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  • Acme Klein Bottles

    Very Big Klein Bottles for sale... In making the Giant Meter-tall , we made several other big Klein Bottles. They may not be giant, but they're quite impressive. These are now for available for immediate delivery to scientific academies, mathematical institutions, topological groups, and bowling alleys. On the left, notice Acme's very big Klein Bottle. It's 43cm tall (17 inches). You can place it in your display case - alongside your Fields Medal, Nobel Prize, Academy Award, and Heisman Trophy for a mere


  • Big Glass Klein bottle - Classical shape, 9 inches tall.

    Acme's Big Classical Klein Bottle To order a Big Classical Klein Bottle for $57, click here: Here's what Felix Klein had in mind back in 1882, when he first dreamed of a closed, one-sided surface. It's elegantly curved, with a side loop making a transverse puncture at the nexus. An Acme Classical Klein Bottle is big enough to show to a classroom, yet slides easily into your backpack for trips across the Yukon. With its center of gravity directly over its base, your Acme Classical Klein Bottle stands on its


  • How to order an Acme

    How to order an Acme Klein Bottle This is a one-person operation - just me, Cliff Stoll. Sometimes my son, Danny helps out. This means that I will send your Klein bottle. I do my best to get it to you as quickly as possible. There are very few orders, so I pack every Klein Bottle, and take each box to the post office. If I receive your order before 3 PM Pacific time on a weekday, I will send it out the same day. Otherwise, it goes out the next day. (UPS picks up in my neighborhood M-F around 4PM Pacific


  • A mighty small Klein Bottle -- a German might say it's eine kleine Klein Bottle.

    Acme's Baby Klein Bottle Acme's Baby Klein Bottle (Or maybe, "eine kleine Kleinsche Flasche") A mighty small Klein Bottle -- a German might say it's eine kleine Klein Bottle. At 11 cm (4.5 inches) high, it's about the size of an avocado ... snuggles right into your palm. Ideal for elementary school topologists, as well as graduate students living on street corners. Includes all the features which have made our Classical Klein Bottle a hit: immersed (not embedded) in 3-dimensions with exactly one handle and


    Baby, Small
  • Sliced Klein Bottles

    Sliced Klein Bottles - see the inner Moebius loop - on sale right here! To further advance your topological explorations, get a Klein Bottle cut right down the middle. You can then trace the built-in Möbius loop with your fingertip or crayon. In the photo, you can see the edge of the glass forms a nice Möbius loop. In this all-too-asymetrical universe, Acme's technicians strive to preserve parity. By slicing an Acme Klein Bottle, they generate one left handed Möbius loop and a matching right-handed one.


  • Double and Triple Klein Bottles

    These are externally linked Klein Bottles; it's also possible to make them linked internally. Carlo Sequin of UC Berkeley has called these Klein Knottles ... sweet! Double and Triple Klein Bottles - A Klein Knottle ! ... which is a Klein Bottle, and which is not? By welding together our Big Classical Klein Bottles, I've built several double and triple Klein Bottles. But be careful - one of these is a Klein Bottle, and one of them is NOT. I will leave it to you to figure out which is the real Klein Bottle.


  • A plastic

    The Plastic Klein Bottle A plastic Klein Bottle Carefully crafted of modern polymers, Acme's plastic Klein Bottle is small, yet handsome. 10.5 cm (4 inches) tall and 6cm (2.3 inches) in diameter. It's about the same size as Acme's widely admired baby Klein Bottle, so it fits your palm and pocketbook. To allow you to visually explore the inner and outer reaches of the manifold, the 1.4 mm thick walls are gently perforated with more than a thousand holes, forming a Whiffle -Klein -Bottle . Designed by Nancy


  • Cutting Edge Jigsaw Puzzles

    Cutting Edge Jigsaw Puzzles Do it yourself Klein Bottles Acme proudly introduces a low-cost line of Jigsaw Puzzle Klein Bottles. Igor, our trustworthy stockperson, occasionally finds these not-quite-perfect Klein Bottles in our warehouse floor. Since they fail our stringent topological tests, we have wondered what to do with them. At long last, you can buy one of these Jigsaw Puzzle Klein Bottles. We include most of the parts necessary to assemble a perfect 3-D immersed Klein Bottle. A few shards may be


  • Acme's Wine Bottle

    Acme's Wine Bottle Klein Bottle After 5 years of experimentation, I'm delighted to offer the Acme Klein Bottle Wine Bottle. Yes, you can store wine in it, and pour wine into and out of it. But no, it's not very practical as a wine carafe. The chimerical Wine Bottle Klein Bottle is now reality! As impractical as it is elegant. The Wine Bottle Klein Bottle is difficult to fill with wine, because of vapor-lock. As you pour water (or wine) into it, there's no place for the air to go. So the wine is trying to go


  • ACME

    Glass Klein Bottles for sale - inquire within Need a zero-volume bottle? Searching for a one-sided surface? Want the ultimate in non -orientability ? Get an ACME KLEIN BOTTLE! At last, Acme has conquered topological and engineering frontiers to manufacture genuine glass Klein Bottles. These are the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions. These elegant bottles make splendid gifts, outstanding classroom displays, and inferior mouse-traps. With its


  • Klein Bottle Opener

    Click to rotate . Since beer bottles are not (usually) pathological or " " spheres, but , they separate 3-space into two non-communicating regions: inside , containing beer, and outside , containing you. This state must not remain. The problem of beer That it is within a 'bottle', i.e. a boundaryless compact 2-manifold homeomorphic to the sphere wild smooth manifolds A proposed solution Clearly the elegant course is to introduce a non-orientable manifold, which has one side and does not divide 3-space.


  • Acme's Classical Klein Bottles

    Acme's Classical Klein Bottles Here's Acme's most popular design: the elegantly curved Classical Klein Bottle. The smooth curves of an Acme Classical Klein Bottle create an extremely low coefficient of aerodynamic drag -- they work in most common fluids including air, deionized water, carbon dioxide, and high-fructose corn syrup. Acme's Classical Klein Bottles are made of real glass and come in three sizes -- ($45), and ($35). All are topologically identical, and each is handcrafted of clear borosilicate


  • Special Klein Bottles available from ACME

    Special Klein Bottles available from ACME ... purveyors of the finest in zero volume manifolds SPECIAL SALE on SPIRAL-HELIX KLEIN BOTTLE - only $90 Spiral top Kleindensor ... we also make these with a left handed helix for Australian topologists. For only $90, you can perform essential research on single sided, single stranded, zero volume, four dimensional helictical manifold research. They are commonly used as condensors in 4-dimensional stills. Use this helix to sproing into the 4th dimension! (and yes,


  • Colby Street Car

    Here's a recent photo of the Acme Klein Bottle Emporium at 6270 Colby Street in Oakland California. In the foreground, our trusty Ford Touring car, ready to deliver another load of Acme Klein Bottles. How to get to the Acme Klein Bottle Factory Outlet and occasional fishpond: PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU COME! The Acme Family is often engaged, so make sure there's someone around by dialing 510 654 3958. To get here from Hayward and Silicon Valley, take 880 North to 980 North, to Route 24. Get off at the CLAREMONT


  • Specifications for ACME Klein Bottles

    Specifications for ACME Klein Bottles Style Height 130 mm (5") 160 mm (6.5") 175 mm (7") 240 mm (9.5") 190 mm (7") 140 mm (5.5") 100 mm (4.5") 280 mm (11") +/- Diameter 90 mm (3.5") 95 mm (4") 100 mm (4") 95 mm (4") 95 mm (3.75") 67 mm (2.7") 60 mm (2.5") 190 mm (7.5") + / - Material Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass 85 %Wool , 15% Mohair Mass 400 gm (14 oz) 225gm (8 oz) 200 gm (7 oz) 250gm (9 oz) 200gm (7 oz) 130gm (4.5oz) 50gm (2 oz) 145 gm (5.2 oz ) Displacement 825 ml (29 fl oz)


  • for sale by

    Engraved Portraits of Gauss for sale by Acme Klein Bottle ! In 2002, our printer was pushed out of the Gauss Portrait Business by a giant European multi-national conglomerate. Recently, we uncovered a special stash, which are now for sale. HURRY - NO MORE ARE BEING MADE! OUR SUPPLY IS FINITE, NONZERO, AND COUNTABLE! As a service to those who appreciate the joy of Gaussian Quadrature, Acme has imported a small number of quality portraits of this great mathematician. Now on sale, along with a FREE BONUS!


  • The truly teeny tiny

    the tiny Klein bottle and a pair of Klein bottle earrings! Free shipping, worldwide. The truly teeny tiny Klein bottle Eine kleine Klein bottle. (Or maybe, "eine winzig kleine Kleinsche Flasche") Hardly 25mm tall - about an inch, give or take a furlong - so you can sneak it into your topology final exam . Mathematicians tell us that this is topologically identical to its larger brethren. Yep, it's one-sided, zero-volume, and non -orientable . Wear this on a necklace. Charm bracelet. Zipper handle.


  • Question Mark

    Question Mark Klein Bottle Inspired by the ceremonial Navajo marriage vase, a Question Mark Klein Bottle makes an elegant wedding gift for the one-sided couple. The nearly-symmetric design allows for ease in transport -- the bottle balances gracefully in your hand as you lilt on stage at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts. We make the handle slightly larger than the nearly-sperical base. This makes the Question Mark Klein Bottle easy to grasp during those intimate topological moments when handles


  • Just $46 gets you a quality, rustproof, borosilicate zerovolume manifold ... a bargain compared to 6 years in graduate school!

    Acme's Medium Klein Bottle To order a Medium Classical Klein Bottle for $46, click here: A little Gem -- it fits in your pocket! Ideal for the iternerant topologist, one sided time traveller, or the visiting postdoc without much room around the cubicle. Includes all the features which have made our Classical Klein Bottle a hit: immersed (not embedded) in 3-dimensions, One handle, Y2K compliant, shrink-resistant borosilicate Glass. Certified one sided. While it's stable on a table, we don't recommend this


  • ACME'S Top Mouth Erlenmeyer

    ACME'S Top Mouth Erlenmeyer Klein Bottle Starting at the mouth of a 500 ml Erlenmeyer flask, we stretch a tube down inside the neck, then out the side, and gently loop it around the outside to join the base of the flask. With a low center of gravity and sleek side handle, it's perfect for holding & delivering fluids. These make elegant vases, not to mention torches to illuminate 4-dimensional laboratories . Please note - I have made two styles of these Klein Bottles ... one with a curved handle, the other


  • ACME's Erlenmeyer

    ACME's Erlenmeyer Klein Bottle Two great names, wedded together in glass! With an oxyhydrogen torch, we delicately burn holes in the base and side of a 500 ml Erlenmeyer flask. A graceful loop of borosilicate glass connects base to side-nexus and thence on to the neck. For some reason, mathematicians seem indifferent to this design, but physicists and chemists love it. Don't ask me. Like Acme's Classical Klein Bottle, you can fill this one with water. Click here for filling instructions. A mere $57 buys a


  • Polyhedron Poster from Acme

    Polyhedra? Polyhedra! Posters of polyhedrons. Posters of Polyhedra. Plenty of Polyhedra. 122 Polyhedrons for just $12 Planar polychrome poster pleasantly presents a plethora of popular Platonic polyhedron pictures! <- click for a big view This is the Peda Software Polyhedron Poster, where you'll find the 5 Platonic solids, the 15 Archimedean solids, 10 Prisms and anti-prisms, and ALL 92 JOHNSON SOLIDS! Yes, you read that right - a 2-dimensional representation of 122 different polyhedra, resting on your


  • Who's behind Acme Klein Bottle?

    I first tried making a Klein Bottle while in high school, around 1968. After burning my fingers on glass tubing, I gave up. I tried again as an undergraduate, as a graduate student (in 1977), and later as a postdoc in the 1980's. During the 1980's, I made my first "good" Klein Bottle, and experimented with several novel applications for Klein Bottles. I began Acme Klein Bottle in January 1996 and displayed my wares at the 1999 San Antonio meeting of the American Mathematial Society . I've been running Acme



    Pop an Acme Klein Bottle on your head! It's ideal for skiing, sleigh-rides, snowball fights, midwinter colloquia, Antarctic beach parties, and alpine chess tournaments. A perfect gift for anyone with a zero-volume head. An important accessory to the one-sided mind. An essential headwarmer for your non-orientable friends who are temporarily immersed in our 3-dimensions. This Klein Bottle is a hand knitted hat, so it's seamless and perfectly contoured. It's constructed of knit -purl -knit -purl , so the


  • The Acme Tantalus Wine Glass

    Thirsty? Then you don't want Acme's Cup of Tantalus.. ..These are self-siphoning cups that can't be filled. As you pour water into an Acme Cup of Tantlus, everything works fine ... for a while. The cup fills with water. But after it reaches a critical depth, suddenly the water drains out through the siphon. (In Canada, Australia, and Britain, the water drains through a syphon). The Acme Tantalus Wine Glass Our Wine Cup of Tantalus is a syphon glass. A question mark shaped tube extends up from the bottom.


  • Yikes! A Drinking Mug

    Drinking Mug Klein Bottles - for the Thirsty Topologist -- now back in stock! -- This looks like a glass cup. But wait -- it has two big chambers connected by a hollow handle. In fact, it's actually a Klein Bottle. Hot ziggitty -- a Klein Bottle that delivers liquid straight to your waiting lips. Yep - you heard me right. You can drink right from this cup. Pour in beer and it's a Klein Stein. Would you believe Einstein's Klein Stein? This cheezy diagram shows a cross section through the Acme Klein Bottle


  • Conditions of ACME's Unconditional Guarantee

    Conditions of ACME's Unconditional Guarantee We at strive to create the finest nonorientable surfaces and hope that you will be satisfied with your new Acme manifold. For this reason, we are pleased to offer this UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE complete with these conditions: Acme Klein Bottle We unconditionally guarantee your Acme Klein Bottle to be free of any defects in workmanship or workwomanship for a period of ONE YEAR following purchase. If you aren't satisfied with your Acme Klein Bottle -- for any reason


  • How to dry your

    Filling instructions for your Acme Klein Bottle: I suggest keeping your Klein Bottle dry, mainly because it's hard to clean once wet. But if you want to explore hydrodynamics of onesided containers, here's a few hints. Don't just pour water into your Acme Klein Bottle -- the water will fill the sidearm and then vapor lock. Instead, hold your bottle horizontally under water in a basin, bucket, or sink. Rotate it around its main axis; with each rotation, some air will bubble out. Once filled, add a drop of


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