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  • Founded 2007
  • Owner A Magical Touch LLC
  • HQ Amelia, VA
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  • Ringside Bag 8

    Shopping Cart: Ringside Bag 8 Product Number: MT-1527-RB8 Our Price: $37.00 Ringside Bag 8 25 Total Pockets: to organize all your grooming tools and accessories. Box shaped design prevents tipping over. Padded reinforced web carrying handle Add your spray bottles, finish sprays and detanglers to the outside pockets. On the inside pockets you can put your self rinse, shampoo, and your water bottle. Scissors can go in the small pockets with the sharp end first. In the area of the center of the bag add your


  • Ringside Bag 8-S

    Shopping Cart: Ringside Bag 8-S Product Number: MT-1526 Our Price: $45.00 Ringside Bag 8-S Available January 14, 2013 21 Total Pockets:14 Multi-use outside pockets and 7 inside pockets to organize all your grooming tools and accessories. 7" x 5½" multi-compatment plastic parts tray included, slides securely into bottom of Ringside Bag 8-S to organize small grooming items like show leads, collars, bows and more. Box-shaped design prevents tipping over. Pockets for shampoo, finish sprays, combs, brushes,


  • Ringside Bag 12

    Shopping Cart: Ringside Bag 12 Product Number: MT-1570-RB12 Our Price: $42.00 Ringside Bag 12 20 Total Pockets: 12 Multi-use outside pockets and 8 inside pockets to organize all of your grooming tools and accessories. Padded carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap. 8" x 3" Multi-compartment plastic tray with adjustable divider panels to organize small grooming items and accessories that fits in side pocket. Screen mesh zippered pocket for easy view of pocket contents. Add your spray bottles, finish


  • Dryer Holder 18"

    Shopping Cart: Dryer Holder 18" Product Number: DH-18 Our Price: $70.00 The Dryer Holder has been developed to meet the needs of small animal groomers. It is used by grooming shops, professional handlers, and animal lovers as they prepare their animals for shows, exhibitions, etc. A small, sturdy, clamp to securely mount it to a table or other object (i.e. door, chair, rail, etc.). An easy to use saddle and bungee arrangement to conveniently hold most, if not all, hand-held hair dryers. It easily


  • Zebra Apron

    Shopping Cart: Zebra Apron Product Number: MT-5512127 Our Price: $22.00 Zebra Apron Elegant water resistant fabric, Adjustable neck closure and tie waist Do Not Use fabric softener when washing as it will remove the water resistant in the fabric


  • Ultra Mist Sprayer 10 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Ultra Mist Sprayer 10 OZ Product Number: MT-CR-11 Our Price: $4.00 Ultra Mist Sprayer 12 OZ No Drips or Spray Offs Ultra Comfortable Grip Easy Pull Trigger Spray Contemporary Style


  • Audrey S Apron

    Shopping Cart: Audrey S Apron Product Number: MT-5512119 Our Price: $24.00 Audrey Apron 100% soft and supple cotton with chemical PVC coating for water resistant. Adjustable neck straps and back closure waist tie. Large front pocket has a zipper at bottom of pocket for easy cleaning out the pocket of the dog hair. Do Not use fabric softener when washing as this will remove the water resistant in the fabric by Sandy James Date Added: Wednesday 28 September, 2011 Love this as it's not the dull color as all


  • Compression Sprayer 1.5LT

    Shopping Cart: Compression Sprayer 1.5LT Product Number: MT-1593913 Our Price: $22.00 The Compression Sprayer is an easy-to-use compression action sprayer Adjustable spray nozzle is great for applying shampoo & conditioners Durable with exceptional spray capabilities Features built-in safety valve, inline filtration and stabilizing base With an easy-to-use compression action, the Compression Sprayer is a practical sprayer great for applying shampoo ,conditioners and grooming sprays. Highly durable with


  • Deb's Signature Series MT-503 7.5"

    Shopping Cart: Deb's Signature Series MT-503 7.5" Product Number: MT-503 Our Price: $135.00 Deb's Signature Series Model MT-503 A 3 finger shear, length is 7.5". Perfectly balanced, razor sharp edges and made with J2/440C Stainless Steel with Rockwell 59-61 hardness in a polished finish. The additional finger hole gives added control when you are using the shears. Come with a leather case to store shears in. With our Magical Touch Shear Program you will never have to get your shears sharpened again. Simply


  • Cobalt Blue Spray Bottles

    Cobalt Blue Spray Bottles Product Number: MY-CB-SB Our Price: $3.00 Bottle Size : 4oz -MT -CB -SB4 8oz -MT -CB -SB8 (+$0.50)