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  • The Handy Art History Answer Book

    The major art pieces, most important artists, and significant artistic movements from 35,000 BCE to today are collected together in this easy to read resource on art history. Continuing in the tradition of the standout Handy Answer Book reference series, this book not only the covers the development of Western art, but also the history of art across the globe. An overview of art-its history, techniques, materials, forms, colors, style, the nature of artistic expression, and how to look at art-is followed by

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  • Three Simple Truths And Six Essential Traits For Powerful Writing: Book Three - Advancing

    Improve Student Writing Dramatically with our Powerful, New Writing Program! Empower your students with this innovative writing program that guides their progress along the 14 developmental stages addressed in our unprecedented rubric. By presenting clear and achievable objectives as well as immediate and ongoing feedback, you will quickly turn your students into the most powerful writers they can be!

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  • Blues to Blood

    In this compelling memoir that spans a musician?s incredible ride through fifty-four years of life, Donald Darcy provides a glimpse into his journey through a world of music, drugs, and alcoholism, ultimately illustrating that recovery is possible for anyone with a desire to change. A professional singer and songwriter, Donald details his life during the post-war modulation of the late 1950s, the turbulent 1960s, the drug-soaked 1970s and 1980s, and finally, the introspective 1990s that he has nicknamed?


  • Bohemia under Hapsburg Misrule

    This edition features a linked Table of Contents. CONTENTS I. Have the Bohemians a Place in the Sun? Thomas Capek. II. The Slovaks of Hungary Thomas Capek. III. Why Bohemia Deserves Freedom Professor Bohumil Simek. IV. The Bohemian Character Professor H.A. Miller. V. Place of Bohemia in the Creative Arts Professor Will S. Monroe. VI. The Bohemians and the Slavic Regeneration Professor Leo Wiener. Addenda. The Bohemians as Immigrants Professor Emily G. Balch.


  • Paris in Black

    Paris Portingale at his very best - dark, insightful, creative, funny, and looking at the world in a way very few of us know how. Join Paris as he explores life in a hole, life as a clown, life as a God, and life as a lazy husband, among other journeys. Stories in this collection include:A Better WorldClownsMad to Work HerePremonitionsRael Apartment on the Seventh FloorThe HoleThe Road TripWhat I Did on the HolidaysPlease note: These stories will appeal more to lovers of 'Art and the Drug Addict's Dog' than


  • Tatort Eifel 2

    Ein Land mit rauem Charme. Deutschlands Krimilandschaft Nr.1 inspiriert seit vielen Jahren Autorinnen und Autoren zu Mordgeschichten der besonderen Art. Zum zweiten Mal versammelt Jacques Berndorf seine Lieblingskollegen mit ihren mörderischen Texten. Herausgekommen ist ein Krimi-Lesebuch der besonderen Art, in dem das Mordsvergnügen in all seinen Facetten daherkommt, von hart bis zart, von blutrot bis tiefschwarz. Alle zwei Jahre wird anlässlich des groBen Krimifestivals TATORT EIFEL der Deutsche



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