry Officer's Sword. General Jo Shelby, who never surrendered, carried this style officer's staff sword. Features 33 carbon steel blade engraved with CSA . Metal scabbard has black finish and brass furniture, brass handguard is engraved and initialed CS, leather handle is wrapped with twisted brass wire. Length: 40.5, Weight: 3.5 lbs. Blade Not Battle Worthy Customer Reviews


  • A1 QuickDraw Gunleather Basketweave

    The Classic A1 QuickDraw Fully Hand Tooled in a Traditional Basketweave Pattern. First popularized in the Speghetti Western movie era and fast draw competitions in the early 1900's-50's. Our A1 Quickdraw holster is consistently one of our top selling outfits and comes in single, left or right hand draw, CrossDraw and Double Dualist Buscadero style rigs. The Buscadero gun belt is 2.75 inches wide and is hand cut contoured to drop at the hip and comes with an old style clipped corner California belt buckle.