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  • Founded 2008
  • Owner AirMD Inc
  • HQ Boca Raton, Florida
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  • Environmental Management System

    Environmental Management System The AirMD IAQ Environmental Management System was created to reduce potential liability, increase worker productivity, decrease absenteeism and educate business owners, building owners and management about indoor environmental conditions. The cornerstone of this system is the Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Plan which provides cost saving information for building owners and businesses . Additional Environmental Management Options Approximately $9.1 Billion dollars were spent


  • Experience Natural Cleaning at its Best.

    Experience Natural Cleaning at its Best . PURE AirMD ™ products are non-toxic, organic, biodegradable, earth and human friendly. The colloidal micelle soap formula uses natural enzymatic reactions to break down dirt and grease . PURE AirMD ’s ™ powerful cleaning action comes from its colloidal micelle formula. The formula is also a natural antibacterial agent and combined with the powerful cleaning action of the colloidal micelles, the PURE AirMD ™ product line offers safe, powerful cleaning.


  • Temperature and Humidity Meter

    Get Two replacement UV-C Bulbs for the UC-C Air Sanitizer . $29 .99 Get Two Replacement Filter Packs for the Mobile air Purifier . $50 .00 Our Custom Air Filters for air-conditioning units provide the best filtration available. Our filters are treated with the Aegis antimicrobial shield that controls microbial growth and our custom aluminum frame resists corrosion, rusting and has a lifetime guarantee. Sold in quantities of 4-6 – price and quantity will vary depending on size and dimensions. Get