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  • Founded 2011
  • Owner JS Marketing Enterprise
  • HQ Villa Rica, GA
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  • Stamina® Body Trac Glider 1050 Rower.

    Stamina® Body Trac Glider 1050 Rower. [WX2-112860] The Body Trac Glider 1050 Rower is portable, with a 23 1/2" x 46" footprint. The arms fold down and the rower can be stored in a closet or a corner. Rowing is known to be one of the best all around activities for cardiovascular fitness and strength. PRODUCT FEATURES • Unique, full range of motion rowing • Gas shock resistance • Multi-function electronic monitor • Easy assembly • Sturdy, steel frame construction • Slide or Stride Length: 15" or More •


  • 2.0AE Elliptical

    2.0AE Elliptical [HEP0173-00] The 2.0 AE is convenient to use. It includes a console that is programmable with 10 resistance settings. This allows you to easily change the intensity of your workout. And controlling the trainer couldn't be easier, as the trainer's intuitive buttons and three LED screens make it a breeze to select a program, modify a program during your workout, and view key exercise feedback at a glance. Other details that help you enjoy your workout include a grooved, nonslip surface on the


  • Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical Trainer

    Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical Trainer [SME-CE-36] The Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical Trainer is an Affordable and Durable Elliptical Trainer for the Home. Key features of the Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical include ergonomic pivoting foot pedals for your comfort, an iPod docking station with built-in speakers, oversized easy to view LCD display and an 18" stride length. Lifetime warranty on the frame & braking system, 3 years on all parts & electronics and 2 years in home labor! Product Features Ergonomic, Pivoting Foot


  • Kettler Montana Stepper

    Kettler Montana Stepper [KET-7877-000] The new KETTLER® Montana Stepper features excellent ergonomics, sturdy steel frame construction and high quality components. The Montana Stepper will provide great aerobic benefits which will burn calories, lose weight, strengthen lower body muscles as well as improve cardiovascular wellness. The independent hydraulic pistons have easily adjustable resistance levels which allow each user to find their own ideal setting for desired speed and intensity of the workout as


  • Avari Fitness™ Free Motion Rower

    Avari Fitness™ Free Motion Rower [WX2-216813] Rowing is one of the best all-around fitness activities because it works ALL major muscle groups. Legs, arms, back, abdominals, and buttocks... they're all used extensively while rowing for a terrific workout that's easy on your joints. You could pay to go to the gym, or, you could get the Avaris Fitness Free Motion Rower for superior cardio conditioning and strength training right in your own home! PRODUCT FEATURES • Adjustable Hydraulic Cylinder Resistance for


  • Avari Fitness™ Recumbent Exercise Bike & Rower. [WX2-216811]

    Avari Fitness™ Recumbent Exercise Bike & Rower. [WX2 -216811 ] Because both are impact-free activities, stationary cycling and rowing can be lifelong forms of exercise for getting and staying in shape, and here's the machine to do it! A 2-in-1 Bike & Rower with adjustable magnetic resistance, stat-tracking monitor, all the good stuff for workout success. PRODUCT FEATURES • Sturdy steel construction, with an aluminum rowing beam • 8 levels of magnetic resistance for both the bike and rowing functions •


  • Momentum Exercise Bicycle [CP-1272246]

    Momentum Exercise Bicycle [CP -1272246 ] PRODUCT FEATURES • Professional exercise bike designed for intensive use in institutions and gymnasiums • Sleek look with protective flywheel cover and easy assembly • Safe pin locking seat • Easy transport wheels come complete with this unit • 1 year guarantee • Item Weight: 150 pounds • Shipping Weight: 72.4 pounds


  • Favorit Compact Rower by Kettler

    Favorit Compact Rower by Kettler [KET-7978-900] The Favorit Compact Rower by Kettler is all you need for exercising the muscles of the entire body. The aluminum running rail combined with the high-quality ergonomic roller seat guarantees smooth and silent exercising. PRODUCT FEATURES • Training computer: time measurement, total km covered, oar strokes, stroke speed with acoustic signal (can be switched off), calorie consumption, room temperature, pulse measurement, maximum pulse rate (visual and acoustic


  • V2300 Elliptical Exercise Bike

    V2300 Elliptical Exercise Bike [V2300] The innovative Smooth V2300 elliptical exercise bike offers users both a semi-recumbent bike and an elliptical trainer in one machine. With a greater range of motion than what a typical recumbent bike can offer, the V2300 offers a superior calorie burn ratio for optimum workout results. PRODUCT FEATURES • 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Motion: The sitting stepper motion offers a natural vertical pedaling motion for an extreme workout on the lower muscles while the sitting


  • Livestrong LS Pro2 Treadmill

    Livestrong LS Pro2 Treadmill [HTM0863-01] The ultimate treadmill for serious runners The LSPRO2 is a true workhouse treadmill that’s designed to last a lifetime. The highly durable, full-cast aluminum non-folding frame delivers a club-like workout experience that puts your focus where it should be: on reaching your fitness goals. Designed with the runner in mind, our new RunnersFirm™ cushioning system provides a firmer, track-inspired deck to support your training year round. More power, greater incline A