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  • Cow Parade Boston

    COWPARADE BOSTON: The Cows Have Landed If you can't afford to take a cow home or the pictures you took of your favorite cow got lost at your local photo lab, don't worry because the professionals have you covered. CowParade Boston, the "Official Keepsake Book" commemorating the event, features over 125 full-color pictures of your favorite heifers. CowParade Boston is another incarnation of the world's largest public art exhibition designed to celebrate the spirit of fun, art and community. CowParade


  • Cow Parade West Hartford

    COWPARADE: The Cows Come Home, West Hartford Connecticut In the midst of this upscale historic village that is overflowing with fancy restaurants, chic shops and attractions that lure vacationers from around the world, home grown art began to brew in the summer of 2003. From that cauldron of creativity, over sixty fiberglass cows spilled onto the sidewalks, decorated with acrylic paints, marbles and even terra cotta ceramics. The CowParade had made it's way home. This event in past cities around the nation


  • Cow Parade Atlanta

    COWPARADE ATLANTA: Celebrating the Ary and Culture of the Olympic City Oh where, oh where is the CowParade now? East of the Mississippi River, north of the Gulf of Mexico and south of the Tennessee border. The CowParade had stopped to graze in Atlanta, GA, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. The Cows first appeared in June of 2003. Local amateur and professional artists signed up to create exhibits such as "Lactos Intolerabull", "MC Fresh Milk" and "Mooing in the Rain". These


  • Cow Parade San Antonio

    COWPARADE SAN ANTONIO: Celebrating the Art and Culture of the Alamo City The CowParade is here! To immortalize the event, Orange Frazer Press has published a full color picture book upon which to showcase these bovine beauties. 100 full color pictures show off the creatively color coated cows which adorned the sidewalks, parks and streetcorners of San Antonio this past winter. The 'a-MOO-sing', fiberglass creations were decorated by hundreds of local artists, professional and amateurs, from throughout San


  • Oregon Caves

    The pioneer exploration and the new discoveries. In the period of 1874 to 1894, an extraordinary thing happened in a remote part of a pioneer state in the far western United States. A series of pioneers made their way repeatedly into a rugged mountain wilderness with the sole purpose of exploring a cave.


  • Kachina Pony

    Kachinas are stylized religious icons, meticulously carved from cottonwood roots and painted to represent figures from Hopi mythology. They often wear masks of animals, plants, stars, warriors and clowns. They are the focus of ceremonies and rituals in which they relay the wishes of the Hopi people to the gods � for more rain, a plentiful harvest, good health. In an effort to create a Painted Pony with mystical powers of its own, this colorist from Idaho has adorned her Pony with the designs and symbols of


  • Sundancer

    The Sun Dance was the most spectacular and important religious ceremony of the Plains Indians of the 19th century. It was designed to bring renewal � the spiritual rebirth of its participants, harmony between all living beings and the return of the all-important buffalo. Incorporating many of the sacred materials and symbolic elements of the Sun Dance ceremony into her design � a sage noseband, pictograph horses traveling from each of the four sacred directions, a white buffalo skull, a war bonnet sun