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  • Heart of Purple Secrets - Georgian Paste Brooch

    Antique paste jewelry is one of life's true luxuries, These glittering glass stones were never merely an imitation of the 'real thing', but were worn, loved, and considered the height of fashion. As paste was favored by the illustrious citizens of it's time, so it has drawn a coterie of sophisticated devotees today. Look deep into the depths of this fathomless purple heart, and find all you would like to express. Give it, and all is said silently for you while lambent shafts of shimmering light dance around


    Heart, Antique, Purple, Glass
  • Harry Iskin 40 s Gold Filled Floral Pin

    Harry Iskin 40's Gold Filled Floral Pin This is an interesting floral gold filled pin with a center aquamarine quartz stone. The coloring is yellow gold with rose gold accents. Signed on the back in a round cartouche with "H" and and "I" on it and marked 1/20 10K. 1.70" x 2.18"; weighing 11.6 grams Harry Iskin was born in London, England on September 30, 1886. He immigrated to the United States and became a U.S. citizen in 1908 at the age of twenty two. In 1930 his occupation was a manufacturer of wholesale


    Accent, Floral, Quartz, Yellow, Gold Filled
  • American Girl Grin Pins 10 Pack 4 Different Sets To Choose From While They Last

    American Girl Grin Pins 10 Pack All NEW Set #1 Contains Girls Are Great Why Not GO USA Dream! A Good Citizen Lend a Hand (a Banana)(a Green Bird)(a blue with White star Smiley Face)(A red, Green Blue Girl)Brand New American Girl Today Grin Pins, various pins in each bag Set # 2 Contains Friendly Dream Big Girls Are Great I (heart) Blading Double Dutch A Good Citizen I (heart Reading a book)(multi colored Puzzle Pieces)(Purple with Green Star)(Blue with White Rabbit)Set #3 Contains Practice Hugs

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