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  • Supermag 48 Recurve Bow

    Field proven by hunters who prefer a shorter bow they can use in various situations. At only 48, The Supermag 48 is perfect for hunting from a ground blind or treestand. Its versatility and length also make it ideal for bowfishing. Crafted of sleek African padauk. Each limb is laminated with clear maple, backed and faced with high-strength black fiberglass. Hand-finished tips are layered with black and white fiberglass to accommodate modern bowstrings. Center-crowned arrow shelf with Bear hair rest and


  • Fred Bear Super Mag 48 Recurve Bow

    Fred Bear Super Mag 48 Recurve Bow Fred Bear Super Mag 48 Recurve Bow Related Resources Talk to a TechXpert about Fred Bear Super Mag 48 Recurve Bow Fred Bear Super Mag 48 Recurve Bow SKU# 1360136 Over 45 years later it remains a proven product. Product Description Product Description • This bow is built for hunting out of ground blinds and treestands or can be used as the perfect bowfishing bow • 48" AMO length • Center crowned arrow shelf with bear hair rest and leather side plate • Riser is made of


  • Bear Super Mag 48" Recurve

    Bear Super Mag 48" Recurve Item Number: 20341X Price: $379.99 20 Questions | 31 Answers Does this bow have sight inserts? AMO sight inserts 9 /30 /2013 Sam J No, the Bear Super Mag 48" does not have ATA sight inserts (formly known as AMO sight). They do have 1/4" x 20 Bear Quiver inserts though . 9 /30 /2013 No it does not have sight inserts. It is a super bow of great quality and I live shooting it. 9/30/2013 I have been bow hunting using a compound for several years so I am a novice when it comes to


  • Fred Bear Custom Recurve 7-Arrow Bow Quiver

    Fred Bear Custom Recurve 7-Arrow Bow Quiver Item Number: 3193 Price: $60.99 16 Questions | 18 Answers Will this fir my Bear Kidiak Magnium 52 " ? 2 /1 /2014 Josh Daytona Beach, Florida Yes, It will fit the Kodiak Magnum . 2 /3 /2014 Will this quiver work on the Bear Grizzly ? 1 /19 /2014 Terry South Carolina 1 /20 /2014 Do you sell just the 2 mounting brackets for the Fred Bear bow quiver ? 6 /3 /2013 John No it only comes with the quiver . 6 /3 /2013 Will this fit on my Predator Takedown ?


  • Wild Turkey Feather Arrow Rest

    Wild Turkey Feather Arrow Rest Item Number: 3562X Price: $12.95 Wild Turkey Feather Arrow Rest reviews ) Durable (5) Accurate (3) Easy to adjust (3) Easy to draw (3) Hunting (7) Practice (7) All weather (3) Good weather (3) Casual/ recreational (5) No (7 ) REVIEWS Reviewed by 9 customers first feather rest Darkata Hamden CT Wild Turkey Feather Arrow Rest Bought this feather rest for my new Bear supermag 48", always used a rug/ hair rest previously but really like this feather rest. It provides a good


  • Bear 55" Cheyenne Recurve

    Bear 55" Cheyenne Recurve Item Number: 20321X Price: $489.99 5 Questions | 6 Answers My husband wants this bow for christmas, he said 55# with 29.5 inch draw....would you recommend the 55# for that? also I cleary have never bought a bow before, does it come with the string? I know it doesn't come with a stringer but makes no mention of string thanks ! 11 /17 /2013 Michelle With a 29.5 draw a 55# bow will pull around 59#'s. A 50# bow will pull around 54#'s. This bow will come with the string but not a


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