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  • American Black (Bowfin) Caviar

    American Black (Bowfin) Caviar 1 - 9 oz 1oz for $45 4oz for $71 9oz for $108 Reviews Choose 1oz or 4oz glass jars or 9oz tin . Features : Grade 1 Fresh (Cured) Bowfin caviar (aka choupique caviar) is small, brown to black in color, and has sturgeon caviar-like, but rather mild, tangy flavor. It is sometimes used as a beluga caviar substitute . Refrigerate bowfin caviar. Do not freeze it. 4-6 weeks unopened, 2-3 days opened. Bowfin caviar has a very mild flavor, and should be paired with crème fraiche,


  • Italian Osetra Baerii Caviar

    Italian Osetra Baerii Caviar 1 - 7 oz 1oz for $154 4oz for $454 7oz for $779 Reviews Choose 1oz or 4oz glass jars or 7oz tin . Features : Grade 1 Farmed Fresh (Cured) Italian Osetra Baerii Caviar Osetra caviar (aka ossetra, oscietre) has been gathered from Siberian sturgeon (osetra baerii) sustainably farmed in Italy. Its large, firm, grey-brown pearls have a unique crisp, smooth & nutty taste that has been favorably compared to wild beluga caviar. , farmed in Israel from wild Russian Caspian sturgeon


  • Picnic Gift Basket of Iberico de Bellota by 5J - Cinco Jotas

    - Stunning gift basket - By 5J, one of Spain's most famous brands - Free-range, acorn-fed, pure Iberico - 12 packs of hand-sliced Bellota paleta - Exclusive Sargadelos plate and embroidered napkin Give a fantastic gift to the ham aficionado in your life! Acorn-fed Iberico de Bellota is truly the world's most delicious ham. These twelve packs of paleta are literally sliced by master ham slicers from the famous ham town of Jabugo. They are packed with a deluxe Sargadelos plate and an embroidered napkin in a


  • Gift Pack of Sliced Iberico de Bellota by 5J - Cinco Jotas

    - Beautifully gift packed - 5J, one of Spain's finest brands - Free-range, acorn-fed, pure Iberico - 2 x 1.5oz packs of hand-sliced paleta - Certified Bellota grade Iberico de Bellota is a marvel, truly the finest cured meat in the world. Served at room temperature, bellota ham will glisten with beneficial fats that are the key to its incredible, complex flavor. This gift pack features 2 packages of paleta (cured shoulder), literally hand-sliced by master carvers from the famous town of Jabugo. Serve on a


  • Iberico Duo - Sliced Jamon Iberico & Jamon Iberico de Bellota

    - Jamon Iberico ham + acorn-fed Iberico de Bellota - Try the world's finest hams! - Great side by side comparison - Perfect 'tapa' - serve room temperature Jamon Iberico is the world's best dry-cured ham. Like Kobe beef or Beluga caviar, the flavor and quality are a result of centuries of tradition, handed down to create the finest example of its kind. These intensely flavored hams are cured for over two years in the mountains of Spain, transforming the pork into a concert of flavors achieved by no other


  • Karat Russian Sturgeon Osetra Caviar

    Karat Russian Sturgeon Osetra Caviar 1 - 7 oz Options 1oz for $123 Classic Amber 4oz for $345 Classic Amber 7oz for $601 Classic Amber 1oz for $138 Imperial Gold 4oz for $402 Imperial Gold 7oz for $702 Imperial Gold Reviews Choose 1oz or 4oz glass jars or 7oz tin . Features : Grade 1 Amber & Gold Available Farmed Fresh (Cured ) Israel Karat osetra caviar is available in two varieties.. Both varieties are medium-large sized eggs. Classic Amber: Olive-light brown in color with a rich, nutty flavor.


  • Jamon Iberico de Bellota Center Piece by Peregrino

    - Acorn-fed, free-range Iberico ham - Freshly cut weekly at La Tienda - Ready to slice and serve - Perfect amount when an entire ham is too much - USDA inspected Cut from center of the ham, this piece delivers the heavenly flavor of Spain's most prized delicacy. When an entire ham is a bit too much for your culinary needs, the center piece of the exquisite Jamon Iberico de Bellota is the perfect solution. The nutty and rich flavor of the Jamon Iberico de Bellota will leave you in awe as it melts in your


  • 5J Maestro Cortador Kit with Jamon Iberico de Bellota - FREE SHIPPING!

    - A phenomenal gift for the aficionado - Premium 5J bone-in Bellota grade ham (about 13 lbs) - Free-range, acorn-fed, pure Iberico - Includes 5J jamon carving stand - Carving set: 2 knives, pincers plus chainmail glove Become a ham master or give the ultimate gift to the Maestro Cortador in your life! This beautifully packaged gift container holds a whole bone-in, acorn fed Jamon Iberico de Bellota ham, a striking black 5J ham holder, two premium ham carving knives, stainless steel pincers for serving jamon



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    It is said that the first people tasting roes were the Azeris and Persians living at the Kura River on the area of the former Persian Empire, (today Azerbaijan). They called them “Chav - Jar” which means a cake of power. The Persians believed that caviar was a medicine, which can cure many diseases, and also a source of energy. Aristotle, the Greek scholar in the 4th century B.C., described caviar as a delicacy made from the roe (eggs) of sturgeon fish. During the Roman Empire, caviar was such a luxury so


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