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  • Motorola MPX220 Accessories

    Motorola MPX220 accessories are carried at WirelessGround.com. Motorola MPX220 accessories include the Motorola MPX220 car charger, Motorola MPX220 leather case, Motorola MPX220 ear piece, Motorola MPX220 head-sets, Motorola MPX220 home chargers, Motorola MPX220 belt clips, Motorola MPX220 data cable, Motorola MPX220 travel chargers, Motorola MPX220 batteries, Motorola MPX220 desktop chargers, Motorola MPX220 phone covers, Motorola MPX220 face plates, and many different other Motorola MPX220 accessories


  • Torx #6 Screwdriver

    The Torx #6 (T6) screwdriver is suitable for removing and/or installing faceplates and housings of certain cell phone models, such as : Kyocera : KX440, KX444, 2235, 3035, 7135, SE44, SE47 LG : G4010, G4015, G4050, L1200, LX1200, LX5350, TM510, VX1, VX10, VX2000, VX3100, VX4400 Motorola : MPX220, V180, V188, V190, V276, V300, V330, V400, V500, V505, V525, V551, V555, V557, V710 Nextel : i305, i450, i530, i830 Nokia : 1260, 2160, 2160i, 2170, 2180, 2190, 3310, 3360, 3390, 5110, 5120, 5130, 5160, 5165, 5170,


  • Other Motorola faceplate (Older Models)

    7ss Jet & Crystal Zebra Design Other Motorola faceplate (Older Models) Custom-made faceplate covered with Swarovski crystals. Faceplate set includes front & back battery cover. You can choose all your options for faceplate in four simple steps. Installation of faceplate requires partial disassembly of cell phone. Choose Model A630 A840 E1 Rokr E310 E815 MPX220 Other T720 T720i T722 T730 T731c V120 V171 V173 V180 V188 V190 V220 V260 V262 V265 V266 V276 V300 V325 V330 V360 V400 V500


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