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  • Cockpit Cover -Perception Kayaks

    Made in USA from urethane coated double stitched nylon packcloth. Great for storage, keep the inside of your kayak clean and dry {kayaks make great homes for spiders, bees, mice and all sorts of things you really don't want to take on your next trip}. Available in black only. Fits Perception Kayaks Carolina 12.0 XS, Umiak, Prodigy XS or Acadia Scout Carolina 12.0 or Carolina 14.0 Carolina 13.5 or Carolina 14.5 Carolina 16.0 Swifty, Sparky, Sundance 9.5, or Streak Prodigy 10 or Prodigy 12 Sundance 9.5


    Nylon, Storage, Cover, Coated
  • Perception Kayaks

    Perception Kayaks New to Spring Creek - Perception Kayaks! Check out the awesome deals below! These boats are all Factory 2nd's unless stated otherwise!! Acadia Scout 10.0 Childhood memories that last a lifetime don't happen in front of the TV. That's why the Acadia Scout is designed just for kids in every way. The lowered deck is the perfect height for visibility while the hull isn't too wide to paddle easily around lakes and ponds. Add in the speedy design and simple, tough outfitting and this trip's one


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