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  • Zildjian Adrian Young Cymbal Bag

    Zildjian Adrian Young Cymbal Bag Zildjian Adrian Young Cymbal Bag Description: The Adrian Young Cymbal Bag features a distinctive red /blue /green /yellow /white plaid pattern, which Adrian has been known to wear on stage. Bold styling includes reflective piping, large screened Adrian logo in red and rubberized red and black Adrian Young logo patches. The bag holds cymbals up to 22-inches in diameter and includes internal dividers and a 15-inch HiHat pocket with drumstick pouch. Zildjian Adrian Young Cymbal



    ZILDJIAN CYMBAL BAGS Description P0729 Zildjian Zildjian 20" Cymbal Bag P0733 Zildjian Zildjian Deluxe Cymbal Bag 22 " TGIG Zildjian Zildjian Gig Cymbal Bag 22 " TAYCB Zildjian Adrian Young Cymbal Bag P0739 Zildjian 22 " Armand Cymbal Bag TOMCB Zildjian Tommy Lee Cymbal Bag P0726 Zildjian K Constantinople Cymbal Bag P0738 Zildjian 24 " Cymbal Bag PSCB Zildjian Session Cymbal Bag (22 " ) TRAVCB2 Zildjian Travis Barker Cymbal Bag TRECB2 Zildjian Tre Cool Cymbal Bag -


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