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  • Founded 2007
  • Owner A Magical Touch LLC
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  • 100% Pure Boar Bristle-Soft

    Shopping Cart: 100% Pure Boar Bristle -Soft Product Number: MT-A14 Our Price: $18.00 Pure 100% Boar Bristle brushes are used to help condition the coat by distributing the dogs natural oils throughout the coat for a healthier, silkier, softer and shinier coat. For use on Dry Coats and recommended for short haired pets. The brush is made from 100% Bamboo making it the Greener choice as Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on Earth.


  • Animal House Tenda Care 0500 ML

    Shopping Cart: Animal House Tenda Care 0500 ML Product Number: AH-TC-500 Our Price: $27.00 Tenda Care 500ml This shampoo is a highly concentrated SOAP FREE shampoo It won't strip the necessary natural oils from your dogs skin. Tenda-Care is baby safe and gentle enough to be used daily. Its gentle formula will not irritate even the most sensitive skin and is excellent for young puppies. Mix this product 20 to 1. With a 500 ml bottle pour 1 cap full into a 20 oz bottle of water, for the 1 lt and 5 lt pour 3/4


  • Magical Touch Magical Straightener 6 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Magical Touch Magical Straightener 6 OZ Product Number: MT-MS-06 Our Price: $27.00 Magical Straightner A new and exciting innovation in grooming products. This truly amazing spray is so light and undetectable on all coats types, it has been described as 'True Magical' This product contains conditioning properties that help seal the hair cuticles and therefore will not dry out your dogs coat or damage it in any way. Magical Straightner is amazing in the way it makes the waves disappear on all


  • Magical Touch Magic Ice 6 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Magical Touch Magic Ice 6 OZ Product Number: MT-MI-06 Our Price: $15.50 Magic Ice Clear styling gel. Alcohol Free, Non Greasy. May apply to wet or dry hair. Use for the top knots Apply small amount of Magic Ice to finger tips and then rub on area of coat you are looking to hold Magical Ice 6 OZ / 170.1 GR


  • Magical Touch Natural Shine

    Magical Touch Natural Shine Product Number: MT-NS Our Price: $15.00 Size: 4 OZ-MT-NS-04 8 OZ-MT-NS-08 (+$11.00)


  • Magical Touch Silk Ultra 16 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Magical Touch Silk Ultra 16 OZ Product Number: MT-SU-16 Our Price: $44.00 Silk Ultra Is formulated to be used with your leave-in conditioner. Silk Ultra is the ultimate additive to achieve magnificent shine to your dog's coat. Eliminates fly-away and restores coat to its natural feel. Reduces drying time up to one-half when using an animal dryer. Makes bruising easier and helps prevent mats and tangles from forming. Add 2-4 caps to your leave-in conditioner or to a quart of water. Pour over


  • Ultra Mist Sprayer 10 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Ultra Mist Sprayer 10 OZ Product Number: MT-CR-11 Our Price: $4.00 Ultra Mist Sprayer 12 OZ No Drips or Spray Offs Ultra Comfortable Grip Easy Pull Trigger Spray Contemporary Style


  • Animal House Vita Rich 0500 ML

    Shopping Cart: Animal House Vita Rich 0500 ML Product Number: AH-VR-500 Our Price: $41.00 Vita Rich A Conditioning Treatment Coat Repair Vita-Rich is a blend of silk proteins, natural and treatment oils with added anti static component . Vita -Rich restores color into faded coats, repairing split ends and nourishing the coat back to it normal healthy state. Vita-Rich does all this and will not change the coat texture. Does not need a stripping or clarifying shampoo to wash out. Any Animal House Shampoo is


  • Animal House Pure Alternative 1 LT

    Shopping Cart: Animal House Pure Alternative 1 LT Product Number: AH-PA-100 Our Price: $58.00 Pure Alternative 500ml This shampoo is truly a natural shampoo. This excellent quality shampoo contains no chemicals (SLS's) and made of olive oil, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil and vanilla extract. If you dog has a damaged coat, severe dry ends, or burnt areas, this shampoo will help repair the coat and keep it in premium condition. Pure Alternative is excellent for all coat types as it reduces the 3F's (Fizz,


  • Animal House Coat Magic 1 LT

    Shopping Cart: Animal House Coat Magic 1 LT Product Number: AH-CM-100 Our Price: $57.50 Coat Magic This product has been described by many as the best product ever made. * Coat Magic the Amazing Spray of Today Makes knots and mats unravel * Won't pull hair out when brushing * Removes Hair Spray from Coats * Allows brushes to glide through the coats * Helps Spot Clean and Repel Dirt * Removes Static, Best Anit Static you will ever use * Does not build up or leave residue Coat Magic has NO SILICONE and may be