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  • PolitiCards 2004, Red

    The granddaddy of all the contemporary political playing cards, PolitiCards 2004 is the creation of artist Peter Green who presents a brilliant and humorous roast of America's top political candidates and pundits. PolitiCards offers 54 hand-drawn comic caricatures on premium quality playing cards, each card a playful, non-partisan illustration of a leading political character of the 2004 election year. Experience the 2004 campaign trail with George Bush, Dick Cheney, Arnorld Schwarzenegger, Colin Powell,


  • Colorado Caves and Karst IV

    History, geology and maps of caves in the karst areas of Colorado. Updates: Spanish Cave by Jerry Hassemer Colorado's Longest and Deepest by Paul Burger Beyond the sump: The Exploration of Twenty Pound Tick Cave by Steve Smith The Mindless Cave Survey by Paul burger The History of Exploration at the Cave of the Winds by Richard Rhinehart Cave of the Winds Discovery dateline by Richard Rhinehart Ten Years of Exploration at Fixin'-to-Die by Paul burger New Discoveries: The Exploration and Survey of Honky Cave


  • Cow Parade West Hartford: Around the World and Home Again

    CowParade, the world's largest public art event, has once again landed in West Hartford. Organized by CowParade Holdings, this dazzling art show continues to capture the hearts and minds of the city with over 50 artist-created giant cow sculptures throughout the downtown area. These unexpected grazers in everyday places transformed West Hartford into a haven of fun, whimsy and spontaneous reaction among residents and visitors.


  • Cow Parade Denver

    COWPARADE DENVER CowParade Denver, organized by CSG and CowParade Holdings, captured the hearts and minds of Denver residents and visitors with over 100 dazzling artist-created giant cow sculptures. During the summer of 2006, artists and sponsors installed the amazing collection of colorful thought-provoking creatures on sidewalks, in parks, malls and office buildings throughout downtown Denver and surrounding neighborhoods. The unexpected cows in everyday places transformed the city into a haven of fun,


  • Cow Parade Madison

    COWPARADE WISCONSIN: The Cows Come Home To America's Dairyland Madison, Wisconsin was transformed to Wis-COWn-sin in the summer of 2006. CowParade, a traveling art initiative, brought local artists, businesses, community and arts organizations, schools and individuals together in an unprecedented way to have fun and celebrate Wisconsin's dairy heritage. More than 100 decorated life size fiberglass cows were placed around Madison, Wisconsin and outer lying burbs. Artists submitted hundreds of proposed cow


  • Cow Parade Boston

    COWPARADE BOSTON: The Cows Have Landed If you can't afford to take a cow home or the pictures you took of your favorite cow got lost at your local photo lab, don't worry because the professionals have you covered. CowParade Boston, the "Official Keepsake Book" commemorating the event, features over 125 full-color pictures of your favorite heifers. CowParade Boston is another incarnation of the world's largest public art exhibition designed to celebrate the spirit of fun, art and community. CowParade


  • Cow Parade West Hartford

    COWPARADE: The Cows Come Home, West Hartford Connecticut In the midst of this upscale historic village that is overflowing with fancy restaurants, chic shops and attractions that lure vacationers from around the world, home grown art began to brew in the summer of 2003. From that cauldron of creativity, over sixty fiberglass cows spilled onto the sidewalks, decorated with acrylic paints, marbles and even terra cotta ceramics. The CowParade had made it's way home. This event in past cities around the nation


  • Cow Parade Atlanta

    COWPARADE ATLANTA: Celebrating the Ary and Culture of the Olympic City Oh where, oh where is the CowParade now? East of the Mississippi River, north of the Gulf of Mexico and south of the Tennessee border. The CowParade had stopped to graze in Atlanta, GA, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. The Cows first appeared in June of 2003. Local amateur and professional artists signed up to create exhibits such as "Lactos Intolerabull", "MC Fresh Milk" and "Mooing in the Rain". These


  • Medicine Horse Ornament

    Recognized by Southwest Art magazine as one of the top 30 artists featured in their 30 years of publication, Santa Fe sculptor Star Liana York is as well known for her detailed and sensitive renderings of Native Peoples as her gift for capturing the spirit of the horse in three-dimensions. With Medicine Pony, she has combined her love and knowledge of people with special relationships to animals by creating a Plains Indian ceremonial horse dressed with a collection of personal objects believed to give the


  • Reindeer Roundup Ornament

    In hopes of drawing Santa's sleigh through the Christmas sky like the red-nosed Rudolph, this reindeer-wannabe tried to disguise the fact he was a Painted Pony by rounding up a set of antlers and throwing a gaudy saddle blanket on his back that lights up the night with stars. Even if he doesn't get a chance to pull Santa's sleigh, he will bring cheer to the season, and make this a memorable Christmas for those who find him prancing under their tree.