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  • Equilibrium TriZone Cross Country Hind Boots

    Equilibrium TriZone Cross Country Hind Boots TriZone Airlite Cross Country Boots use the latest material technology to create a highly protective boot which is light, flexible and breathable. The new Airlight boots have been proven to protect against concussion and penetration at the levels of force experienced by a horse hitting a fence at speed. The Airlite System is composed of 3 layers to deliver high protection while maintaining lightness, flexibility and breathability. The outer layer is a tough but


  • Brand: Classic Dressage Product code: TRBRUSHING

    Boots NEW Professional's Choice Eskadron boots Equilibrium boots & Equi-Chaps Anky technical boots Veredus Evo There are 14 products in this selection. New elastic material eliminates tangles, pulling and broken ends. Choice of salon pros, now available for your horse! In a handy, resealable bag. 400 bands ber bag. Unlike rubber bands, which break down with age and sunlight, Slickbands won't dry out... Price: £3.50 Brand: Classic Dressage Product code: SlickBands Made from thermoformed EVA padding, this


  • Brand: Classic Dressage Product code: EQNET

    Equilibrium Equilibrium at at the forefront of therapy products for horses. The company behind the development of the nose net and the driving force in 'legalising' the product for competition use - you can be sure that this company will offer you premium products and solutions to help with the general well-being of your horse. Trizone Brushing Boot Trizone brushing boot is made from a lightweight soft neoprene and has elasticated straps with velcro fastening which give a snug, comfortable fit. With


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