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  • Roland RH-25 Stereo Headphones

    Roland RH-25 Stereo Headphones Lightweight design, heavyweight sound! Provides rich stereo sound in a light, foldable design. A 2.7 meter cable adapts to both stereo mini-jack or 1/4' phone using a high-quality, gold-plated plug. Frequency range: 20Hz-18kHz. Features: The Roland RH-25 Headphones bring professional sound quality to a price anyone can afford. Thanks to their lightweight, foldable design, the RH-25's are perfect for DJs and people making music on the go. Stereo Headphones Compact, professional


    Professional, Stereo, Gold Plated
  • RH-L20:

    RH -L20 : Features The RH-L20 headphones are comfortable, lightweight, and great sounding. Enjoy high-resolution playback of your favorite CDs, or plug into a Roland digital piano and play for extended periods without fatigue. The stylish headphones faithfully reproduce a wide range of frequencies and dynamics, from delicate pianissimo to strong, powerful keystrokes. They handle rhythm sections powerfully and clearly, making them also an ideal choice for V-Drums practice. No matter what you plug them


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