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  • Founded 1995
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  • HQ Fort Myers, Florida
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  • Caribu Fixed Double Edge Boar Hunters Knife KMCARI

    The Caribu Fixed Double Edge Boar Hunters Knife has a MolyVanadium Blade. Hardness: 56-58 HRC Pommel/Guard: Alloy, brass. Grip: Micarta. Sheath: Leather. KEY FEATURES:* MicartaTM Handle * MolyVanadium Blade * Quality Leather Sheath MEASUREMENTS: BLADE LENGTH: 8 1/2" HANDLE LENGTH: 4" OVERALL LENGTH: 13 1/4" WEIGHT: 1lb 5oz


    Blade, Key, Grip, Double Edge
  • Knights Heavy Armor SCA Spangenhelm 62-2503

    Our?Knights Heavy Armor SCA Spangenhelm?is?a unique armor helmet of history that was favored by many Knights of the Middle Ages. It gets its name from the individual plates called "Spangens" that were united to form the round contoured top which shunted blows easier than flat top designs. Great for SCA combat, this helm is not a lightweight, each is handmade from 14 gauge steel. Display or get your padding on and you are off to war! Does not include padding. Internal circumference is approximately 25".


  • Mary Rose Warbow Arrows 314-AW-M

    This ultimate warbow arrow features a historically accurate half inch poplar shaft with horn inserts- just as the arrows found on the Mary Rose. Fletching is wrapped in black, comes with heavy bodkin points. These arrows are cut to 33 inches and come in packs of 6.


  • Muela Hunting Knife 31-KM95180

    Muela Knives are Custom Spanish Hunting Knives that have been made by the Muela family for generations, and utilize tough Moly-Vanadium Stainless Steel. Each Muela Hunting Knife is handsome as well as functional with handle materials that include Red Stag antler, exotic stabilized hardwoods and Pakawood(tm). Muela knives is dedicated to making bowie knives, hunting knives, survival knives, scuba diving knives, big knives, mount knives luxe knives and?are built to last.


    Tough, Dedicated, Stainless Steel, Functional, Custom
  • LARP Long Sword Leather Scabbard 29-LP0419

    This LARP scabbard is designed to fit any of the Palnatoke longswords. Made from split leather, these durable scabbards will also fit a wide range of foam or latex swords with a blade length up to 28 inches. Black with brown accents. Made by Palnatoke. Key Features: * Durable Split Leather Construction * Fits most LARP swords up to 28? Blade * Available Scabbard Mount Belt Suspension Measurements: Length: 34 inches Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.


  • Eastern Horse Bow SG-033

    Our Eastern Horse Bow is a short recurve bow used mainly to shoot from horseback. This bow is covered with laced leather and, for that truly Barbarian feel, we've added a bit of fur! The draw weight is approximately 26-30 lbs at a 24" draw length, perfect for target practice and re-enactment use. The bow is approx. 35 1/2" between the nocks when braced.?Choosing Draw Weight and Length****Please Note:This is a custom item that is hand made and takes 10-12 weeks construction time.This item is not cancelable


    Custom, Handmade, Fur
  • Muela Alcaraz-26S Hunting Knife 31-KMALCA26S

    The handles are all made from Genuine Red Stag Antler and the blades are all made from Moly-Vanadium stainless steel. Each knife come with a beautiful hand made Red Stag leather sheath.?Total length 15 7/8" long with a 10 3/4" blade


    Long, Blade, Stainless Steel, Total, Handmade
  • Xtreme Synthetic Single Hand Blade-White 29-PR1020

    Here is our Xtreme Synthetic Single Hand Blade-White designed by Dave Rawlings The Single-Hand Sword blade (which is also used with the Basket Hilt) is designed to flex in the last one-third of its length towards the tip, allowing for much safer thrusting than with conventional wooden wasters or shinai. The blade/tang joint is reinforced by a high tensile steel rod running along the full length of the handle, so removing the handle flex typically associated with plastic training swords.The blades are


    Remover, Designer, High Impact, Conventional, Plastic, Protective, Steel, Flexible, Single
  • Broadsword Belt - Left Hand 29-OH2452

    Broadsword Belt - Left Hand - (Sword worn on Right Side)Our new?Broadsword Belt?is a medieval sword belt?styled after 13th century examples and is capable of handling most medieval-style single-hand and hand-and-a-half swords. Unlike most of the originals, which were usually dedicated to a particular sword, our belt has fully adjustable belt loops to accommodate a wide variety of scabbards. Both right- and left-handed versions are available. Crafted in heavy top-grain leather and sized to adjust to most


    Top Grain Leather, Leather, Dedicated, Hard, Original, Adjustable, Single, Wide Variety
  • Dao Sword

    → Dao Sword Dao Sword SH1011 Product Description The Kungfu Sword or Dao Sword is undoubtedly one of the best weapon-grade sword of its type commercially available. Unlike the many decorative and theatrical versions of this sword, the Hanwei product is a true replica of the original. A brass-mounted scabbard is included, though colors may vary. The distal-tapered blade and traditional hand-tied grip make for superb handling. KEY FEATURES: * Distal tapered high-carbon steel blade * Great balance * Classic


    Blade, Decorative, Key, Grip, Traditional, Original, Replica, Great Balance, Steel, Classic Styling, Color