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  • Founded 2007
  • Owner A Magical Touch LLC
  • HQ Amelia, VA
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  • Magical Touch Magical Straightener 6 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Magical Touch Magical Straightener 6 OZ Product Number: MT-MS-06 Our Price: $27.00 Magical Straightner A new and exciting innovation in grooming products. This truly amazing spray is so light and undetectable on all coats types, it has been described as 'True Magical' This product contains conditioning properties that help seal the hair cuticles and therefore will not dry out your dogs coat or damage it in any way. Magical Straightner is amazing in the way it makes the waves disappear on all


  • Animal House Vita Rich 1 LT

    Shopping Cart: Animal House Vita Rich 1 LT Product Number: AH-VR-100 Our Price: $69.00 Vita Rich A Conditioning Treatment Coat Repair Vita-Rich is a blend of silk proteins, natural and treatment oils with added anti static component . Vita -Rich restores color into faded coats, repairing split ends and nourishing the coat back to it normal healthy state. Vita-Rich does all this and will not change the coat texture. Does not need a stripping or clarifying shampoo to wash out. Any Animal House Shampoo is all


  • Magical Touch Natural Shine

    Magical Touch Natural Shine Product Number: MT-NS Our Price: $15.00 Size: 4 OZ-MT-NS-04 8 OZ-MT-NS-08 (+$11.00)


  • Magical Touch DeTangler Sensation 32 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Magical Touch DeTangler Sensation 32 OZ Product Number: MT-DS-32 Our Price: $67.00 DeTangler Sensation Is unmatched for removing stubborn tangles and mats. Use for routine maintenance between shows to help prevent mats and tangles from developing. Coat dose not need to be washed after using of the product. Mat and tangles disappear and the dog does not know you are removing the mat. Contains NO Alcohol or any harsh chemicals . DeTangler Sensation is sprayed directly on the mats and tangles,


  • Magical Touch White Magic Powder 24 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Magical Touch White Magic Powder 24 OZ Product Number: MT-WM-24 Our Price: $25.50 White Magic A fine cosmetic blend. Whitens whites, ads texture and build body to all coats. Contains NO Bleaches or Peroxides. All natural product. White Magic is a super fine grooming powder, you will use about 1/3 less of this powder than other powders on the market today. We have found this product to stick to the coat better than anything we have ever used, and by far this is the whitest powder you will ever


  • Animal House Leave N Luster 1 LT

    Shopping Cart: Animal House Leave N Luster 1 LT Product Number: AH-LNL-100 Our Price: $62.00 Leave N Luster A Condition Milk conditioner is a complete coat repair product, without silicone. Split ends seem to disappear, fuzzy coats become soft and silky, knots brush out effortlessly. Leave in Luster produces a wonderful healthy lustrous sheen, not a false shine nor a oily residue. Leave In Luster can be rinsed out, best results will come from leaving in and not rinse out. Leave In Luster will not change


  • Elite Boar/Nylon Brush

    Elite Boar/Nylon Brush Product Number: EMD-EPD Our Price: $40.00 Brush Size: Small EJR Medium EMD (+$10.00)


  • Magical Touch Kolestrel Magic 08 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Magical Touch Kolestrel Magic 08 OZ Product Number: MT-KM-08 Our Price: $10.00 Kolestrel Magic A foundation for using Magical Touch White Magic Grooming Powder to achieve the BIS results your are looking for. As a Conditioning Creme it is a fantastic product that can be used for a deep conditioner to help repair damaged coats. To use as a foundation for White Magic Powder, add Kolestrel sparingly to the palm of your hands and rub hands together. Apply to the area you will be applying the


  • Magical Touch Harsh Magic Foam 7.1 OZ

    Shopping Cart: Magical Touch Harsh Magic Foam 7.1 OZ Product Number: MT-HM-07 Our Price: $15.00 Harsh Magic Foam Is developed to give the coat a harsh feel. The foam is so you can apply to the areas you want to work on and not have to do the whole coat. Can also use to give the whole coat additional harshness. Pump about a golf ball size in palm of hand and apply to area of coat that you wish to add additional harshness to. For best results use animal dryer to dry the area. May also use to wash dog and


  • Animal House Silk Finish 1 LT

    Shopping Cart: Animal House Silk Finish 1 LT Product Number: AH-SF-100 Our Price: $68.00 Silk Finish This coat spray after many months of researching around 200 different types of silicone Animal House discovered a totally water soluble, gentle silicone, that has No Harsh Chemicals and has no build up effect at all. They have combined a small amount of this wonderful, gentle product, with a high quality spray conditioner to form the most wonderful finishing spray Silk Finish Coat Spray will give all types