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  • Founded 2003
  • Owner Bluewater Outriggers
  • HQ Port Saint Joe, FL
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  • Battle Spinning Reel 4000

    Full metal body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads Superline Spool(TM) - No backing needed because of the rubber gasket keeps superline from slipping Machined and anodized aluminum spool HT-100(TM) drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads Stainless steel main shaft 6 sealed stainless steel ball bearings Infinite anti-reverse Techno-balanced(TM) rotor gives smooth retrieves Machined and anodized aluminum handle with soft touch knob


    Metal, Spinning
  • Stradic ST4000FJ

    X-Ship Graphite Rotor Sideplate Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip SR One-Piece Bail Wire Power Roller III Redesigned Bail Trip S-Arm Cam Aero Wrap II Oscillation SR-Concept: SR-3D Gear SR Handle SR One-Piece Bail Wire S A-RB Ball Bearings Aluminum Spool S-Concept: S-Rotor S-Guard S-Arm Cam New Machined Aluminum Handle Direct Drive Mechanism (Thread-In attachment) WP Drag (Waterproof Drag) Maintenance Port Fluidrive II Floating Shaft Dyna-Balance


  • Rapala XRSB09 X-Rap Sub Walk Purple Shad 5/8 oz

    Subsurface `Walk-the-Dog` Action Unique Lateral Tail Fin X-Rap(r) Finish Internal Holographic Foil Internal Rattle System 3D Holographic Eyes Slow-Sinking on Pause VMC(r) SureSet(r) Flash Feather Teaser Tail VMC(r) Black Nickel Belly HookSpecificationsMo NumberRunning DepthBody LengthWeightTreble HooksXRSB07 0` - 2`2-3/4`3/8 oz.No. 5 & 6XRSB09 0` - 2`3-1/2`5/8 oz.No. 3 & 4XRSB15 1`-4`6`2 oz.No. 2/0 & 1/0


  • Penn Conquer CQR4000

    EAS(TM) - Easy Access System allows maintenance hatch to be lowered to access key internal parts for lubrication Eternal Alloy(TM) - The spool lip is made from a proprietary metal that resists dents and scratches which maintains casting distance over the life of the reel Superline Spool(TM) - No backing needed because of the rubber gasket keeps superline from slipping One-piece machined aluminum gear box Forged machined and anodized aluminum spool Machine-cut alloy main gear HT-100(TM) drag washers provide


  • Thunnus CI4 TU4000CI4

    Lightweight CI4 Frame and Rotor (AL on 12000) Aluminum Sideplate Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip SR One-Piece Bail Wire Power Roller III. Redesigned Bail Trip S-Arm Cam Varispeed Oscillation S-Concept S-Rotor S-Arm Cam Direct Drive Mechanism (Thread-In Handle Attachment) Oversized Septon Grips for Power and Comfort WP Drag (Waterproof Drag) Machined Aluminum Handle Dartainium II Drag Washers (Cross Carbon) Repairable Clicker S A-RB (Shielded A-RB)


  • FX FB Spinning Reel- FX4000FB

    Shimano FX front drag reels feature Super Stopper anti-reverse for solid hooksets Varispeed for long accurate casts and Dyna-Balance for smooth retrieves.


    Long, Stopper, Spinning
  • Rapala DT04 Bluegill 5/16 oz

    Quick-Dive Resting Position Extra Thin Polycarbonate Lip Perfect Balance 3D Holographic or Painted EyesLong-Casting up to 150 ft. Thin Tail Design Internal Rattle ChamberVMC(r) SureSet(r) Tail Hook VMC(r) Black Nickel Belly Hook Balsa Wood Construction 3D Holographic Eyes Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested SpecificationsModel NumberRunning DepthBody LengthWeightTreble HooksDT04 4`2`5/16 oz.Two No. 6DT06 6`2`3/8 oz.No. 5 & 6DT10 10`2-1/4`3/5 oz.Two No. 4DT14 14`2-3/4`3/4 oz.Two No. 3DT16 16`2-3/4`3/4 oz.Two No. 3


  • Fierce 4000 Spinning Reel

    The Fierce offers dependability and unparalleled power at an affordable price point. Its field-proven oiled-felt drag system is extremely reliable and has the muscle to tame anything your after. Featuring a full metal body and stainless steel main shaft the Fierce was engineered to provide unwavering performance in the roughest conditions. - Machined and anodized aluminum spool- Infinite anti-reverse- Stainless steel main shaft- 4 stainless steel ball bearings- Infinite anti-reverse- Techno-balanced(tm)


    Affordable, System, Spinning
  • Paul`s Dinkum Greenie 90 Slow Sinking- Pearl/Olive

    The unfair Greenie lures have a patented 3D BLEEDING GILL that screams `attack me`. This exclusive Gill also holds scent better than other hard or soft baits. No more failing split rings; the swivel line connection ensures better knot strength improved action and eliminates line twists. `Living Eyes` and hydrodynamic fins create a natural swimming action and give these lures are `real` look. The dressed tail hook `breathes` when suspended adding more action. Quality Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks will hold on


  • StickMinno Floating- White/PearlGrey

    Meant to cover the shallow water column this lure dives to six feet. There is a size and color to fit any fishing situation. You can depend on the durable construction and reliable action to produce bites. The Eagle Claw Lazer Hooks will hold on to your catch. Every fisherman should have several of these `go to` lures on hand for their next fishing trip.