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  • About Nina Tichava

    - Nina Tichava "My paintings tell stories through time, blending visual and tactile experiences into layered and complex structures." Nina Tichava About Nina Tichava Painter Nina Tichava utilizes techniques found in screen printing, wood block printing, and etching to create densely layered patterns of dots, circles, and abstractions. Nina visualizes her interest in what she calls “the history of surface” through highly textural materials such as cooper, resin, and brass. Seattle, WA Themes & Inspiration


  • Anthropometric Self-Portrait

    11 x 13.75 inches (27.9 x 34.9 cm) edition of 200 at $50 edition of 200 at $200 20 x 25 inches (50.8 x 63.5 cm) edition of 75 at $300 The artist recommends using a contemporary look, with 1/2-inch face, satin white finished wood frame. The image should simply be left floated on a white background with 7/8 of an inch border. 11 x 13.75 inches at $50 [Buy Now ] ( /artwork /Anthro ) 16 x 20 inches at $200 [Buy Now ] ( /artwork /Anthro ) 20 x 25 inches at $300 [Buy Now ] ( /artwork /Anthro ) is an edition by


  • About Daniel Wiener

    - Daniel Wiener "I am interested in absence, or sense of loss, that is at the heart of the imagination, and of daydreaming . " Daniel Wiener About Daniel Wiener Daniel Wiener’s paintings and sculptures are highly imaginative. Inspired by daydreams and transformations, the viewer can sense how he has captured something ephemeral- a fleeting moment. His saturation of colors and fluid lines seem to change before the eye. Each medium that Wiener explores shifts, winds, untangles, and blooms allowing his art to


  • Identity, Psychology, Dreams

    - Amelie Chabannes "It’s really about the big question: Who am I?" Amelie Chabannes About Amelie Chabannes French artist Amelie Chabannes is primarily concerned with the notion of identity. Through her drawings, paintings, video, and sculptures, she explores both the physical and psychological aspects of the self. Brooklyn, New York Themes & Inspiration Identity , Psychology, Dreams Techniques & Media Video Movement & Styles Influences , Charles Baudelaire, Gaston Bachelard, Thomas Hirschhorn, Judith


  • Share the Love

    - Alexander Ross "I'm interested in the emerging artificial life sciences; that something synthetic could be made to grow into something new." Alexander Ross About Alexander Ross Characterized by organic transformations, Alexander Ross’s paintings are inspired by artificial life and nature at the molecular level. Described by Ross as “controlled organisms,” each work swells with free formed orbs, often, undulating through fields of blues and greens suggesting sky, air, and openness. New York, NY Themes &


  • Cross Narratives left

    Cross Narratives left by Mark Wiener edition of 150 at $50 edition of 100 at $240 14 x 11 inches at $50 [Buy Now](/artwork/CNL) 20 x 16 inches at $240 [Buy Now ] ( /artwork /CNL ) About This Work Cross Narratives left is an edition by Mark Wiener available exclusively on ArtWeLove. Each painterly stroke and geometric shape within this edition create visual narratives, reactions, layers, and transparencies. The activity orchestrated through these gestural works suggest lively rooms filled with people,


  • Margaret Lanzetta

    - Margaret Lanzetta "Nature as both inspiration and eclipser of culture is a persistent theme in my work." Margaret Lanzetta About Margaret Lanzetta New York-based artist Margaret Lanzetta’s intricate paintings are characterized by contrasting elements inspired and adapted from her many travels. Natural botanical silhouettes, architectural forms, and saturated color act as cultural and historical references to India, Syria, Morocco, Italy, and the American West. Long Island City, New York Themes &


  • Special connection | 03.03.10

    Special connection | 03.03.10 10 x 8 inches (25.4 x 20.3 cm) Unavailable If you would like to be alerted if this item is back in stock, please email The dimensions listed are for the size of paper containing the image, not the image size itself. This edition has a minimum 3/4 inch border. 10 x 8 inches at $25 [Sold Out ] ( /artwork /Connection ) 14 x 11 inches at $50 [Buy Now ] ( /artwork /Connection ) About this work Special connection | 03.03.10 is an edition by Stefan Hengst exclusively on ArtWeLove.


  • Melting Point series, Brasilia Museu Nacional 1

    Melting Point series, Brasilia Museu Nacional 1 by Stephane Couturier 24 x 30 inches (61 x 76.2 cm) edition of 30 at $1000 24 x 30 inches at $1000 [Buy Now ] ( /artwork /Brasilia ) About this work Melting Point series, Brasilia Museu Nacional 1 is an edition by Stephane Couturier exclusively on ArtWeLove. As part of a larger series entitled Melting Point , Stephane creates an arresting image of the National Museum of Brazil, a modern architectural monument designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.



  • Daily Practice series

    Daily Practice series 4 x 6 inches (10.2 x 15.2 cm) each edition of 100 at $105 The dimensions listed are for the size of paper. These prints have no border. The artist recommends using a contemporary look, with 1/2-inch face, black frame. The image should simply be left floated. 4 x 6 inches at $105 [Buy Now ] ( /artwork /DP -series ) About This Work Daily Practice series is an edition project by Molly Dilworth exclusively on ArtWeLove. Upon recognizing her own interests in architecture and natural forms,