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    MYRTLE SKU #: 11005 Fabric: Sunbrella® Sling Rope: Sandstone Matching Pillow: Sand, Green SLATE SKU #: 11035 Fabric: Sunbrella® Sling Rope: Sandstone Matching Pillow: Sand, Black WILLOW SKU #: 11037 Fabric: Sunbrella® Sling Rope: Sandstone Matching Pillow: Wheat SPICE SKU #: 11039 Fabric: Sunbrella® Sling Rope: Sandstone Matching Pillow: Sand BOARDWALK SKU #: 11040 Fabric: Sunbrella® Sling Rope: Lambswool Matching Pillow: Sand OPAL SKU #: 11041 Fabric: Sunbrella® Sling Rope: Lambswool Matching Pillow: Sand



    HAMMOCKS ENVIROPE (Recycled Rope) FAMILY The perfect ecological gift: recycled, recyclable and repairable. Made in worker-owned shops from 100% recycled polyester rope. Locally harvested second growth white oak spreaders, with natural linseed oil finish. Pleasingly soft cotton-like feel, but much more durable than cotton. Will provide many years of relaxation. Hanging hardware sold separately. Envirope Hammock -Handwoven from soft, weather resistant Envirope® rope. Envirope is twisted on rope machines from


  • UNIVERSAL 10x13 ...

    UNIVERSAL 10x13 ... Covers Jet Skies, Motorcycles, Tools, Lawn Equipment & More UNIVERSAL CANOPY /CANOPIES . . . Covers Jet Skies, Motorcycles, Cars , Trucks, Boats or any of your Toys. Think of the Universal Canopy as a beefed-up version of the King Canopy. The sides are almost a foot taller than the Original King Canopy, and the white polyethylene cover comes with drawstring ends and curtain clips to keep the sides from flapping in the wind. All canopies feature the Hercules Framing System. Item # C81013


  • Hercules 18X20 Enclosed

    FEATURED SPECIAL Hercules 18X20 Enclosed with Anchor Kits/Sides & Ends HERCULES CANOPY SPECIAL 18X20 This special includes the sides and ends, both ends having a zippered doorway to completely enclose this unit. It also includes foot anchors for mounting on a hard surface and turf anchors for anchoring on turf/grass. This unit can be used for many applications such as a backyard party or protecting two cars side by side from rain and sun. The sides and ends can be used all together, or just use one side and


  • Replacement Covers for 12 X 20 Units

    Replacement Covers for 12 X 20 Units Click on the replacement cover that you would like to order. If you choose a cover that states a plus sign(+), that price will be added from the standard $49.95 price at time of check out. Example: If you choose (White 5 year cover +$60.00) the cost of that cover will be $49.95 + $60.00 for a total of $109.95. The price will be calculated at the time of check out. Covers with drawstrings have a overhang of approximately 4 to 6 inches along the sides. Note: The 1 year, 3



    FAMILY SIZE OLEFIN ROPE HAMMOCKS Our most popular hammock style through the years. Woven by hand using our traditional knotless weaving techniques. Made with hundreds of feet of soft, long-lasting, color-fast olefin rope. Highly resistant to mold and mildew. Can be left outdoors in every kind of weather. Harnesses are macramed olefin with chrome-plated steel rings. Natural oil finish on solid white oak spreader bars. Rope colors pictured below. Select color from option list. Bed 60 in x 84 in. Overall



    INSTRUCTIONS SKROLL DOWN TO THE INSRUCTIONS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN: *GARDEN PARTY CANOPY Instructions : PARTS 12 . . . 6’6” Galvanized Pipe 4.... 2’9” Galvanized Pipe 4.... 4 Way Corners 4.... 3 Way Corners 4.... Anchor Feet 1.... 100% Polyester Cover /Screens Arrange all pipe and fitting on the ground. Insert one swedged end pipe into one long pipe. This extended pipe will be inserted into each of the corner fittings to form the length of the sides. Insert long pipe to form roof supports. To form peak,



    CANOPIES /SHELTERS Canopies and Canopy Shelters, Portable Garages, Party Tents & Carports ... Perfect for Cars, Trucks, Boats, Flea Markets, Parties or any of your portable shelter needs. Manufactured by Powell and Powell.


  • METAL FOOT ANCHOR -Set of Four

    METAL FOOT ANCHOR -Set of Four FOOT ANCHOR 6" Metal Foot Anchors with Thumbscrews for 1-3/8" pipe (pictured right). Set of Four. Or you can option for the metal foot anchors for the 2" pipe (2" foot anchors are 3 inches tall ) . P &P -FTANCHR - Select Frame Size: Additional Anchors: Set of Four


  • with Windows ... 10'X20'

    *** SPECIAL * * * UNIVERSAL ENCLOSED with Windows ... 10'X20' UNIVERSAL CANOPY ENCLOSED w/Windows... This canopy has many uses, such as, Car and Boat protection, Camping and any other Outdoor event. It comes with a 1 year custom cover, sidewalls and ends. One of the ends having a zip-up doorway. (The side walls do not wrap around the corner legs and completely enclose the unit. There will be a slight gap at the four corners.) All canopies feature the Hercules Framing System. Item # BJ2-1020 Weight: 139-152