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  • Sugar Maple Tree - 3- 4 ft.

    Long-lived hardwood casts shade in spring and summer; rich crimson and gold fall foliage. Grows 60-75 ft. tall with a symmetrical shape. Sap is used for syrup. Does sweet things for your yard, too! Bareroot. Not available in CT.


    Long, Maple, Shade
  • Emerald Green Arborvitae Bare Root

    Emerald Green Arborvitae Bare Root Emerald Green Arborvitae Bare Root Description This item is not currently available . Arborvitae Emerald Green , also known as " Smaragd ," is one of our most popular plants. An excellent small evergreen tree for a privacy hedge , this arborvitae grows almost perfectly pyramidal requiring little to no pruning needed. Arborvitae Emerald Green has a very bright green color and appears to have a tinge of gold to it if the sun hits it. One of our most popular evergreen


  • Hachiya Persimmon Tree

    Hachiya Persimmon Tree SKU: PERS:Hachiya The Hachiya persimmon's pale orange fruit is firm and sweet when fully ripe. This variety of persimmon continues to ripen after picked. The Hachiya persimmon is the best variety for cakes and pudding. Harvest in November. Chill Hours: 200 Zones: 6-10 Size: 3'4' bare-root Caliper: 1/2"


  • Desirable Pecan Tree (I/O)

    Desirable Pecan Tree (I/O) SKU: Instant:Instant Desirable $49 .95 You Save: 9% Developed from the Stuart Pecan tree, this heavy bearer is larger than Stuart. This pecan tree is a very heavy producer. The nuts are larger than Stuart and produces about 39 pecans per pound. This pecan tree can make you more money per pound of pecan. Pollinate the Desirable Pecan Tree with the Stuart Pecan Tree. Early season. Nuts/lb. 39 Zones: 7-9 The Desirable Pecan Tree is available in 3 different sizes: Size: 3'-4'


  • Bartlett Pear Tree 6-7'

    Bartlett Pear Tree 6-7' SKU: Instant:Instant Bartlett 6-7' 2 Year - 4'-5' - 1/2" Caliper - less $34.00 Instant Orchard - 6'-7' - 1' Caliper The Bartlett pear tree has been around for a long time. The consistent crops of pears it produces keeps this pear tree a all time favorite. This pear tree produces large golden yellow fruit blushed with a brownish-red. This pear trees fruit also has smooth, juicy white flesh. The pears have a pleasant touch of tartness on this pear tree. The most popular pear tree with


  • Cherry Tree - Bing

    Pick bushels of the most popular sweet cherry in your own yard. The Bing Cherry (Prunus avium ‘Bing’) is one of the finest and most famous and produces sweet cherry varieties. In early spring, your Bing Cherry tree will be positively glowing when it is covered in dazzling white flowers. Later in the spring and during the summer, the Bing Cherry will have bright green leaves, a wonderful contrast to the deep garnet, almost-black fruit. Your Bing Cherry tree will will mature to 30-35 feet. It will


  • Hunt Muscadine Vine - 2 Yr Bareroot

    Hunt Muscadine Vine - 2 Yr Bareroot SKU: MUSCADINES:Hunt The Hunt muscadine vine produces fruit that is excellent for jams, jelly, juice, and wines. This muscadine is medium in size with large clusters and good quality. The Hunt muscadine vine is disease resistant and cold hardy. Ripens early season. 17% sugar. Available in 2 year Bare root only. NOTE: Female variety that must be planted within 50 feet of a self-fertile variety.


  • Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

    Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Rich Color, Lush Growth Thick and lovely, with a lush cover of blue-green needles. Fast growing—adds a foot or so each year. Stands 40-60 ft. tall with a pyramidal shape when grown. Bareroot. Zones 2-7. 2 - 7 (-50° F.) 30-50 feet. Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Product Details Picea pungens 30-50 feet. 8-10 feet. Plant at stain on trunk. Blue green needles; evergreen with 3/4 -1 1/4 needles. Fruit is a cone 3-4 inches long . Pyramidal Insignificant Rich ,


    Colorant, Spruce, Color
  • Plants :: Bare Root Plants

    Our bare root plants are grown outdoors in garden beds here in SE MN. These can be planted during cold weather, any time the soil is not frozen. Our plants are at least 1 year old; many are 2+ years old. For a naturalized look, recommended spacing is approximately one plant for every 1-2 square feet. We sell the male trees. The male buds are showier, and it is the branches of the male trees that most want for ornamental reasons. These buds, called catkins, appear very early in the spring, often when snow is


    Garden, Outdoor
  • Early Fry Muscadine - 2Yr Plus Bareroot

    Early Fry Muscadine - 2Yr Plus Bareroot SKU: Musc Plus:Early Fry Plus


  • Persian Lilac Tree Form

    Persian Lilac Tree Form Persian Lilac Tree Form Description No longer offering this variety, please visit our Department for other plant varieties. Persian Lilac Tree Form has fragrant flowers in a rare tree form configuration. Persian Lilac Tree Form is rofessionally trimmed and trained into tree form for your esthetic pleasure. Use Persian Lilac Tree Form in a pair to accent an entrance to a garden, or to frame a special walkway. These Persian Lilac Tree Form trees are 3 year old, 3 to 4 foot tall with a


  • Mountain Ash Shade Tree

    Mountain Ash Shade Tree SEPTEMBER SPECIAL: Expires: September 30, 2014 Changes Color Each Season Snowy flowers in late May, emerald leaves in summer and drooping clusters of red-orange fruit in fall. Grows 20-25 feet tall. Best in full sun. Gurney's trees are shipped as dormant bareroot stock that leafs out into handsome, healthy specimens that do our lawn and landscape proud 3 - 7 (-30° F.). 20 - 25 feet. Mountain Ash Shade Tree


  • Scarlet Maple Tree - 3-4 ft.

    Produces red-tinted, winged seeds very early in spring. Leafs out emerald green; turns fiery red-orange in fall. Grows 50-60 ft. tall with a symmetrical rounded head. Resistant to wind damage. Bareroot. Zones 3-9. Not available in CT.


    Maple, Seed
  • Olive Topiary

    Olive Topiary Medium Bring home a touch of the sunny Mediterranean. With silvery green leaves year-round, this petite olive tree makes a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter, windowsill, tabletop or outdoor living area. An excellent housewarming or hostess gift, the potted olive tree is shipped directly from a California nursery specializing in high-quality topiary. European olive tree ( Olea europaea ). Bright light or full sun. Zones 8 to 11. Suitable for container or ground planting. Small


  • American Eastern Redbud Tree

    American Eastern Redbud Tree Cercis canadensis American Redbud or Eastern Redbud and sometimes referred to as the Judas tree as it dates back to biblical times. Very handsome, small tree with gracefully ascending branches, reaches 20 to 30 feet. Perfect reddish purple flowers open to a rosy-pink, March-April. Emerging heart-shaped reddish purple leaves turn green, then yellow-green in fall. Origin: New Jersey to Florida, west to Missouri and Texas and northern Mexico. Zones 4-10 Great as a single specimen,


  • Fry Seedless Muscadine - 2 Yr Plus Bareroot

    Fry Seedless Muscadine - 2 Yr Plus Bareroot SKU: Musc Plus:Fry Sdls Plus


  • Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree

    Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree The Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree grows to 20 feet in height and 16 feet in width and the new coppery-bronze foliage matures to a rich green color with reddish-copper fall color. The double flowering lacy pink blooms of the Kwanzan flowering cultivar of the Japanese Flowering Cherry tree form fluffy globe units that will completely cover the stems and branches at the flowering climax. Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Trees bloom even at a young age and can be seen flowering in early


  • The Rising Sun™ Redbud

    The Rising Sun™ Redbud A Wayside Exclusive Mail-Order Introduction! Trade Gallon (3qt) – $49.95 Bareroot – $74.95 2-Gallon – $77.95 Product Description Heat -tolerant and burn-resistant, this is the most beautifully colored Eastern Redbud yet Plant Patent 21,451. Cultivar name: 'JN2' The most brilliantly colored selection of the Eastern Redbud yet, this brand-new introduction offers spring foliage of deep apricot-orange, maturing to yellow and then speckled lime-green in summer, only to return to its rich


  • Carex Appalachica 4 year bareroot

    > Carex Appalachica 4 year bareroot Carex Appalachica 4 year bareroot Appalachian Sedge Appalachian Sedge Carex Appalachica 4 year bareroot Description Appalachian Sedge 4" Appalachian Sedge Appalachian Sedge is for Sale Wholesale from Our State Certified Tree Nursery Buy Appalachian Sedge at DNT Nursery. When you are getting ready for a new landscaping project you want to choose plants that are adaptable and easy to manage. Take for example this grass, which is a sedge that is most commonly grown within

    • Sale


  • Russian Olive

    Russian Olive Russian Olive Description Russian Olive (5 Plants) Russian Olive Plants ships in the range of 10 to 22 inch tall bare root seedliings. Cannot ship to CO, CT, MT, NH, NM, or WY. Russian Olive or Elaeagnus angustifolia is an excellent windbreak shrub and wildlife plant . Russian Olive is extremely tolerant of environmental factors. The best windbreak plant for high wind areas . Pictured is the Russian olive shrub form . Easily grows into a hedge by planting 10' apart in rows. Russian Olive has


  • Green Ash Trees

    Green Ash Trees Rating : Shipping : Product Description Green Ash - Fraxinus Pennsylvancia This tree is a deciduous tree that has irregular shape when young and develops an oval crown with age. It has gray bark and twigs that that droop to the ground then bend upward at their tips. This tree grows on wet or dry soil. It easily adapts to a wide variety of landscaping conditions. It grows well on city planting pits and other confined spaces as much as it does on open landscapes. Because of its high


  • Maui grown Tropical Tree-choose one from assortment

    This listing is for 1 (one) of the Tree varieties listed below. Each tree is about one year old and their approx. heights are listed next to them. They are all organically grown from seed by me in Haiku, Maui. The trees vary in sizes. Please ask me if you were interested in a larger or smaller sizes. I offer fresh seeds of most of the trees in my shop also. All live plants ship out on Mondays after Hawaii state Agricultural inspection on Sundays. all plants are shipped bare root. Your tree will arrive in



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