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  • Poop-off 32oz Spray Bottle

    Spaghetti sauce on the ceiling, corn on the blinds, carrot bits on the walls, poop on the carpet... While it sounds like the aftermath of a toddler party, it's just the average bird household after a day of normal activity. Most of us are not fortunate enough to have someone else clean up the mess so it's great when a product comes along that does most of the work for you! Poop-off dissolves poop from cages, perches, walls, carpet, floors and clothing. It also cleans splattered food, regurgitated food,


  • I'm Here! (Set of 5) - Price $12.50

    Parrot Cards... Page 3 New Flock Member I'm here! Feeding Time Sold Individually - Price $3.00 I'm Here! (Set of 5) - Price $12 .50 Selection : I 'm Here! I'm Here! - Set of 5 Feeding Time Feeding Time - Set of 5 Thank you Parrot SittIng Price $3 .00 Sympathy Sympathy Lilies Price $3.00 Work Work ruffle Price $3.00 View Parrot Cards ©2001 - 2005 Nalani Toys - Photos, logo, design and content are the property of Nalani Toys.


  • Bird Toy Parts.... Plastics

    Bird Toy Parts.... Plastics We've got a great selection of all the latest plastic parts at super prices. All our parts are made with non-toxic, child-sate materials and we carry no soft pvc or rubberized items. While some parts can be purchased undrilled, most come ready to string. Bird sizing and stringing material recommendations are included in many of the listings to help make your shopping experience even easier. We welcome any questions you might have about the parts listed below. Some of the


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