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  • THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS W-2530 Childrens Wooden Play Furniture Doll Bed Small 11 x 20 inch

    Childs Wooden Doll Bed, which is styled after the old Poster Beds, has a very high Headboard and with a high Foot board- Both the Headboard and Foot board- have wooden balls on top of the Bed Posts- The bed surface has 3 slats underneath running in between the Bed Side-Rails with a Bed Surface Panel on top to hold a mattress not furnished- This is our Smallest size Doll Bed, with three larger sizes, one of which is a twin double bed- The Childs Wooden Doll Bed is finished with a Brown Hand Rubbed Oil

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  • Generic DIY Wooden Peg Dolls Art Craft Kit For Wedding Cake Topper Bride and Groom Gifts

    This is a complete kids or adult art kit, which INCLUDES: 1 unfinished bride doll 1 unfinished groom straight body doll (3 1/2" tall and 1 1/10" wide) 1 big round paint brush 1 small round paint brush 1 flat brush 12 standard colors (2 rows) 1 sandpaper plate correcting tool for correcting wrong painting) 1 round bar eye tool for make eyes) 1 cardboard box as seen in picture. Perfect for your DIY projects: Wedding cake topper Kids party activity or party bags Toys for big kids to play with - little people

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    Wooden, Standard, Cardboard, Play, Wide, Round, Bar, Box, Bride, Small, Color
  • Teeny Tiny Peg Wooden Doll c1910 - Special Holiday Sale

    Offered is one of the Tiniest Peg Wooden Dolls I have seen. This Mini Doll measures a mere 1-1/8" Tall. "Peggy" has Painted Black Hair, with two Black Dots for Eyes, Rosy Pink Cheeks, and the Hint of a mouth that I could only see under a magnifying glass. Her Legs are Jointed and she can sit in a Miniature Chair. Her Arms are outstretched and immobile. She is a Sweet and Tiny as Can be and won't take up much room! I have laid "Peggy" next to her little friend, an all bisque Hertwig doll, which is offered in


    Wooden, Painted, Dollhouse, Holiday, Mini, Chair, Small
  • Nice 7" Wooden Peg Doll Lovely Green Fashion Dress with Train

    Nice 7" Wooden Peg Doll Lovely Green Fashion Dress with Train Small 7" wooden peg doll from the early 1900s. She has very small size facial features with narrow eyebrows black dots for eyes, a dot for her mouth and just a touch of light pink for cheeks and very light flesh colored base, almost white. The hair is black. She is jointed at the arms which move forward and out to the sides. The legs are jointed at the hips and will allow the doll to sit, but the knees are not jointed. The hands and the lower


    Narrow, Fashion, Small Size
  • THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS W-2500 Childrens Wooden Play Furniture Doll Cradle

    Child's Wooden Doll Cradle is our smallest cradle. It was originally designed for small dolls but some women reported back to us that they were using it as a small rocking planter interior decoratively somewhere in the house. The Child's Wooden Doll Cradle is finished with a Brown Hand Rubbed Oil finish. The color is a non-toxic stain-like impregnated finish. The Doll Cradle measures 3-1/2 x 11 in. inside dimensions. The Puzzle-Man Toys Our wooden toys are created for the safety and education of


    Decorative, Designer, Rock, Water Resistant, Washable, Sturdy, Colorful, Small, Personal, Color
  • Magic Cabin Fallon Doll Pendant Gifts $15 - $25

    Taking their design inspiration from vintage peg and clothespin dolls, these lovely wooden lasses are custom-painted with the hair color and skin tone of your choice, to match the little girl who wears it! Each comes on a satin cord featuring a lobster clasp. Choose Dress, Hair and skin colors. Made in the USA. For ages 3 and up. Available StylesFallon in blueVivi in redPippa in pinkAvailable Skin ColorsDarkLightMediu Hair ColorsBlondeDark Brown Light brownSizesDoll 2"H x 1"WSatin Cord 18"LShippingAllow 2-3


  • Teeny Early Peg Wooden with Box

    Unmarked doll 3/4" tall Box 2" long 1" wide Wonderful Peg wooden lady (missing lower part of right arm) in original costume. She has paint chipping to the front and back of her head. Legs are in tact with red painted slippers. She arrived in the small early lidded wooden box which kept her safe so many years. A wonderful package to join your collection.


    Long, Wide, Box
  • Nature's Small Rainbow Peg Dolls-Natural Wooden Toy-Set of 6

    Nature's Small Rainbow Peg Dolls are sweet wooden peg dolls created in the Waldorf tradition, with an open face, to allow your child to imagine your dolls expressions. These peg dolls are great for boys or girls and painted using non-toxic, AP certified paints of the rainbow and sealed with your choice of using a homemade blend of beeswax and organic jojoba oil or AP certified, non-toxic, water based, indoor/outdoor sealer. You may choose either a small man peg shape or a small angel peg shape. The



    Wooden, Small
  • Tiny Pastel Ninjas Wooden Peg Dolls

    Don't let the colors fool you, these tiny pastel ninjas are plenty fierce. Each ninja is 1 1/4" tall. They come together as a set of pastel yellow, blue and pink. Due to the size of these dolls, they should be given to children no longer putting things in their mouths. All dolls are painted and sealed with non toxic materials. The seal is a very durable satin finish. These dolls are perfect for dollhouse play, shelf displays, collection, and the smaller dolls can even be made into necklaces. The dolls



    Wooden, Painted, Play, Dollhouse, Durable, Colorant, Photo, Seal, Small, Color
  • Antique Peg Wood Doll - Lovely Dress

    Today we are offering this very sweet Peg Wooden. She is approx 12" tall, circa 1890, and in wonderful shape. These dolls are fragile by nature. She is jointed at the hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. She has a very pretty brown floral prairie dress with green satin ribbons at the waist and wrists. Underneath you will find a pretty slip. She appears to be in good condition. Her face does have a flaw in the wood, which the artist painted right over. She would look perfect in a primitive setting.


  • Boys Pirate Set of 4 Wooden Dolls Natural Toy People Play "Woodles"

    Arrrgh! This friendly Pirate Set includes the peg-legged Captain and his feathery friend, the one-eyed first mate, the swash buckling rogue and the quiet, muscular bald man. :) This set of four has been hand drawn by our talented young artist in a simple, child-friendly way, while still remaining detailed and interesting! Each figurine measures between 7" and 6" inches tall. They are original characters, hand drawn, sanded, cut out and hand painted on both sides with A.P. certified non-toxic, child-friendly


    Wooden, Play, Boys
  • Wedding Couple Hand Painted Wooden Peg Dolls

    These are a set of two 3.5 inch, hand painted, custom made wooden peg dolls, bride and groom. They can be used as wedding cake toppers, for the guest book table, as decorations or for the couples' table. They make awesome gifts and reminders of the special day! I can custom make your dolls to match your wedding attire. I can match hair and eyes to your specifications. Just send me any pictures your would like me to use for inspiration. I can also add any special embellishments using hand made clay



    Wooden, Hand Painted, Table, Bride, Bling, Handmade, Custom Made
  • granddaughter stocking gift

    Customer Reviews 4.0 Average Rating | 2 Reviews small pieces on December 9, 2014 Verified Purchase sls47 a bit small for to put together for a 5-yr. old. Was this review helpful to you? granddaughter stocking gift on December 8, 2014 Verified Purchase infill cute gift idea for my granddaughter and quick delivery so Santa will be on time Was this review helpful to you? Meaghan Mountford Guest Picks: 25 Kids’ Toys for $25 or Less on Wednesday This cute little gift-in-a-tin lets kids dress up wooden peg


    Paper, Remover, Decorative, Designer, Portable, Box, Custom, Small, Color
  • Wooden Peg Dolls - Jumbo Poppie People - Huddleston Family

    'Way far away in a quaint little village live the Poppie People. They are friendly, old-fashioned people, and love to play with little children for hours on end. Wooden peg dolls are dressed in hand-crocheted cotton clothes. The pegs are one-piece - no detachable heads, and the clothes and hats are firmly glued on with non-toxic wood glue. The jumbo parents are approximately 3 1/2" tall, the children are approximately 2 3/8" tall, big enough to be safe for toddlers and children. For more Poppie People,



    Wooden, Play, Cotton, Parenting, Toddler
  • Lot of 5 Antique Dolls

    Here is a lot of 5 antique dolls up for sale for one price. Here are their descriptions from left to right: 4" all bisque Made in Japan. Very cute with painted flowers in her hair, holding a flower and painted shoes which most of it has come off. 5 " ethnic doll, all original holding basket of flowers with original tag. Tag reads Lorraine on one side, the other side reads La Poupee Regionale DIANNE. 5 " celluloid baby on five piece loosely strung body. There is an indentation on one of the thighs. 6" all


    Ethnic, Wooden, Baby, Painted, Original
  • Wooden Peg Dolls Cake Topper - Custom Wood Bride and Groom Peg Cake Topper

    Hand painted Wooden Peg Dolls made specially for you Groom is measures 3.5" Bride is measures 3.5" The Wooden Dolls are beautifully made for a wedding cake topper. Painted with non toxic paint and coated with non toxic varnish made in the USA. Since it is all hand painted, items received may have slight variation from those pictured. Makes great keepsake! The wooden dolls can be customize to your wedding motif. Let me know and I will be more than happy to work with you! If you have any question feel free to



    Painted, Coated, Custom
  • Vintage Japanese Dento Kokeshi Doll Artist Signed

    A beautiful artist signed Japanese kokeshi wooden doll carved from honey colored cherry wood and created in the dento (traditional) style. The doll s traditional kokeshi floral design is hand painted. The doll s face is sweetly painted in the traditional Kokeshi style defined by simple and minimal painting that somehow creates a sense of clear expression. The front of the kimono has two painted branches with a scattering of blossoms. This dento kokeshi doll has the artis'st red ink chop on base. Purchased


    Wooden, Japanese, Colorant, Sign, Traditional, Color
  • Dollhouse Dolls Wooden Peg People

    Help answer the age-old question (err...rather recent internet meme) of who would win in a battle - pirates or ninjas? This set includes two 2.5" tall wooden dolls. They're crafted from US grown kiln dried hardwood, and are painted with AP certified nontoxic paint. They're sealed with AP certified nontoxic wood sealer ensuring the longevity and durability of the finished piece. The pirate has a hook, while the ninja is wielding a katana. They're the perfect size to tote around in a little



  • unfinished wood doll bodies - 3 9/16\ (pkg of 10)"

    product details unfinished wood doll figures - 3 9/16\ hardwood maple made in the usa product descriptionthese large male wood doll figures are made in the usa from hardwood maple. each package contains 10 wooden men.peg people - male body3-9/16\" tall x 1-1/8\ widesku:adib0067mtdk8"


    Wooden, Large, Male
  • Rag Doll

    Product 17/24 Rag Doll Dolls appear to have been used by humans since earliest times. A fragment of an alabaster doll from the Babylonian period has been found. Dolls constructed of flat pieces of wood, painted with various designs and with "hair" made of strings of clay or wooden beads, have often been found in Egyptian graves dating baek to 2000 BC. Egyptian tombs of wealthy families have included pottery dolls. Dolls with moveable limbs and removable garments date back to 600 B.C. Dolls have been found


    Wooden, Fabric, Colorant, Soft, Bright Colors, Colorful, Handmade, Remover, Painted, Metal, Led, Fashion, Small
  • Music Box Doll - Vintage Italian Doll - Lenci Like Face

    Vintage Dolls Antique Dolls, Vintage Ethnic Dolls Vintage Doll Clothes & Accessories Contemporary Collectible Dolls Music Box Doll - Vintage Italian Doll - Lenci Like Face Product Details This is a very pretty and special vintage doll. I have had her for quite sometime but have not put her in the shop because I did not know anything about her other than she has a Lenci like face. While looking through a very old doll magazine from the 1960's I THOUGHT I had found this very doll she was made by "Old Cottage


    Ethnic, Wooden, Sleeve, Play, Collectable, Plastic, Accessory, Posable, Small
  • Harry Potter Hand Painted Wooden Peg Dolls

    "It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be."- Albus Dumbledore, Goblet of Fire These adorable hand painted, non toxic wooden dolls are a must have for any Harry Potter fan! They make a great gift, collectible, cake toppers or party favors. This listing is for 3 Harry Potter peg people. They stand 2 3/8" tall. Hand painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a non toxic sealer. These are custom painted and will vary slightly. Only interested in a certain character or have a custom order?



    Wooden, Hand Painted
  • Vintage 1940s MAMMY Ramp Walker Toy Doll Wilson Walkies

    Set her on an incline and off she goes, rushing to see all the pretty things on Ruby Lane. This original vintage Mammy doll toy was made by Wilson Walkies, circa 1945. She's wearing a cotton print dress and stocking cap. Her body is made of hard board and she's got a decaled wood head, wooden feet and legs, and wood pegs for arms. Mammy measures 4 1/2 inches high. Her foot is marked with the Patent number and MADE IN U.S.A. This is old warehouse stock that we purchased many years ago so Mammy has never been


    Wooden, Play, Cotton, Patented, Original, Decal
  • Set of Frozen inspired wooden peg dolls

    These all handcrafted wooden peg dolls are just waiting to be played with. The large, colorful character pegs, are the perfect size for little hands and the bright colors make it extra fun! Each acrylic hand-painted doll stands 2" x 7/8 inches and has a gloss coating on it to keep each peg doll looking beautiful. (Note these characters are made as they are ordered and since they are all individually hand-painted there might be variations in the way they look. I do try my best to make each piece as similar



    Inspirational, Wooden, Play, Holder, Acrylic, Large, Colorant, Bright Colors, Hand Painted, Colorful, Handmade
  • Fall Acorn Peg People- Wooden Peg Dolls- Set of 5

    These are wooden peg dolls that are hand painted with acrylic paint. They are then brushed with a non toxic satin finish. Since these dolls are all hand painted, none will be exactly the same. We do follow the same pattern for each. We would also love to make any changes or create a custom order if you prefer.



  • Peg Doll Knight and Princess // Goose Grease Wooden Dolls Fair Trade

    Includes 2 wooden peg dolls. The wooden dolls are 3", and are a good size for a 2 year old and up. Fair trade, hand-painted wooden dolls. Goose Grease dolls are unique hand crafted products, made to last a lifetime. Each doll is carefully hand-chiseled on an electric lathe in a small carpentry shop in Bogotá, using sustainably forested wood. When one tree is used, two are planted. Goose Grease trains and employs skilled female artisans to hand-paint each peg with USA made, non-toxic water-based



    Wooden, Watch, Business, Starting, Hand Painted, Princess, Video, Water, Small, Female
  • Wooden Peg Dolls Party Set in a Basket

    Surprise your little ones with this Waldorf style play set with two 3" wooden peg dolls all dolled up for a party---with cotton print & silk gowns plus one wearing a lovely crown! Lay out the 12" x 12" thick grass green felt mat as the yard and add the 5 pretty colored silly shapes of felt to be any magical thing they want! Next, lay out the soft bright blue bamboo felt lake then add the glass bead fishes in. The sculpted gray felt stones can show the path to the party; hang the 14" long bunting garland



    Wooden, Long, Play, Cotton, Thick, Colorant, Bright, Soft, Glass, Box, Table, Color
  • Wooden Peg Party Dolls Birthday Set

    These pink silk and lilac moire dressed 3" wooden peg dolls want to lay out a whole party setting for your little one! They are most elegantly dolled up with beautiful trims and one lucky one sports a crown!! First, lay down the 12" x 12" grass green 1/4" thick felt mat, then make the path for the party comers with sculpted gray felt stones. Next, use the five nested brightly colored shapes as any thing imaginable.... and then "hang" the 14" long bunting pennants (see it wrapped around the basket handle?)



    Paper, Long, Stable, Thick, Nesting, Colorant, Elegant, Soft, Trim, Bright Colors, Glass, Box
  • Princess Jasmine and Aladdin wooden peg dolls by polkadot fluff

    Take Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin with these adorable and playful hand painted wooden peg dolls. Individual dolls are $6 a piece. Peg dolls are great toys, collectibles, party favors, or cake toppers! Each doll is hand painted with acrylic paint and covered in a clear coat. Please allow for some variations in each wooden peg doll as they are meticulously hand painted. Each doll or pair is packaged in a handmade drawstring pouch. Allow up to a week for each doll to be made after you



    Wooden, Hand Painted, Princess
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