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  • Electric Tennis Ball Machine Models

    Other Models Electric Tennis Ball Machine Models The Lobster Sports electric -powered tennis ball machines are extremely suited for clubs, schools, and camps where a true workhorse is needed. Or, if you have access to a court with electricity and don't need some of the advanced features found on the line, you can play against an electric Lobster Sports tennis ball machine without being restricted by battery capacity. Lobster Sports Elite battery -operated Our model use pneumatics to deliver the same


  • Tournament Model

    Tournament Model 789.00 (All options include a 2-yr warranty ) Tournament Model $789 Large Image The electric-powered Lobster Sports Tournament Model is the workhorse of tennis ball machines ; capable of performance found in ball machines costing hundreds of dollars more. The Tournament Model, with its random dual oscillation, sweeps horizontally and vertically, uniquely striking nine spots on the court. While most ball machines only let you practice ground strokes, this machine moves you from sideline to

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  • Pneumatic Spin Adapter for The Lobster Tournament tennis ball machine

    For the Lob-ster tennis ball machine. Our most popular accessory uses a simple adjustment that creates a heavy topspin or underspin on the ball. This product works for and attaches to the Lobster Model 101, Lobster Model 201, Lobster Model 301, or Lobster Model 401 that were all built between the years 1977-2007. The pneumatic machines use air propolsion to "lob" the ball out of the machine and onto the court. Please note this is an attachment for older model machines.


  • Ball Bucket

    Ball Bucket Ball Bucket $549 Large Image If your focus is having fun and improving your tennis game with an extremely affordable electric-operated tennis ball machine, the Ball Bucket is the perfect choice! Thanks to its built-in random horizontal oscillation to help you work on your forehands and backhands, the Ball Bucket is the most advanced full-featured tennis ball machine available in its price range and size. Load 50 balls and enjoy playing against such advanced features as up to 80-degree lobs to

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