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  • 2 Sues Camera Bag

    The Kelly Moore 2 Sues camera bag has 2 fronts-no back! One side features the Posey Pocket that has credit card slots and hidden pocket to carry a checkbook and any other small items. This beautifully designed camera bag has a tall design that is soft to the touch and allows you to carry your camera along with your baby's items. The padded bottom allows you to carry all your gear safely free from worry about breakage. Carry this great camera bag around with the short shoulder strap or with the long


    Water Resistant, Removable Shoulder Strap, Shoulder Strap, Messenger
  • Kelly Moore 2 Sues Camera Bag

    Kelly Moore 2 Sues Camera Bag Kelly Moore 2 Sues Camera Bag Description Who says bringing up a baby results in the parents staying behind with the latest fashion? With the Sues Camera Bag you will never be without your little ones accessories or your own. The inside of this bag consists of a detachable padded basket, which includes two padded removable and modifiable dividers. These are perfect for separating your accessories from your little ones, so you can always find that lipstick when you need it! The


  • JP Lizzy Nylon Satchel

    Description If you’re a party lover, full-time mum and love your kids more than anything, the JP Lizzy Nylon Satchel is especially for you! With this satchel your every need will be taken care of and you will never have to buy individual bags for each occasion again! It is designed to be taken on outings; whether you’re out with your kids or the girls! It can add that splash of style and know-how to your everyday life and will have you looking wonderful no matter where you are! It features a total of seven


  • NESS Mamie

    Description This posh, cute and funky NESS Mamie bag has it all from style, durability and many other features that make it the perfect diaper or pump bag! The chic design of this bag masks the breast pump or diaper bag utility and makes it the first choice for trendy mums! It features sectional dividers with hook and loop fasteners, which are ideal for multipurpose storage options. It features zip and buckle closures along with a gorgeous ripples effect, which adds that touch of panache to the bag and your


  • Amy Butler Harper Tote Bag

    Description Care for your little ones needs as well as your own with the Amy Butler Harper Tote Bag. It features fashionable traditional prints and modern styling, which is ideal if you wish to bring your little one up happily along with keeping up with the modern style. The trendy print is what makes this bag sophisticated by giving it that urban touch, which will never fail to enhance your look! The straps are from leather material and can be modified to a position that best suits you. If you are carrying


  • Peek Away Nursing Diaper Clutch

    Description A trendy mum’s style clashes with the babies’ feeding requirements in this cute and beneficial Peek Away Nursing Diaper Clutch! This nursing kit is an award winning, ground-breaking and exclusively designed travel nursing pillow and diaper changing station. With the help of this beauty you will never be seen carrying a large sized diaper bag again! Did I mention you can also feed your little one whether its bottle feed or breast-feed almost anywhere! Also, with the comfort you would receive


  • BabyMel Katie Satchel Bag

    BabyMel Katie Satchel Bag BabyMel Katie Satchel Bag Description Walk around in style with the BabyMel Katie Satchel Bag! The Katie diaper bag comes in a lovely tan color and is packed with beneficial features for the ease of you and your baby! It features a total of seven pockets including an insulated zippered pocket on the side of the bag, which is more than enough storage space for your baby's requirements. A modifiable clear stroller strap is featured with a sporty stripes design, which neatly


  • Kelly Moore Libby Camera Bag

    Kelly Moore Libby Camera Bag Kelly Moore Libby Camera Bag Email Description This posh Libby Camera Bag presents a classy style, which all mums like you deserve! It beautifully combines toughness with sophistication and will have all your items safely stored. It can be worn as a classic styled handbag as well as an across the body bag for when you’re with your little one! The dividers inside gorgeously give you your own little space, as well your little one their space and a separate space for your


    Padded, Front, Side, Classic, External, Back