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  • Rockin' Route 66

    Route 66 stretched more than halfway across the United States, from Chicago to LA. For more than a half-century it seemed that every vacationing American family took a road trip along its route to see the wonderful and whacky roadside attractions that were designed to catch the eye of passing motorists. From motor courts and Indian curio shops to fancy filling stations, Route 66 had something for everyone. If you were hungry you could eat at the world famous Big Texan Steak Ranch (put away a 72 ounce steak


  • Iron Horse

    This �Iron Horse� honors the horse's contribution to the exploration and settling of America. Before the first locomotives chugged across the great plains, the horse brought explorers, surveyors, engineers, dreamers and their families westward. It was the horse who ferried supplies and information from the cities to the settlers. �Iron Horse� carries a lantern because he led the way into the great unknown and he stands on the tracks he forged for the giant engines that would replace him � engines that even


  • Trail of Tears

    A dramatic and moving follow-up to the best selling Wounded Knee, Trail of Tears respectfully remembers one of the saddest episodes in American and Native American history...


  • El Dorado

    There is a legendary story of a magnificent Lost City of Gold which has fascinated explorers since the quests of the Conquistadors. This legend lives on in El Dorado an amazing Andalusian horse.


  • Big Ben Ornament

    Introducing Big Ben, a British horse that represents the English riding style, which is renowned throughout the world. Big Ben is the nickname for the bell and the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster in London.


  • Standing on Guard Ornament

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have served Canada and its people since 1873. This colourful tradition continues with a spectacle known around the world as the Musical Ride. In keeping with tradition, the Musical Ride is performed by a full troop of thirty-two riders who are first and foremost police officers, along with their awe-inspiring horses. The Musical Ride consists of a stunning variety of intricate figures and cavalry drill, choreographed to music. "Standing on Guard" is a tribute to the


  • The Guardian Pony

    If an Indian wishes to gain something he promises his horse that if the horse will help him he will paint it with native dyes that all may see that help and protection have come to him through the aid of his horse.


  • Crossroads Pony

    Expressing one's faith in the positive power of a cross is the belief it will protect home is a tradition practiced round the world.


  • Trail of Painted Ponies (2006), Updated Collectors Edition

    The horse has been a beloved image in art from prehistoric times to present. Thumb through art history books and you will find splended paintings and sculptures of horses in all periods, from every part of the world, presented with endless variation and invention. It is also a time-honored tradition for artists to bring creative activity to new media. Whether it's Greek pots or aboriginal boomerangs, the basic idea is the same. Artists and exploring the possibilities for self-expression on special and


  • Trail of Painted Ponies (2007), Ride the Sky

    Beauty * Wisdom * Inspiration Ride the Sky is the first "inspirational book" to be published by The Trail of Painted Ponies. Ride the Sky brings something new and exciting to the "inspirational book" category, featuring gorgeous photographs of 43 Painted Ponies, some never published before, each paired with an inspiring quotation that captures the spirit of the artwork on the Pony and will encourage you to live more artfully and show you how to fly without wings. Let your spirit soar!</I>