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  • e-Moto Ecco 2.5 Electric Cruiser Bicycle

    This bike is no longer available. For More bikes like this please browse our electric bike category or use the above navigation. You can also feel free to call us and we can assist you to find a suitable alternative at 631-306-4542. The e-Moto Ecco 2.5 step-through electric hybrid bicycle is ideal for commuting, shopping, or a leisurely ride in the park. It includes a sensor that feels how hard you are pedaling and instantly provides electric power to match your efforts as well as a thumb throttle that can


    Front Wheel, Charge, Navigation, Chrome, Commuter, Powered, Rear, Lithiumion, Remover, Hub, Stepping, Electrical Outlet, Electric Motor, Hard, Front Suspension, Aluminum, Traditional, Battery, Frame, Wheel, Low Cost, System
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