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  • Escape from Zombie City (pre-order) by Ray Wallace

    Escape from Zombie City (pre-order) by Ray Wallace A choose your own adventure zombie novel! Pre-orders accepted through October 16th. Not only will you receive a signed copy at the end of the pre-order event, but each person that places an order will be entered for a chance to win one of a few copies of the limited edition (only 1,000 were printed) “The Bloody Best of Gorezone” magazine, graciously donated by the fine folks at Fangoria . But, that’s not all… If 100 people pre-order the novel, each person


  • Apex Magazine Issue 31

    Apex Magazine Issue 31 Issue 31 features the following content: The 24 Hour Brother by Christopher Barzak Faithful City by Michael Pevzner The Yellow Dressing Gown by Sarah Monette A Woman of a Certain Age by FJ Bergmann To a Gentleman Who is Visited by Sandi Leibowitz Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Genre All the Way by EE Knight Editorial: Blood on Vellum by Lynne M. Thomas Interview with Jennifer Pelland by Stephanie Jacob Shopping Cart


  • Issue #29

    Apex Magazine: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Short Fiction Issue #29 Issue #28 Issue #27 Issue #26 Issue #25 Issue #24 Issue #23 Issue #22 Issue #21 Issue #20 Page 4 of 6


  • Maze by J.M. McDermott (Early 50 Orders)

    Maze by J.M. McDermott (Early 50 Orders) Thank you for your interest in ordering MAZE by J.M. McDermott via the Apex Early 50 Program. Click for hi-res view. All Early 50 Orders receive the following benefits: 1) Your TPB edition of MAZE will be signed by the author. 2) Early 50 Orders are shipped before all others. 3) Free media mail shipping for US customers. 4) You will receive the eBook edition of MAZE immediately after placing your order. Read it weeks before anybody else can! 5) The Early 50 copies


  • 50% off Sunset Sale for four great Apex titles

    We have four great books going out of print by the end of June that we’re selling at half their retail price (both print and digital formats). For our customers, this willbe your last opportunity to grab a copy! Apex supplies of print copies are limited, so don’t hesitate and place your order today! The links below will take you directly to the Apex product page for each book. by Jennifer Brozek Themed anthology infusing urban myths with alien origins . Print : $8 .98 Digital : $2 .50 Close


  • Apex

    Apex Publications WEIRD FICTION: Vertigo Weird on May 29, 2013 in Karen Berger Vertigo If you read Apex Magazine (and if you’re here you really should be doing that), you might have noticed that it has a weird aesthetic. From the surreal covers to the odd and haunting fiction, it’s safe to say that we’re one of the weirder markets. Editor-in-Chief Lynne M. Thomas even talked about it on a recent Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. So where does that aesthetic come from? Who is the biggest influence on our